Ayurveda and Your Health: Tips and Remedies for Health and Wellness

namaste my name is dr. sue husk chef sagar and i'm the director of Ayurvedic healing and an advisor for kerala ayurveda academy and this health education series as for the care lied with academy i would like to bring in some more information in the light of newest latest research which is published regarding two very interesting herbs which have been used in ayurveda have been revered for millennia together and they are garlic and onions the sanskrit name for garlic is rosanna the word rizona simply means one less taste than all the six of them so it simply means that it contains five different tastes and as many as taste any herb contained it it becomes more medicinally effective it becomes medicinally very powerful so razon or garlic has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for for thousands of years or is versatile medicinal properties it contains five different tastes it also has a heating potency its veria is a little bit more heating and also has a pungent we parka or the post metabolic effect is a little bit more heating but because of its heating and ways of dilating qualities and slightly blood thinning effect it has numerous medicinal properties and so does onion the sanskrit name for onion is pelando pelando is the sanskrit name for onion and it has also been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for variety of different conditions internally as well as externally and so when we talk about onion it does have a sweet and pungent taste but a unique aspect about onion it it has a sweet post metabolic effect it is sweet post metabolically and it does not have a tremendous heating impact but it has a cooling veria so something which tastes pungent on your tongue has a cooling effect that explains why in many meditate Mediterranean countries especially Mexico and South East Asia people do consume good amount of onion and garlic and I would like to bring in this new research which got published actually this they did a multi-year study where they they looked at about 25,000 people from Switzerland and Italy where those people who ate garlic and onions as a part of regular diet were eighty-eight percent less likely to develop various type of cancers and this is a huge impact on preventing any types of cancers and it says that it prevented the cancers like esophagus mouth throat colon breast ovaries and prostate and those who never ate onion and garlic were having higher incidences and higher chances of having cancers of these areas hi onion in tech was associated with about fifty six percent of lower incidences of colon cancer and about twenty seven percent lower risk of stomach cancer itself so this is this is a very interesting property and why our weather has talked about onions and garlic for such a long time because it's its ability to digest the AMA and rekindle your acne it is a unique property of burning your unwanted armor and the modern medicine actually proves exactly what we are talking for such a long time like many other vegetables onion and garlic contain numerous antioxidant chemicals which block highly reactive free radical and they have a free radical scavenging effect which are very damaging to the DNA of anybody cell and starting the onslaught of variety of different cancers itself so the compounds in onion and garlic can increase enzyme that deactivate the carcinogens in the body enhancing our body's ability to eliminate carcinogens before they can damage the mitochondria or the DNA ourself Alison Alison is the main ingredient in garlic which if at all you powder it and you cut it and store it that way vanishes it evaporates so you you learn how to use fresh garlic into your food if you are using fresh onions and garlic in your diet I think it's an excellent medicinal properties in some of the yogic literature onions and garlic have have considered to be a little bit more rajasic and thematic in nature there is a mite illogical story which talks about how how during the churning of the ocean of milk how the Amrit Montana or this nectar was shared between the gods and the demons and some of the demonic blood fell down on the earth and from from which these herbs came into life and that is why they do have some properties which are more rajasic and more thematic in nature so they are having a little bit of a more stimulating effect sometimes they are having more potent aphrodisiac or sexual tendencies and that is why it is considered that those people who practice yoga Clive style may minimize the intake of onion and garlic but from an Ayurvedic point of view they have nectar like qualities Ayurveda has always believed the herbs and especially potent herbs are are angels walking on the earth and that is why we need to use these things to correct the imbalances and that is why it is an excellent food if used wisely in proper quantities and the newest research is definitely claiming that they are having tremendous anti-cancer properties so I would definitely advise everyone to study learn a little bit more about onions and garlic and make it as a part of your day to day eating habit so I think these are a couple of wonderful herbs and you can you can learn the medicinal properties of this you can create variety of different dishes and foods out of it and all the family of onion and garlic you can talk about shallots you can type talk about chives you can also talk about leaks the green aspect of these they are very very good to mix it with your foods and salads and soups and they will have exactly the same sulfur containing chemicals which are actually very very nourishing for the system so i would i would invite you to learn and understand more about onion and garlic and see if you can make it as a part of your day to day diet thank you what's thing

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