At Home Yoga Workout Program For Overall Wellness & Physical Fitness

an at-home workout program something that you can do easily at home something that's safe and effective and something that's good for your not just your physical fitness but also your overall well-being and I'm just going to tell a quick story about how I started one of the first clients that I started working with with manically yoga so when I started man for yoga I thought that the people that I'd be working with and that the way that I was you know posting social media and what I was talking about I thought that I was going to be working with people who were similar to me people that were in their 20s who wanted to get ribs and maybe people who just wanted to work out a little bit differently and I was really surprised when the people that I was working with actually ended up being people they're mostly in they're in their 40s 50s and even in their 60s so one of the first guys I started working with his name was Tom and he's actually like my first success story his name's Tom he's based in Lubbock Texas and he had just done the doctor I think he's at the time he was I want to say he's in his late 50s he had just been the doctor and he had received some you know the results of his tests and he was pretty worried about his health at this point kind of realized okay I need to be I need to be way more proactive with my health and with my fitness if I want to be around longer to you know watch my kids and watch my grandkids go up grow up and so with him the goal wasn't and this is really what I've learned about people that I've worked with and what you know kind of the mission is amantha yoga but the goal isn't you know to get ripped some people are after that and that can happen and you know it does happen but really the main goal is we want to work on your overall wellness and your physical fitness so we want to make sure that you're able to to do the things that you want to do to be able to move well to not worry about you know to not drag your business because you're gonna learn about something that you know you don't want to have happen to you because you're being more proactive you're eating better you know you're taking care of yourself you're managing your stress leaving better and you're spending time on your physical fitness and so what kind of developed was this turned into something that was way more than you know just a program you get you ripped and it turned into more of a program to just for overall wellness and and well-being and so the video I'm making a day in this video is going to talk about how manfully yoga can help and how you'll get in general that can help you or not all yoga but how fitness focused yoga can in general help to serve as an effective workout program for all fitness and well-being so some of the problems when it comes to other types of fitness programs and I'm not doing this to bash other fitness programs I'm just saying that there are some problems when you are not adequately prepared for these other fitness programs so some of the big problems that I hear about from people who have had look at been unsuccessful with other workout programs or that they trying to do the workout programs or they follow the stat programs and they follow the workouts and they end up getting injured and that's because they don't have the necessary core strength and the hip mobility in just a foundational level of fitness that has prepared them for more intense types of workouts so when you've got Joe who's let's say 45 years old or maybe 50 and he realizes meaning the teens get into better shape so he goes to a CrossFit gym or it goes to a boot camp and you know he pushes through the workouts for a few weeks or maybe a couple months but then he has to stop because he gets injured right he hurts his shoulder his knees have gotten to the point where they're too painful to exercise and the problem is because he hasn't spent the time on a foundational level of strength and mobility and body control and if you don't have these strengths to begin with you're at a really high risk of injury going into traditional types of fitness such as the game like boot camps or weight training or just following along to a program but not really having a lot of experience or not having someone to kind of make sure that you're doing the form correctly so that's that's one big problem is that people just don't have people just don't have so even if you do have the motivation to go out and do your workouts you don't have the necessary strength and mobility to do those exercise programs to follow them and not get injured some other people who I work with are people who are who have kind of someone I just talked about but they just have pain or they whenever they try something new they get injured and again that just comes back to not having a proper strength and the proper mobility to engage in activities so you know if you want to just go out and start running and you haven't worked out in ten years consistently or you haven't ever ran before two or three or four or whatever times for what you want to do it what happens is you end up getting injured you end up getting to that point where you can't run without severe discomfort because again you just don't have that strength you don't have that foundational level strength that so big problems that that all work with and I'll hear about our knee pain in particular and that comes from a lack of hip strength and a lack of mobility in your hips and a lack of core strength and that's something that happening today so I'm sitting right now because I'm I was taken out so I'm a little weaker than I usually am so I'm not standing up right now but anyways I whenever I'm working throughout the day I have a stand up desk so I'm standing up during the day and that's helping to keep my hips and my core healthy but if you don't stand up during the day if you stay to the desk your hips are going to become weak and immobile and your core strength is going to get worse and your back's going to start hurting and all of that leads to exercising in a way that puts more pressure on your knees and that's what people have me pink and they exercise some other problems are hip pain or back pain and again those are all kind of related to the issues I just discussed shoulder pain is a big one because people spend all day hunched over at a desk and then they go to exercise and this is the body that they're this is the position of their bodies used to be in and they want to do pushing and they want to do overhead pressing and with that poor posture when you try to do those exercises it results in pain or injuries so there's a big lack of shoulder mobility and a big lack of back strength that can cause shoulder issues and then there's neck pain there's mid-back pain this is all caused by poor posture and it's caused by a lack of the just foundational training and the foundational