Australian Defence Force Academy Initial Fitness Test

hi good morning this morning's activity is an IFA and individual fitness assessment the components are push-ups sit-ups and a deep test and put it over a 20 meter course with a cadence for the push-ups body must remain straight hands approximately shoulder width lower all the way down elbows and shoulders with parallel back remain nice and straight looking slightly forward to elevate arms full extension it's slightly forward back always remain straight you may rest once you've rested without knees touching the ground you may come back push-up position and continue on push-up assessment for male reps 15 females 8 and you have two minutes of completeness the serfs hands on thighs fingers pointing forward on the upper face the chin must down to the chest elevate the wrists so that they come to the knees keeping the hands on the thighs more under control sit-ups done to a three-second cadence you can have your feet held either by the partners standing on them or anchor the big test the big test is completed over cadence gradually speed up as the high levels are completed the big test is done over 20 meter calls it is marketed by lines or cones with each peak you must achieve the 20 meters shuttle placing your feet on or over the line each time and only leaving that point when you hear the cadence pull the beam test finishes when you are worn twice for the same mistake you

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