Autism & Diet – Language Matters

hey guys so I will try and make this
quick and efficient I shared a video recently and by the
time this video comes out it’ll probably not be so recently because these are on a
little bit of a delay but the video – or the, the, post – I shared was a scientific
article talking about how “special diets were not proven to help with autism” and
so a lot of people in the comments below were saying “hey, you know, I’m autistic
and I have a food sensitivity” and a lot of autistic people were saying “you know, hey – no I’m on a special diet and it actually does help me” and so we need to
pay VERY careful mind to language we need to pay very special
mind to language (dog barks and NR hushes them) We need to pay very special mind to language because special diets don’t do anything for autism because
these comorbid either food allergies or digestive sensitivities to food are not
necessarily, you know, autism because they’re not the same for every autistic
person we were talking about food sensitivities on Twitter and my food
sensitivities are not the same as other people’s food sensitivities. Mine
specifically, like, I need to avoid gluten there’s a few other things I have to be
careful with caffeine. Alcohol doesn’t really work for me. . . What else?
Uh, artificial sweeteners, you know. I can’t have too much sugar or my face breaks
out and gluten is REALLY the big one but I can have all the cheese and dairy I
want – it doesn’t bother me but a lot of autistic people say, you know, lactose and
dairy can be a problem. So it’s not the same for everyone so there isn’t a
“special diet for autism” because autism itself isn’t something that needs to be
“treated” so that’s why we need to be really careful with our language that
does not to say that autistic person can’t have a co-occurring food allergy
or food sensitivity and I don’t know about you
but when I feel healthier and happier like I feel healthier – I’m happier. I’m
more pleasant to be around because I don’t feel bad. Nobody is –
you know – people people don’t – aren’t fun to interact with when they’re sick or
when they’re feeling miserable. Nobody is because you’re feeling miserable, so yeah,
it would make sense, you know, that possibly – or that a diet for an autistic person who has a digestive or a food sensitivity or an allergy would
make them healthier, and I do want to make a point to note that there are a
lot of autistic people who, you know, say they have food sensitivities and
digestive issues so just, really, you know, that – but that’s not, you know,
specifically autism. Not all autistic people even say they have food issues
issues or digestive issues so that’s just something that has a high
likelihood of co-occurrence with autistic people is stomach issues and
food sensitivity. So, you know, it’s it’s not, you know, the autism that you’re
trying to “treat” because autism isn’t something that can be “treated” it’s not a
disease it’s not a sickness it’s not an illness it’s a state of being. Although,
you know, if you want to treat something you can treat my IBS and digestive
issues. You can treat anxiety. You can treat epilepsy but you can’t “treat
autism” because autism isn’t something that will go away. It’s something, you
know, it’s it’s just it’s your experience. So those are just my thoughts and let me
know, you know, your thoughts below. Let me know if you have, you know,
food sensitivities and foods you need to avoid, you know, I’ve seen so far that
they’re very different everyone has different things so and that’s why I’m
saying this, you know, this conversation topic of autism and special diets, you
know, we just need to have it very carefully because the problem is, you
know, we have parent who who think they can cure autism
because it’s a it sounds like it’s a disease or something gonna be cured with a diet and that’s not the case and we, you know, it’s misinformation that we
need to work really hard to combat, to fight. So anyway guys those are just my
thoughts thank you so much. if you found this helpful give me a thumbs up and if you think someone else should hear this message go ahead and hit share. I will talk to you next week I put out new videos every Wednesday


  1. Contraversal topic, because all nutrition has become controversial these day. I had aversion to almost all food as a child, only lived on grits, cereal and biscuits. I've been a vegetarian Most of my adult life, though not recently. I really Can eat anything, but I'm very Partial to starchy, bready and cheesy, thus my stomach. The only thing that cause a real reaction is Diet coke, instant head ache from that. Other artifical sweeteners don't bother me. So I feel that the diet cures and obsessions are off the mark, it's just people like to focus on those these days. It's true that alergies and stomach issues have become more common just as autism has, but I don't think they actually overlap anymore than random.

  2. I have been going through a diagnostic progress for Inflammatory Bowl Disease, I agree that the language is important, particularly considering those of us who are Autistic can have a hard time navigating language, which is something I have experienced in the past.

  3. At Special Strong, we LOVE the special needs population <3 1 Peter 5:10

  4. I definitely have digestive issues, but i've never found a certain thing, or few things that i can single out as the cause. That could just be because i'm so fragmented and failed to make the connections.

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