Autophagy Weight Loss Disease Prevention Longevity Part 1

hey guys dr. Rob here today I wanted to welcome you to another one of my whiteboard session we're gonna start the new year off talking about a really important topic that can reduce your risk of cancer reduce your risk of obesity reduce your risk of heart disease and really most diseases and that process is a process your body can do every day called atop of gee now some of you might have heard about this I want to explain it a little more in detail and I'm gonna break this topic down into multiple segments so you can really understand what this is how to induce it in your body and what group of people should induce it and what group of people should it so first off etapa G Auto means self right Haji means to eat so a toughie G or Otto Fei Jie is a process by which your body eats itself now your body's not becoming a cannibal and you're not gonna become a cannibal and eat other people or try to eat yourself but what this process is it's the process by which your body gets rid of what are called senescence cells senescence cells are dying cells in your body that have the potential to cause disease so this is your body's way of kind of Auto cleaning itself it gets rid of these dead and dying cells that have the potential to cause disease so first off these dying cells senescence cells they release chemicals these inflammatory substances called inflammatory cytokines that increase your chances of of having different diseases one of the things that these compounds do these dying cells like this when they release these compounds these compounds actually have the ability to kill off neighboring cells so the neighboring cells can start to die in addition to that these compounds they are inflammatory so what does that mean for weight loss while what is inflammation due to the body inflammation increases one of the most powerful fat storing hormones in your body called cortisol cortisol also interferes with thyroid hormone production it also has the ability to elevate insulin another powerful fat storing hormone in your body it's a stress hormone and can interfere with your sleep make it more irritable and agitate it create a whole bunch of issues for you when it's in excess so inflammation in your body elevates cortisol because cortisol so most powerful anti-inflammatory hormone your body makes so when there's too much inflammation floating around in your blood in your system your body then wants to elevate cortisol to deal with that inflammation so when we help to increase etapa G in the body what we're doing is we're helping the body to get rid of these senescence cells so we go senescence l see you later you're out of here the senescence cells goes away all the chemicals and compounds go away which basically means the neighboring cells stay healthier and we get to reduce inflammation in our body and reduce cortisol and there are some key nutritional supplements that you could use that you could buy over the counter for the most part there's also some key ways you can eat to help improve your capacity to do a tapa G however there's certain groups of people that should not do this because it can be very detrimental to their health so in the future segments I'm going to be talking about this but today I wanted to cover what this concept is because it's a really important one so I hope you like the information I went over today if you did please share and subscribe if you do have a health or weight problem that you're dealing with and you need help with please go ahead I'm gonna put a link right down here or right up here on the screen somewhere to my free online weight loss and health evaluation that's a great tool that we use in our facility to help identify or at least move us in the direction of identifying the main underlying cause or reason why a person is struggling with their health or weight problem and then from there we give you a free consultation to review the results of that and explain more as to how we can help so if you need some help please reach out to me I've been doing this for 21 years I would have to be happy to help you happy to have my team help you so let's start this new year off great let's let's get our body into etapa G if we're supposed to and I'll see you at the next whiteboard session

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