Aulad kay Liye Hazrat Ali RA ka Bataya Howa Amal Shafi Health Care Wazaif

bismillahi r-rahmani r-rahim Shafi healthcare me who shall lead getting our chavez if a leaker hamachi hit Matt Mahathir who we have a latke hawala see s aha specific you killed a liturgy a lot Alan honey bataya KSK carnival aqui her Hodja hoodie hoodie here in Charlotte era at a specific Oba Qaeda rewired kiss autopsies occurring he is good at Abdullah bin at bus radiallahu ta'ala anhu see rewired gr gr had a little yellow talent on Escobar a me a shot for my head he escaped magna veliko Allah back hundred percent a tougher martini or a lotta loss jihadist the rule Kabul firm at him riskier Ballesteros Rick the Silicon Valley was Solomon abdullah bin a bus Raziel all tyrannical or we could see her thinking inshallah Sara booby a job says video mr. corcoran gay latino SE pehle Rodney hamari channel Shafi healthcare call subscribe nahi kiya hey Abby subscribe carding or Bell icon button goes rule press Karthik a hamari her name on evil video equipment me a sake massif a couch Eastern a sneaky Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas received locked arund coha zurich the celadon available salam nahin amazi Hodja sickly or cinemas Kiba Ramez Ali Razi a lot alone a firme aqui is na Moscow pardon a valet key had a lot Allah's rule Kabul for money easily Abney Yenisei hotkey KS na Moscow slo-mo Kumasi Clank Oscars area same oficina de Haji taleh and logically UK escape Darius a Jovi dois manga cha ta volatile as rule Kabul firm attend to is na Moscow slo-mo Kumasi Klein le Haase a map service if Aruba Qaeda torpor zero-carbon s co carnival equally sure the heck is co Hollis a la kirisaki Licio joy or kisi KO v Casey Kasem Canucks unfortunately specific Oh her basement cream in specific Omaha job Kelly illogical easy crew critical operation ko ladki Hollis a Jubilo parish on a Kumari Aulani enchilada a specific o carnival eco a lapa a lot at alpha manga – a hiatus on a yacht camel hey cforce if i krotkiy a multi a lapa ab key Mahajan for my engaged Skelly up car engine – he was if I cook up Cassatt a lot Cavalli society are at risk oh oh la da lisi after a knee or in charlotte alla vodka Sancho rocket no Phil hang scoff NYADA karna hey subtly APNIC Charcot Nephila kini attorney habe geezer you look at Capri packs a phony China or just Jo covered up namaz pardon you jog a pervy park Sofia hi al Raheem salsify yoga / bhai alkane or apne Hoshi bulaga left knee open or HK bad acne in charaka a de carne Hollis a la kirisaki knee in belly rocket McCartney Surat al-fatiha Kiba does Martha basura a colossi an equal who Allah who I had Bernie here produced Lyra taught me up means to return Fatiha Chabad be smart about Surat all a philosopher nian t0 taught me happens to refer take a bath t smart Vasu Hollis Permian Jyothi rocket Mistura Fatiha give arabic allah smarty basura a philosopher an inhale game of commentary cacao gab Estonia tonic excel Oh push take a keister insomnia correcto a pisco salato logic a creamy a cannon JC obtuse Rena Mazzucchelli juego con yet karta hoon cetera a Pisgah be slaughter Hadji Kalla pack of nihonjack le MA namaskaram tommy hajikko Kabul for my novel is happening near Kearney a or oddness cada karna hai kisi bhi vodka Pisco attackers acting is chaotic and makeup will be bhakta mckernon a double vodka a lava objects Bevacqua scooching attacker suck team inshallah solid Ikki bark emulsion lopaka key Hodges rule Kabul for minding yeah pitcher acaba Parliament whiskey bar damage epsilon Polina – Salaam pain Ichabod APNIC you see yoga proper Janna hey alpacas martabak peer apne surah a phallus perineum Chris kebab nice actor Marta badru Sharif E&E Garuda Ibrahimi piranha Harris Chabad Arnett Rudy Brahimi parnaiba dr. Marta ba la hawla wala quwata illa billahil aliyyil azim yatin Aparna he is may exist across a kooky allah tala second uyama t receive up weak Watney her gzo Terry Cobbs a quadric mayhem to Mooji all our data Pharma Escobar app need Walker me in Charlotte Allah objects V Hodges Kelly give are a gateway up a large Kelly of Atari inqilab job is kiha policy and latter I said watering a tuna back up all odds rule at a firm engage a hundred percent majority illiteracy at Longfellow no need for my head Kiska serious a juvie manraja pay and that allows the rule at affirmative yeah Patrika Jemaine obsess Zi mo Kemal go gay in the high asana Chara cut nothing help le rock at me up nape the smart was racial ozpin in surah Fateha k bar do see may be smart but these Rometty smart about Himachal is martoma Salam plane Ichabod theorem me Bert can purchase mattress for a Hollis per nybridge cable subdermal table need Russia for night Chris capacitor Manuela hawla wa la quwwata illa billah burning her