Atrium Health Mooresville Internal Medicine Associates Welcomes Anusha S. Kapadia, NP

My name is Anusha Kapadia. I am from Greenville, North Carolina, born and raised… Which is 4 hours East towards the coast. My husband’s from the area from Matthews, North Carolina. So, I always knew we’d end up here and… I’m kind of glad it’s are forever area When I’m not here, I am picking my next travel point with my husband. We recently got married last year. A part of that traveling. I love to take pictures of where we are at; Landscapes, sunsets… always catching the next sunset or sunrise. I feel like we go on vacations and we don’t actually capture the moment, and I feel like that’s what photography does for me is able to capture that moment which gives is one of my favorite quotes, ”a picture’s worth a thousand words” Outside of that, We have a Balto which is a Siberian Husky and he’s about to turn three, and so we’re always looking for ways around town to take him and explore with him. He loves to hike, so we’re always out towards the mountains trying to do that with him. I started off as a nurse, worked in labor and delivery for five years and I decided I wanted to do more for patients. So then I decided to go back for my masters, which I went to Mass. College in Boston for my nurse practitioner. And the reason why I decided to be a nurse practitioner was because I wanted to be able to treat patients and actually give them more than I could as a nurse. When it comes to taking care of patients, I feel like communication and trust …Two things I found is necessary Communication is important because nowadays Healthcare is so fast, so fast paced, It’s always growing. I’ve noticed that when you take time with the patient When you actually sit there and listen to why they are here You give that patient all your time and your love, that they will always trust you at the end of the day whether you got the answer right or got the answer wrong. I would say what motivates me is the fulfillment of the career, the fulfillment of a patient saying; ”Thank you so much for listening to me. Thank you for taking the time to see me.” ”I know that it was nothing… but You know, thank you for taking the time.” What motivates me is coming in every day and it not feeling like a job. It’s coming in every day and making a difference in someone’s life.

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