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close up of course hahaha go to hit the viewers at home that their angry face oh hey guys what's going on its up coming to you from massive Joe's dot-com Steve Mills hello okay I the vanilla gorilla aka John Cena b2 aka Tammy V looking very tired but if you thought I saw him down the street you probably just said hey what's happening the name but that was how I know you don't know me was never your honor cause we need what oh you mean if they saw you down the street yeah in a vault armed fuck you talking about yeah crazy what do you call me this stuff or horrors we are comparing I would go surprised to say the two top stimulant free pre-workout formulas on the market at this point of time it is a course access ledger hydraulic up against primer bollocks a grinder guys this up Wars we are joined by the infamous boss Josh yeah infamous no because your decisions have been shit the last couple okay yeah yeah just quietly quietly anyway always unbiased completely non swayable yeah yeah not pay off a ball there's another adjective we can use to describe bush ah genuine she left you any reckon Sheila's anyone this sup wars that we are going for possibly five rounds if we need the tiebreaker we go on nutrition ingredients nutritional breakdown we're going flavors and tastes we're going value for money we're going effects as a complete non-stimulant formula not as a pop formula because these are non-steam formulas and then if we need it the tiebreak is gonna be stackability slash at the versatility boss Josh yes are we able to begin round one in greenish nutritional breakdown big Nev alright so you've got 40 scoops I've got 40 scoops yeah so you going one school or to school what's on the to screw conserves per tub okay for both and that's going to tie over the value for money as well just all right I would start off quickly saying this about 25 milligrams of niacin just sort of why didn't you say that you've just wasted the viewers time No so five grams of l-citrulline yeah fucking stacked three grams of glitter oh yeah as glitter pump two grams of taurine two point five milligrams of beta Ellen with beta alanine which is carnism beta alanine 1.5 grams of magnesium creatine chelate which is creating a magnum creatine magnet power which is a more readily absorbed form of creatine Aventine sulfate egg max Oh tyrosine a gram oh sorry agmatine a gram arginine as nitrogen which is one gram and and n acetyl l-tyrosine few focus 250 milligrams so 1 2 3 4 5 6 pattern ingredients how many ingredients in total not including the icing because that's always he fucked it up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 primal bollocks grind also has nine active ingredients we got ourselves a little battle here big Neve L citrulline malate is who to one ratio actually male 8 vs ostrich train Josh no 6 grams I would like the referee to note the extra gram Oh certainly inverse a 20 millas just vaso 6 300 milligrams potassium nitrate uding 66% nitrates 500 milligrams creatine monohydrate for clinical dose 5 grams beta alanine full clinical dose 3.2 grams a betaine anhydrous up beyond full clinical dose two grams tyrosine full clinical dose 1 gram alpha sighs alpha GPC the patented trademark of aversion alpha GPC 300 milligrams full clinical dose huperzine a standardized sorry huperzine so truth club moss standardized to huperzine a yuning 5 and milligrams a full clinical dose bus Josh called this round 1 thank you very much oh is that it we're just I don't like anything else needs to be said everything is fully clinical dosed nothing is under dosed we have nine active ingredients we have multiple pathways to boost nitric oxide what type of beta alanine is it it doesn't matter because the karna sandpaper the Carlson patent was overturned because karna s'n were doing the doji's no no it's not nothing yeah it was it doesn't even exist no no so beta alanine this bit alanine as far as the FDA is concerned I don't even think this is this is even close to be honest do you want me to continue arguing because I can go fucking alright grind 101 ghosts are probables cry 0 to 1 going into round 2 which is of course flavors I'm gonna make this I'm gonna move this this young fellows desk away from me now hard to send him bribes under the desk you went a little bit further away make a bit more challenging baby all right so have you said where the fuck you we're in this all right my right yeah I just went red with rage I just saw Josh just pisses me off in my head so I don't like has four flavors scorpion venom yeah Yukon pod which is the most amazing flavor you it's a very real strawberry lemonade which is delicious a lemon-lime which is also amazing on big lemon-lime favors for favors or new flavor on the way I believe is coming in I'm not sure but because I knew where you're going to try and go with it mm-hm Powerball is grand to be honest three flavors so one less flavor yeah strawberry Kiwi pineapple but I think this flavor is actually worth two or three to be honest I guess and zoom focus action please please if I might be so kind Vikas bitch this is important it's focusing on me it is hot I'm going to put there not now it focuses on me for fuck's sake anyway massive dros red frogs if you can't see it Josh it has it has the massive jaws logo on label and it is the Australian red frog flavour Josh yes gotta count for at least three flavours so I'm gonna say the grind comes in five flavors three of them are massive I'm just going to say I got caught out last week for lying to the people yeah so I want oh I think they do right now transparent soul is how does it taste joy I don't know how it's got the message did you miss that part I don't be in the court of sup wars thank you very much I'm truthful no way so you know I'd say the unicorns blood is delicious yes you're pretty good good posture oh yeah call this round two hydraulic round two goes to access ledger hydraulic it's one one