Avian disease. Diagnosis and prevention at the FGBI "ARRIAH"

today commercial poultry production is one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors in Russian agribusiness success achieved in this sector is impressive poultry product output is increasing year-on-year this index has increased three times in the last 10 years in Russia alone Russian agribusiness covering the domestic demand actively exports poultry products however rapid progress is observed against the backdrop of negative factors the major of which are infectious diseases and tents epidemic situation large-scale outbreaks of dangerous avian diseases are controlled on five continents the leading role in combating hazardous microorganisms in Russia is performed by the federal center for Animal Health established over half a century ago as the all-union foot-and-mouth research institute in the 90s the FG i started to deal with avian health problems it developed methods of diagnosis and preventive vaccination against the wide range of avian diseases posing threat to commercial poultry production no luggage biological diversity of viruses is considerably high and we have a set of technologies and solutions for each of them that's what a full range of vaccines both live and inactivated against Avion viral diseases is produced at our institution today about 15 diagnostic test systems and 30 types of effective and safe vaccines many of which have no analogs in the Russian market are produced at the institution on a regular basis the voices maximum attention is paid to highly dangerous diseases such as avian influenza Newcastle disease and to add anomaly significant diseases which seriously affect poultry producing establishments such as bronchitis infectious luring go track itís Marek's disease and other diseases production capacities are also impressive more than two billion doses of veterinary preparations are produced annually against Newcastle disease alone such strong results can be explained by a solid scientific base the use of high precision equipment and the joint work of qualified experts both in avian disease diagnosis and prevention support using laboratory methods it is possible not only to identify the cause of infectious disease in the herd but also to determine such significant events in the life of poultry as the time of primary vaccinations post vaccinology levels and terms of revaccination for example secondary vaccinations book suit cooperation between the scientists and laboratory practitioners at fgb eye area ensures the comprehensiveness of activities aimed at protection against viruses or at the improvement of the poultry establishment health status today in the 21st century when effectiveness has become a key factor in livestock production no matter how perfect the conditions for keeping poultry and how advanced the technologies are at the establishment it is impossible to manage without reliable research data and effective vaccination programs moves in each case we try to find an individual approach and to provide not only research results but also to suggest possible solutions take me into account available diagnostic test systems and vaccine preparations individual approach methods helped many Russian business operators to overcome bad times in their startup and development the period from 2002 2005 was the most difficult one we changed over to foreign cross breeds and were focused on improving breeding efficiency institute was of great help in the matter as the pressure of work was considerable and it wasn't just about the work it also involved consultants with expert visits and the work on vaccines never stopped and what the fuck's in the middle is yaroslavsky broiler currently produces about 50,000 tons of poultry meat per year the establishment supplies its products to all major retail and wholesale networks as well as fast food restaurants but this could not have happened if the FGB eye area had not developed a special vaccine against the disease which had been poorly investigated by that moment but could have resulted in holding destruction we made proposals and they work particularly with them I would say they did not focus on stereotypes but took a creative approach while selling their products they were involved in the process and actually made vaccines in accordance with customers needs like hundreds of other Russian establishments Yaroslavsky broiler continues its permanent cooperation with the area but apart from highly effective vaccines the institution offers a unique service it provides research and practical support of the veterinary preparations my sister said our specialists visit holding carry out full scope examinations identify problems and then in accordance with preparations we produce they recommend certain one for vaccinations and disease eradication on farms however the aims of the institution are beyond the veterinary provisions of the farms area scientists monitor and control the episodic freedom of certain Russian regions and neighboring states belarus kazakhstan kyrgyzstan many of the countries what are while working with these countries we follow the same approaches as for the Russian Federation firstly it is the comprehensiveness of the research performing investigations at the highest level and in the shortest period of time with the help of the FGB I aria many outbreaks of danger animal diseases were successfully eradicated and great progress in the episodic safety assurance was made the institution played a crucial role in avian influenza eradication in 2005 what is the disease became episodic in several regions of the Russian Federation as well as in countries of the European Union Near East and Africa we have developed a range of diagnostic test systems and vaccines which were successfully used for control and eradication of the disease day by day the FGB I Aria continues its work aimed at optimization of the production technologies of safe therapeutic and preventive veterinary preparations and develops new methods for the detection of avian diseases last of our laboratory is in constant search we developed new vaccines last year we represented certified and registered new vaccine against Marek's disease cero type 1 and 3 which has no equivalence in our country production of veterinary preparations in the area complies with the necessary world standards many developments made by the institution were honored with international and national awards and medals but the main thing is the recognition from the Russian and foreign poultry farmers who know that the human welfare entirely depends on the avion health range of veterinary products produced by the federal center for Animal Health for avian disease prevention includes vaccines against Marek's disease hydro pericardium syndrome of chickens fowl pox Newcastle disease infectious bursal disease Avion infectious bronchitis avian metapneumovirus infection Avion reovirus tenosynovitis egg-drop syndrome 76 you

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