Australia Healthcare from an American Expat

if you're gonna break your leg do it in Australia so my experience with the Australian health care stand with a serious injury I had a broken leg I broke my leg I broke my ankle and my tendons also popped off they detached from my foot I don't literally rolled up in a wheelchair wife who has pushed me in the wheelchair so how it worked was it was at the Royal Perth Hospital you kind of go to window you go to window day you do an evaluation you felt a piece of paper or whatever most of the time a lot of people there you know unless it's like a gunshot wound or a knife through the face or whatever you kind of you go into a like a waiting lobby large waiting room and I felt like a paper the nice lady the window said what's wrong I said I think I broke my leg she looked at real quick so yeah I think you broke your leg and I went through pretty much right away within maybe 10-15 minutes and I was off to the doctor's for x-rays and evaluation and all that fun stuff so I end up staying two nights in the hospital and most of the third day I think him like late that evening or around dinner time something like that so two nights in the hospital and pretty much one full day one work day all that it costed nothing I had his surgery they put a cast on and I got crutches Dean cos hazing I forget what the time was why had the cast off I want to say six seven months something like that I forget wait – the doctor has a cast removed got several videos twice a week for a few months outpatient visits which would have cost quite a bit of money still didn't pay anything nothing it was all covered through Medicare and then after about a year maybe 13 14 months something around around there I had another surgery to remove the screws and again didn't cost anything so two surgeries I don't countless trips outpatient trips the hospital cast crutches all that crazy stuff and didn't pay anything that's fantastic Australia definitely is doing the health care system in a better way than what we do in the US with all the privatization and nonsense that goes with that it's absolutely ridiculous and Maya my unbiased opinion definitely Australia's got that right Hanabusa also I remember one very cool thing when I was going through immigration here in Australia we had when I was on a temporary residence visa even though it was stupid that I couldn't do volunteer work I wanted to do the volunteer volunteer Bush firefighter might call up the immigration office and like no you can't do volunteer work and I think that was that's um it's a bit silly it's their loss but whatever their their house their rules no problem is sucked I still covered in the health care system which was amazing to me I thought for sure I thought even when I got permanent residence it would be an issue I don't get sick a lot I don't go to the hospital a lot knock on wood just wood yeah so temporary residence was covered on the Medicare system was covered with the Medicare on temporary and permanent and whatnot so anyways that is my experience with the Aussie health care system which I really do believe is far better than ours back home in the US and maybe us can get around all the crap and I don't think it's gonna happen it sucks maybe one day I don't know but we need to work on it so thanks for watching guys I really do appreciate it and we'll catch you next time


  1. I don't mind paying my taxes when I know myself, fellow Aussies, and others appreciate our health care system.
    Thank you . I'm both a Nurse and an Aussie.

  2. Congrats on "getting" our health system.
    As an RPH nurse I'm glad you felt that your experience was of a good quality.

  3. Well done mate, it looks like you took the correct path to get residency and you benefited from it, just watch the current government, they want to throw out the current Health care system and model it after the US system….god knows why??? oh yeah vested interests $$$$$$$$

  4. That's why we hate people coming here trashing our place,

  5. Wow

  6. And I have been told by several Americans that free healthcare is Communist.

  7. Aussie, got diagnosed with cancer, almost finished my treatment and the results are thus far promising. I was talking to a friend about if we were in the USA and this had happened, I think my response to a cancer diagnoses would have had to have been along the lines of "k guess I'll die now" as my financial situation at the time was pretty shit

  8. You must be a socialist commie if you think people in the US would go for that, they would rather you be in debt for the rest of your life.

  9. You pretty much get free health care the second your born or enter Australia.

  10. Twice on Interferon (at $26K each time), once on the magic pills ($12K), total cost of scripts out of my pocket about $100. If we had a US system I'd be dead by now.

  11. I had an open heart triple bypass and then got cancer. Both operations together was valued at about 75.000.00 My bill was $0.00. We are very proud of our healthcare system. We are in a state of disbelief when we learn about the US system.

  12. It probably won't happen in the US because there's too many vested interests in keeping the status quo. But then again it could be made to happen. Look at the US railroads with trains getting faster and faster in the age of steam that it became really dangerous and the government legislated against the railroads. They said it drove entrepreneurs out of the railroad business but it made them safer for the traveling public. The same could happen if someone had the will to do it with the US healthcare system. No consultation with the vested interests just legislate a healthcare system for all US citizens and tell the vested interests either they tow the line of they're out of the healthcare business. You can just hear them scream, 'oh my god we've got communists in Washington and it must be from the communist Russian influence in our government. I'm gonna get my high powered gun'.

  13. Big thing is: absolutely no one ever has to start a GoFundMe page because someone got sick. You never have to worry about how you're going to pay if your kids get sick.