a tyre leading it to round 3 which is of course a value for money for tea serves twenty seven twenty seven seventy nine ninety five twenty serve 69.95 you put the price up loss weight you fuck your the grind around three I'm gonna fucking actually made fuckin around three goats a profit bollocks grind it's one to two leading into round 4 which is of course effects you can go first thank you what are the five effects that we look to get from pre-workouts need list them off for me energy one jump – yeah because yeah three endurance yep power five okay so we've got five yeah because we're dealing with stimulant free pre workouts energy is removed so we have four left probable expired has ingredients and a synergistic formula for muscle pump ingredients and a synergistic formula for muscular endurance ingredients and a synergistic formula for muscle power ingredients and a synergistic formula for mental focus I I'll be Oh that dickhead on last week you said oh I'll comment and say I agree with you thank you but hydrolic yeah is a better formula in that regard though in all of those categories how so because of the mix of glycerol glycerol and agmatine and citrulline you get much better pumps no I disagree because you know that I'm a massive fan of nitrates I'm a massive fan agmatine and this has been I've said that to you remember back in the very egg machine is technically not a pump ingredient knead it makes the pumps last longer I agree a hundred percent yeah but I think you get better pumps from the grind because you've got the arginine part we've also got the fiber straight path no but you've got the five grams of citrulline okay and the three grams of glitter pump listen I'll do your favor I'll say that the pumps are better on hydraulic let's talk about the other three effects but the pumps of what most people use a pump Oh No start of the episode it's yeah then it's not yes thank you thank you referee it's about complete stimulant free pre-workout effects not just part but what do people say I'll let you have pumps I'll say the pumps are better and hydraulic let's talk about that people come in though you're looking for let's talk about you just talked about pre workouts people come in looking for a pre workout yes what are the one of the I'm gonna speak to I don't want to you if you're lying over here John people come in what really what are the main probably two reasons sorry Josh what are the main two reasons people come in looking for a pre-workout energy yeah yeah so much for coming in at a table now for a pre-workout what are the two first main main priorities over those five we listed of the five yeah pumps pump is next is the biggest one people don't come in look saying they won't focus or they want power in the pump argument but there's three other things that a complete stimulant free pre-workout needs so I'm saying in effects of which one of these two you'd want because of the effects of it yeah the biggest thing aside from energy which just doesn't have is pumps okay just kills it in so you get pumps so I get a back talk about muscle power what do you have I hope you like to train on you got creatine magnesium chelate that's it let's talk about your under dosed beta alanine for muscular endurance let's talk class and be done there's two point four grams the non synergistic formula for mental focus that's only going to improve well-being and do fuck all for mental focus connor-san beat are they have that discussion honest and paid a bit alanine yeah dosage is 2.4 grams it is micro sent me the paperwork's I'll produce it for you it's not our producer for you but it doesn't matter because kanna-san beta alanine the Payton got overturn so it doesn't even fucking exist you can't even call there's no point even putting karna some beta alanine on there anymore it means nothing there's no standard of bit alanine when it comes you're better name from it doesn't matter where it's from it's a bull clinical dose 3.2 grams I literally have 50% more beta alanine but we're not talking about formula we're talking about effects so we don't know what so there's nothing if I'm taking a product for effects yeah I want it in this particular product I want it for the pump no but you don't because if you want I don't tell me what I want this is not a pumps up for XIV it's a pump verse no it's a steam free pre-workout correct cuz most people use a pre-workout but the pump effect and the energy effect the effects on the grind are better for muscle power muscular droids and mental focus so I have three better effects you have one better effect see it's three to one round form oh so you can sit there and say oh yes this one has used creatine magna power oh this one's use creatine mono you can't fuck until you literally cannot fucking divide those based on what the ingredients are in terms of the effect I have B Tang as well which is why I get better muscle power and the effects prove it your fix do not prove it but Josh would you like to step in and I think the people getting frustrated because this is a clear-cut we know it's not a clear-cut winner and they want the referee to step it's not a pay cut we know the whistle what you've done is you've just gone oh what's this one this is a full serving size of everything in there yeah you put it in there and just hoped it goes together no no there's synergism there's no engine there's a hundred percent I would if you listen if you want if you want gloves off we can go glass off because I will even challenge your pump formula and say that I have better synergism because I have the arginine pathway I have the green tea extract pathway through the base of 600 in fact our brain tea so you could exchange I have the nitrite pathway you have one pathway that's it even AG my team works on the arginine pathway by breaking down large expanses but it's good blue some thousand but but Gliss a pump is not so volumizer volumizer ingredient but it soon getting better muscle pumps from it