Autism in Children: Exercises to Help Calm the Body

Welcome back Rachel and I are here again and Rachel’s
gonna share with you some amazing tips on how to help to calm the body, right? Yeah! So we’re gonna show you two exercises or
two things that you can do with a stability ball And also the foam roller which we’ll do later Correct. Now Rach, the first time that Rach and I one of the times we were exercising she was having a stressful moment and she
wanted a little breather and can you first show them what you did So this is what I discovered and showed and this is what I told Dave. So I was laying on a ball like this. I know this might not be the perfect pose but this is I told Dave this was like a squeeze machine which by the way if you don’t what a squeeze machine is or you probably know what it it’s a device made by Temple Grandin to calm down people on the spectrum who got stressed this was also her design for like Right so again Rachel said that this
made her feel like she was in the squeeze machine which you used growing up right? At the school that you want to Yeah. Right so why I thought this was unbelievable and so powerful for her to share not only with me, but help share with everyone watching is because a squeeze machine costs about six thousand dollars and again while it can be important for children on the autism spectrum and calming their bodies in stressful situations this is a stability ball what you can
get anywhere which can cost anywhere from twenty to
thirty dollars and it’s a cost-effective resource
that you can put in your classroom use in gym and at home. So when Rachel said this I wanted to make sure that she shared it with all of us so again Rach just show one more time we just lay on the ball And she’s just laying there and relaxing and this is giving you sensory feedback but can you explain Rach? What you’re feeling right now? I feel like there is a rush flowing through my head because I just have woken up this morning but this is so close because, you work hard you’ve been through a lot anything they would calm down your stomach is calming down your mind So all your children may not react the same from this type but we again we want to show you because just puts more tools in your toolbox as an educator parent or professional working
with individuals with autism. So let’s just show them one other way that we can use this stability ball Lay on your back For all those who you think might this might be a torture device it is not. I’ve seen torture devices before Rach let’s lay on your stomach we’re gonna show it that way awesome so again i’ve seen this done in schools as well
but we can just by taking the ball like this and rolling it up and down can really help calm the sensory system
systems in the body It’s definitely helping. It’s helping? What does it make you feel like when I do that It’s just more smooth and You feel a lot there it just
makes it feel smooth on your body? Yeah Instead of you know bumpy or not Okay awesome. So again here’s something that you can do with your students maybe in the classroom and they’re having a sensory need or they or they can’t verbalize and tell you what’s wrong but by having them lay on the ball or even
laying on the ground and rolling it back and forth is a great way for you to help your students in those stressful situations and it’s just like this less expensive spa if there ever was a spa for autistic people, which I hope there is Yes that’s a good idea maybe you’ve got a future business ahead of you Rach well maybe if you like maybe some of the girls girls that work in your company might do one. Okay Alright if you have questions if you have comments please let us know. And fan mail Fan mail Rachel will help in anyway that she can your students with children or adults you work with and don’t forget always challenge autism with exercise we’ll see you next time. Bye bye!


  1. Really Cool ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. where is fan mail

  3. i,m autistic too and i would use that ball to rub my back and lay on it.

  4. I have a question.. not sure if it will be received as rude.. I wanted to know if Rachel is on the spectrum.. the video was enjoyable and I loved watching her and listening to her feedback.. I am an EI COTA and is always looking for ways to enhance my skills. Thank you..

  5. What size ball is this?

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