up mr. Damon jockey of Lhasa do occur me up case Eva Morocco ebony a PA Mohammadi hajikko soon homologa cinema cinemas name inshallah Zara up Co the rule was the rule is Cafe de hassle hookah whiskey bar de medina but resolute ilanic avec de salón de Rivoli whistle on each end hem Nasir taking cookie absurd loca team came re Haddad Parineeti Hama Homs obey Allah Samanta Allah becoming itani for Marty the gonna be a bus as a lot aromatic agree may Allah's Rasul Allah revolution MK pitches owari / Berta waka absolute value salami for Maya eller key to unlock a hug capacitor Allah theory posit for my key to unlock her kooky facade car to her a lock-up nice omni biker job to Mongi ilaha semen drops are a level salami from Mohammed italic art o Allah he say Metallica or Espada Chittaranjan late Imam Ahmad kataoka adder to Jennifer poncho nacho hey – escuela Bob we lock a Civic ibn Affan a poncho sakti do a la nieta Ramos Condor melody hey hey vaca Reagan vana photos capoeira Haga Goethe mom Rubio cottage Canucks on Anjana chain to is a la casa y b2j knocks on hey ponch a septa to Alana lickity hi Terry McDermott of San Vito scope on Sept I tell me GK hadith Sharif a dismay anisette salad or available salami at Abdullah bin Abbas como hottie perky in part cheese monkey – he has formal a got a pin punch is over well carnevale to be opening up co warships opening up could totally kick up in pasion a co2 per ml carnevale hey other up hain aapke Gila a la ceiba jaha committee Hodja – Renae ot other a pin punch in a co2 Parimal Carnivale in a – up a lossy glad nahi kar sakthe can't see a thing get up unlock a hub a doctor named Lucky hockey father Curren allah tala hockey father's for my knee i po d op ameesha a la semana allah allah subhan allah tala a tougher mangey jo be mad at california a la seconde a la talla kima this recurring all is bad Kalia cleanup needle American came up with gob no fire nukes on poetry Agricola alabama he didn't twist me Attica fight ahead again other a lotta Lonnie DD or ho Donna hasta whose McCoy able Excel on que ella dijo te our structural on always belittle a mother formatting a key excel uncle Alutiiq we apologize you see McComas lotta to east is Kalpana played American a gurney redo a Kabul name with his memory Kolkata a mere leader of say we lop admin hamari Sequoia is a finicky Meritor same boy no quota yogi me ribbon on key quick sahaja – enchilada lager up in Pancham se ho toh Parimal carnival abandoned lot a lot is eaten as a model for manga Jessica cotton apart okay allah tala OpCo a tough for me with curtain up co hamari bus route so much Miyagi Hamada give Asifa Jo many ups a shear key is kiss adjutant and Nasir the Optus I share kab abdullah bin abbas was he a lot LM sorry white killing or was if a Viet Abdullah bin and Basra see a lot around sorry buddy again absolute lalibela by solemn name bajo CI Hadees a mubarak amoeba Jose Visayan with zickity hum make a big colca knee para have a patent am RN divinium sahaba pinky hammock hysterically Ilana chaja has erectus illallah wa sallam Kamisha koshish OTT Kahlo amel kitra flying a Lhasa Jolie on Mary bee hamari marginal giving a cushy or hamari channel for Genevieve azide modu da Walker on a cream k yeah paradise mo barkas le again enchilada llama meat carton a capo he says roof Ida hustle Hogan okay Allah Allah droppin a deuce Kennedy ray and evening he hadn't sank a zindagi me as my show TA at kapiolani Allah Allah Allah not a charismatic Ishikawa talladega osmotic ECT Allah duty a naked Rina for man who tak many more Walden code kata soon I shall attend to allahditta inna to SL fasts a better a key other Alabama needed to see me and lucky masala had a logic eg petraju a quasi fideya ghetto surah fatiha Vallecito skinny chick money any comment Kiawah Turkish Ibaka vas a kiss a kiss Eve as if as a questioning Jota narrows realistic fear Allah a girl Casey was iced capuccino Otto who drove the cerebellar vermis Sahaba Quivers I've connect ananka eating a lot a lot of dignity attack a mihrab and i smoosh kill víctima Jakarta a Pagar was muscular back to me Alec a widow Pirotta security Braham olestra Trampas Maya lotta linear doctor let alone kiss my shoddy cookie who Nani a leper Georgia Marla Agora Monterey or Las me daily banter Neto insulinoma continued a la popa polka BBB aroma dad garniture NJ top neo me dokubón hurricane desierto Parimal Corinne vs. poker terrain insha'Allah Allah Allah bukkake amid a key whose Hadji Kalla box rule Kabul for manga midcult UK a comedy video a chili Giga geese Videocon like Carrie Orser disease a genetic a mozilla in kabbalah osaka agar s-video cable a sequence of all karma charted wacom a common belief tential optimal SCOTUS le Panchavati e IC ke saath ijazat a allah hafiz