yeah I would even challenge you just said before we're not around clearly you said I won that gave it to you as a gift you didn't take in the give back no you're not yes no you know taking the shit back because you were ungrateful a long great but you just realized that you've got a massive hole in your products what's the old pump there's no hole in the product there's none when using hydraulic clean it music hydraulic in the label non-stem complete pre-workout you cannot tell any kind of difference between between the power that you've came okay listen I'll be honest very similar effects like if you did the Pepsi challenge the only way that I would be able to differentiate between the ground and hydraulic in terms of what I actually felt because the pumps are both pretty fucking exceptional the power on both is pretty good the muscular endurance on both is pretty good the 100% difference Pepsi challenge these two motherfuckers hmm and I would 100% everytime be able to disc to distinguish between the two based on mental focus because the grind mental focus is actual mental focus hydraulic is feeling of well-being there's no mental focus there's not doesn't exist there's been a focus no was he calling a person that's well-being where is he calling tyrosine is a precursor there's your calling alpha GPC for clinical dose huperzine a thank you very much yeah good good okay thank you um good points already I have to say that we rest that case yeah look we can all agree both amazing products but it has to be on a full complete level grind yes yeah finally Hoffman's comments in the YouTube section from you may be around for goes to prom Oh bollocks grind it's one two three do we even need around five boss Josh oh it's it's up to you might do we want to entertain around five for the view no I'm not mad I don't want to go today yeah I want to go because I like honestly I think that I would I believe we're talking versatility and stackability the problem with hydraulic is augmenting straight up too much Aquitaine upset stomach shit through the oven 800 most pre-workouts I'm just gonna do it because I fucking and pissed off in this thing I we're gonna do a scoop test alien motherfuckers with your escapes can't be trusted you're really full roll I hope that's got one of those rounded scoops because they're always fucking out yeah what you want to call this group test yep you're that you're actually that deep in the hall yeah I've never caught it before sometime scoop test test all right we're back there and we're back massive drawers are markers girls in the house scoop tests about to go down big neighborhood you like to go first would you like me to go first you go first I was different okay I'm grammar bollocks grind I'm gonna bust open this massive jurors custom message or you can try the flavor now no absolutely matter anyway bro punch this bitch yet oh oh yeah that's gonna ruin this that's some Gentiles what happens with the very puncher how can you smell can you smell that's just you smell what The Rock is cooking it actually I was already fuck can we get back to round two while he was in taste all right really good have we find the scout that we do actually have powder fucking everywhere ever you're wanting to get ground single scoop a 10-gram and it's just a single screw one scoop as far as directions go tearing one to two scoops nothing about that red fox is delicious about flat yeah we're going tank is that a level scoop around a dozen side so it's just on the view it just says just this one scoops level then that's my level is that not level that's no any other a little bit look at the end of fucker hold on this is my this isn't up here oh yeah that is like that's the landscaping shit right there okay we're tearing we're down Oh 9.8 nah that's like that's that's we don't need to turn anymore oh man primer bollocks Brava fact you know what hold on I got my feet round of well as a lot of this motherfucker 1% that's unheard of Wow I need to bring in a set of matches last day were you trying to get one scoop is yeah one scoop is nine point five grams 1.5 oh let's see now that's just lube and it's it's an eight point four that's eight point four it's within 10% within within it's definitely not disqualified so both scoops are within range what honestly are we going the four rounds or we going to how we call it the ball is in your court statement hey feel nice game over game over yeah it's a pretty clear winner yeah and yeah pretty mom guys this suppose has been one one two three primer bollocks grind with the win over access ledge hydraulic with neither a pause for screen shot please movement Wow what's up Ward's what I saw back in eBook this is good man after last week's bullshit decision I'm still trying to figure out who you are to process never really have one okay choose agreement I know I know maybe should go to the people listen like I you know both very good products and just gonna say and I enjoy training immensely training both of them yeah but this sup always has been won by promoters rebel boss Josh thank you for adjudicating my man some of your finest work my sister oh I'm sure you would thank me anything else you'd like to have before I tell the viewers to hit the subscribe button subscribe to our YouTube channel don't forget to turn your post notifications are both on your mobile cell phone hanging desktop PC that's still better applauded my 57 messages our diocesan scram yeah you're gonna be upset with me yeah trouble in paradise you doubt me something when it comes to the massive Joe's at YouTube channel until next time guys that is sup wars where we come talk from me Master Joe so calm thank you for tuning into this video we hope you enjoyed watching don't forget to check out our latest upload and our recommended video and be sure to subscribe to the massive Joe's at YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our latest uploads


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