exercises that you need to keep your spine their core and your hips and your shoulders healthy so some other people who who kind of fall into this category are people who are less experienced with fitness so maybe again maybe you just haven't been doing a fitness program regularly regularly and you're concerned about getting injured you're looking for something that's safe and effective and something that you won't get injured doing and that's not to say that you definitely won't get injured doing this but if you listen to the instructions and if you follow a proper technique and you proceed according to how I recommend you proceed or another yoga program I can't speak for other yoga for the other program so forget I said that but if you proceed accordingly and you listen to the technique and you pay attention to what you're doing there's a very low risk you're getting injured and I would say way lower than any other type of fitness than most other types of fitness the cool thing about it is that you'll actually you'll actually build strength you'll build muscle you'll build your build mobility and you'll start feeling better within the first few days and this is typically normal people do feel better within the first few days of getting started it's not something that takes months you know it does take it does take a minimum of a and you know a couple months and three months or so on to actually start noticing changes in terms of your appearance in terms of losing weight and in improving your physique but you will notice changes immediately and how you move and how you feel so your move that you're gonna move a lot better you're gonna feel a lot better throughout the day a lot of other people who kind of gravitate toward these programs or people who who aren't as motivated when it comes to fitness so they want a program that they can expect to deliver results they don't want to have to go to a gym maybe they have gyms imitation maybe they just don't want to work out in front of other people maybe they don't want to try something they don't know in front of other people and so they want to do it at home they want to do it in the convenience of home and this is another group of people who like doing this so like if you if you let's say your yoga studio is 15 minutes away right so you spend 15 minutes driving to the yoga studio you do an hour yoga class you spend five minutes chatting afterwards and then you drive back home 15 minutes that's an hour and a half commitment to one workout with manful yoga or an online fitness centric program you can just spend 30 minutes most of our workouts are in the 30 to 35 range we've got workouts that are 70 minutes longer we've also got some quick ones that are like 5 and 10 minutes but most of our workouts are in the xxx 35 minute range and with those workouts you can expect results and actually results that are more significant than going to a full hour yoga class way that we structure the classes and and how we combine yoga with other types of a body weight exercise so so there's that benefit of you know practicing on your own time minimizing your drive time and just convenience of home and then another aspect is and finally that's this is the last kind of aspect I've talked about but people who are interested in a type of fitness that has mental benefits in addition to in addition to the physical benefits so yoga is really unique and that it's been proven – lower your rug lower your blood pressure it helps with back pain sorry that's basically what it helps with improving your focus helps with reducing stress levels and there are tons of benefits tons of other non-physical benefits that accompany doing yoga on a regular basis better sleep is also another thing better even better social relations because you have more patience and you have better control look at your breathing so you're able to you're able to deal with stress better you're able to deal more nor effectively with anxiety and other types of stress-related disorders so there are ton of mental benefits that go with with with practicing mental yoga as well again and so these are these are kind of the people that again these are some common characteristics of people that kind of that do manfully yoga and people who who have been successful with our programs in the past and seeing results and you know typical results again like I said you will feel better within the first few workouts we've had people who have lost 80 and 90 pounds I know it sounds crazy but yeah we've had people who have actually lost 80 or 90 pounds using our programs this was over the course of the year but we've got this guy his name is Jesse he lives in California he was a really big into he was actually strong minute he did a high languor Games and he was big he's he's tall – he's like six when he's like six five six six but he does Highlander games he didn't hide under game she still does them anyway I want to say if you weigh close to like 300 pounds he was drinking a lot you know he wasn't eating very healthily and he started doing he started looking for a yoga program that would work for him but he didn't find one that really worked well for him until we found manfully yoga just because it's more guy friendly approach you don't have to be as flexible you don't happen to know as much about yoga it's it's designed this is a totally beginner friendly program and over the course of the year he started you know improving diet he started to make more positive changes in his life you used the yoga workouts and he lost again 90 pounds over the course of the year last week I just talked to the guy who lost 20 pounds over the course of I want to say two months of doing the info yoga and in combination with some other stuff so he's also running and he was doing some bootcamp top style classes but you know he said that man faux Yoga serve as the foundation of his program so this is a really good way for you to not only lose weight and improve your body composition but also again to reap all those mental benefits and just improve your overall physical well-being so so yeah and then in the way that we and usually what I'm talking about this right now is we've just put out a what's called a path on the man pull you up a website you can read all about it in the blog that I just published at manfully Yoga calm / blog / home – yoga – program but this is a this is not just a program that you can kyuh kyuh kyuh wake up got snoring dog so this is not just a program but actually a series of programs that you follow over the course of months and even years so I'm not just giving you one program actually giving you multiple programs giving you a progression of programs that you can easily follow up specific toward toward your goal of using you know of using yoga as an at-home Fitness focused program and you know I can even give you a realistic expectation that you'll notice within one and three months and