  1. Mere liye duaa kare 8 sal ho gaye

  2. Masha Allah

  3. Plz reply zarur karega

  4. Assalm walikum Baji me Hamal se hun 6mahina Hai to Kya me ye namaz Phar sakti hun Meri 2betiya hai ek beta ATA kardy khuda mujhy

  5. Mere lye bhi dwa kijye allha mujhe bhi aulad ho aameen summa aameen duwa ki darkhuwast

  6. Plz maam dua kijiye ki mujhe bhi aulad ho jaye

  7. ye bs ek bar pdhna h ya hr mahine pdh skte h

  8. Assalm alaikum…mere liye dua kare allah mujhe aulad dei hml hone ke bad zaya ho jata hai..medikal koi presani nahi fir hml nahi rahta log kehte h bndis h pls mere liye.dua.kare

  9. Dua karain allah pak beta attah kare

  10. Mula A. S ka farman hai haq hai or Sach h sab kro insahallha bety mely gy

  11. Assalamakume Mera naam saba hai meri shadi ho ka 4saal hora Dua kare aulade ka liya please

  12. Salamwalikum baji mere naam fatima hia mere shohar ka naam Mohammed hia hamey 1ladki hia 13year ki bhir hamey aulad na hoe please hamrey liye dua karey hum bhut pareshan hia abhi 3baar ivf karaya hia aap dua karey ki is baar kamiyabi hasil hojaye may nafil namaz aadha karogi mujhey izzat day dua may yaad rakhe 🤲

  13. Kya baby boy k liye kr Skte 5 month.plz reply

  14. Asslamualaikum plz mere liye bhi dua kre Allah mjhe bhi nek aulad se nwaz de Aameen

  15. Plz mery lye dua kry Allah olad sta key ameeeeen

  16. Mere liye bi Dua kren plz Allah pak muje beta dede Ameen

  17. Mashala sis dua kary plz alha mujhy ulad dy zindgi tandrosti wali plz Ameen

  18. Amin

  19. Aslam Alaikum !ap sab mery liye dowa karo Allah pak mojy beta ata frmay , Ameeen

  20. Mujy bi ijazt dy

  21. Asklm. ..mera naam shaikha ismail hai meri shaddi hoye 5 saal hoye abhi tak aulad nahi hoi hsp my bataye koi problem nahi hai ..bolre Dr. ..please mere liye duwa kare please ….

  22. Mashallah .
    Aaj mn b yi amal karongi

  23. mara lai Aulad ka lai duwa ki duraksh plse duwa karai

  24. Kya isy rozana parh skty hn

  25. Sab k lia mai ALLAH PAK k huzur hath jod k dua mangti hn ki woh hum sab beawladun co panjtan pak k sadqy naik or sehatmand ulad ata frmaiye😭😭oski zat or oski rhmat humary gunahun say buhut badi hai islia woh apne rhmat ka drwaza humry lia khol dey😭😭😭ya ALLAH apki zat akeli achi lagti hai or hum bachun k sath achy lagty hn 😭😭😭hum sab be auladun co aulad ata frma😭😭😭😭Ameen🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. As salam alykum mire liye bhi dua kre 14 saal ho gye h shaadi ko

  27. درود ابراہیمی پڑھنا ھے؟؟؟

  28. دعا کریں اللہ پاک مجھے بیٹا عطا فرمائے۔۔۔۔آمین

  29. Assalamualaikum mere liye dua krna Pls me Bahut pareshan hu Mene Bahut wazifa kiye lekin qubul ni hue 😢😢

  30. Assalamu Alaikum….mera naam saba hai ….plzzzz mere liye dua karein shadi k 6 saal ho gaye per aulad nhi hai….plzzz dua karein ki mujhe bhi ek nek farmabardar aulaad naseeb ho….

  31. Inshallah yh amal Mai zaror Karo gi aj he. Or zaror olad mily gi sb ko inshaallah

  32. Insha Allah aj hi karo gi or sub mere liye dua karna plz

  33. Mere liye bhi dua kare shadi k 2 sal hogaye hai. Pareshan hu ALLAH mujh bhi nek or sehhatmand avlad de. Ameen

  34. Mere liye bhi Dua kejiye olad ata kare mra Allah mujhe

  35. Asslam o alaikum kisa ha sis mera liya be duo karna Allah pak Mojay aur tamam bahno ko nak alias aluda a at farama aa Ameen please please please pray for the all Muslims

  36. Aslkm…mare liye bhi aulad ka liye dua ma yad rakkyee…..sbb ilajj krwa kr thakk choke hoo….bhoot pareshan hooo pls pls dua ma yad rkk na sbbbbb

  37. Assalamu alikum mere liye neak aulad Kay liye duva karo allaha thala se plz hamari shadi hoke 6 saal 6 mahine hochuka he abithak eak bar bhi conform nai hova medical chakap bi huva medicine bi bahuth barathim lay kin consa bi. Nai plz allaha thaala duva karo aulad ke liye

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