  14. Volunteer Firefighting!,Now that's a new one.Now I've lived in Oz most of my life (and Perth too) and I'm still not 100% on the volunteer aspect as its a structured organization ( Country Fire Authority.)Its supposed to be "amateur" but like any big organization it has,competition with the regular fire authorities, political influence , money motives ,empire builders,hierarchy,tall poppy syndrome and all the bad with the altruism on a subjective needs of the hour basis.Yes by all means become a volunteer but don't expect to fight a bush fire unless you pay your dues with raffles,making sandwiches and drinks with the locals ,buying your equipment,BBQ's on election day,being certified to be essentially a half decent regular firefighter ,local knowledge of the district and surrounds.The real heroes are the ones digging a firebreak in 45 C Heat and 100 km/h winds with a fire 30 kms away. 'That's VOLUNTEER firefighting and is currently the Australian way and your a best mate until its all over (speaking from experience) and back to the status quo.Heaven forbid your property's on the line then its literally life and death -that's forced volunteering.

  15. You're welcome.

  16. What about prescription medications? Cancer treatments? Dental care and vision? And just regular doctors appointments for check ups?

  17. Probably in the worst area in Australia you could still find nice people

  18. I’d happily pay more taxes knowing my society is looked after in terms of healthcare etc. As an Australian I find it very hard to accept turning away someone or ruining their life with debt for healthcare. How does that make for a healthy workforce?

  19. Couldn’t agree more YD. I’m an Aussie but I visit my daughter who lives in NYC and I have experienced your very expensive health care system a few times.
    In Australia both the left and right side of politics believe in universal health care. It’s not an issue. In the US, the right side of politics think that universal health care is communism! That’s the problem ….they need to send a delegation of democrats and republicans here to see how it works. The conservatives in the US (I’m a conservative btw) need to get over the idea that universal health care is communism…it’s not…it’s looking after your people.

  20. Interesting to hear your viewpoint! New subscriber. Cheers from Adelaide 🌸

  21. One thing about US hospitals is you can barter your bill.
    Father in law ended up with a bill of over $100k in Nevada he bartered it down to just over 20k

  22. shit dental mate, good if ur dieing, not so good if your mouth is jacked up like a pom, also ambulance occasionally have long wait times on specific days and such. also try volenteering for something a little less "mission critical" mate, its a good way to get right into it, especially if your not from a native speaking english country, cause youll meet new people and such. alternatively apply for citizenship by punching Russel Crow in the face, and firefight till your hearts content.

  23. Well said mate… If the vast majority of western nations can do universal health care why can't the americans? I'm not criticising our US brothers I'm just saying it can be done and it wont ruin a budget (though it might ruin some companies and their lobbyists but honestly who cares?)

  24. Yeah it’s a bit different to the US system isn’t it? Glad you got good service and were well taken care of. An acquaintance of mine was on holidays in the States a few years ago. She had medical insurance etc. anyhow she developed a UTI and as we would do in Australia she went to a hospital near her hotel for a script for antibiotics and a urine test .$2000 later she was feeling better. Y is everything medical so dear there? She was later told she should have seen a GP. Or a private doctor. Stay well and thanks for the kind words.😃Tina Neilsen.

  25. Private health cover is a scam. I have been to hospital twice now. The public system was great. It is under the pump but they do a great job here in Australia.

  26. Good on ya mate. I think in Australia we view government services differently. In particular education and healthcare. Basically, I think the majority of Australians believe that a basic right of every person, no matter who they are, is access to education and healthcare. Why should anyone not be able to receive these two things. Surveys have shown that the majority of Australians do not mind paying tax to help finance these two services. Of course not everyone agrees, but I think the majority do. I think in the USA the view is a bit different. I think that a lot more of the population and the government opinion is more about each person for themselves. So if a person wants healthcare they have to pay for it, your ability to access quality education depends on how much you can afford to pay for that education and so on. Happy to be corrected on this. But anyway, glad to hear you were taken care of.

  27. It honestly makes me so proud to be able to grow up in such an amazing country such as Australia. Having the Medical system covered by a little extra tax is such a great idea and I love that it allows everyone to get help in some form. I'm hoping to become a paramedic once I finish school and help to contribute to the system.

  28. nah the US made the mistake of putting their health care system in the hands of insurance companies. Thats like putting your transport system in the hands of used car dealers. Dont worry, Australian insurance companies have been trying to steal the health system for years. But it was given to us by Gough Whitlam and if anyone tries to dismantle it there would be blood in the streets, and not from patients

  29. We have all seen videos of Americans eating meat pies but I want to see an American or Canadian try an Australian hamburger. Have an Aussie take them to a really good fish and chip shop and get a proper hamburger and steak sandwich. See how much they like them compared to fast food burgers.

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