I'm actually just gonna be those off right now start reading this directly from the vlog I didn't memorize it but in terms of people who are looking at yoga as an at home fitness focused yoga program for or a workout program for just overall wellness and physical training within one month of doing mantle yoga typical these are typical results greatly decreased overall physical discomfort or pain so I now who was on painkillers constantly and he's gotten to the point where and he had chronic back pain and now he's gotten to the point where not only is he off of his painkillers but he also knows exactly how to treat himself so when he starts having pain he knows exactly the movements that he needs to do to fix how his back feels improved fluidity of movement decreased stiffness and kind of an overall improvement in physical feeling so this is just I would I define this as improved overall day to day movement right so being able to kind of twist from side to side to sit down to reach down to the ground and grab something you squat down to reach up and that all just feels way better and I think this is one of the most this I think this is one of the coolest benefits of a fitness centric yoga program it's just feeling better on a day to day basis and being able to do what you enjoy and just move from day to day you know move throughout the day and do what you need to do without discomfort or without pain improved joint the muscular health as I mentioned yoga services are really or Yoga can serve I can't speak for all yoga because not all Yoga is Fitness focus and not all Yoga is as effective as as other types of you know so I'm speaking specifically for mantle yoga here I can't speak for all yoga programs but improved joint and muscle or health and that comes from again Yoga is a foundational form of fitness something that works on strengthening individual muscle groups something that will be firing a typical exercise especially your glutes and your abs and your in your upper back muscles improve and also when you have more mobility joint when you have joint pain it's caused by weakness or tight muscles so when you strengthen those muscles and when you improve the mobility of those muscles the the ability of those Muslim is caused by again poor it's caused by a lack of it's caused by poor muscular health so when you work online when you work on your strength and you work on your ability in combination with that data leaves your joints your joints feel way better so shoulders your knees again lower back your neck ankles that all will fuel hips that will all feel better and then let crew body and postural awareness so not all types of not all types of fitness help you develop body awareness there are a lot of fitness that move too quickly and they just don't take the time or the attention to focus on improving body awareness and that's important because if you don't notice what's going on your body you can't change it so there's a great phrase that says in order to go fast you need to own slow and so owning owning slow movements allows you to effectively move quickly but in order to move quickly you need to get a solid foundation on slower movements first so if I want to do an effective push-up really quickly I need to develop the strength and control to do a very slow push-up with proper technique before going into a really fast pushup and that's just you know one example and then breath awareness is one other really important thing that you get from yoga that you're not going to get from other programs and when you work on your breath that allows you to manage your stress it allows you to manage your anxiety it helps you to get better sleep even helps your cardiovascular abilities so there's a lot of aspects of fitness that aren't covered and other types of fitness that that you're going to get with a yoga centric program and so that then although what I just subscribe those are things that you can expect within the first month of doing at least three mantle yoga workouts per week so I think that's really cool that it's not just you know it's not just improving your physique it's also improving your overall wellness and that's kind of why I bring this up in this in this presentation so if you're listening to this now and this sounds like you know this sounds like you or something you're interested in head to that blog I described man Plato got comm slash blog the blog is called home yoga program for physical training and you can learn more about everything I just said and actually get it in bullet point form and right now but this week only we do open enrollments once every other month and the reason why we do that if we close enrollments so you actually can't sign up at other times typically because it allows us to focus on content creation so instead of spending our time you know getting new people to sign up or marketing we spend all that time creating content for people so seven you know seven or eight weeks every two months so we're spending like this let me round up so we're spending about 83 percent of our time or let's say four out of five weeks of whatever we're spending most of that time creating content for our customers instead of marketing that content so it allows us to create a much better product and allow us to serve the people who who have invested in themselves in this program and it means that we only do these open enrollment periods once a week so if you're watching this now this is a great time to sign up to get started with the program it might not you probably won't be able to sign up after this you will not be able to sign up after this week if you're watching this video live or within the next within a couple days after it's being published so highly recommend you head over to manfully okay calm now and start a seven day trial it's just one dollar and get you access to ball or workouts all of our programs and those paths that I just that I just discussed so especially if you are looking for an at-home yoga program for physical fitness and overall well-being this is an this is an amazing way to get started so because this is a live I know some of you may have questions and so some what's a look at some of the questions and I'll answer nothing cool miss if I just miss anything so much is actually said okay can you talk about more about the differences of your yoga and other programs yeah so that's a great question so to the religious aspect yeah so mindful yoga is an entirely fitness focused type of yoga so I know a lot of types a lot most yoga actually every type of yoga that I can kind of except for manful yoga is a part thickness part spiritual and I would say mostly spiritual practice and the reason why we do that is because I'm not interested in yoga for spiritual reasons I'm interested in yoga because I think it's a really great form of foundational fitness I think it can be I think it serves as a really good foundation of fitness in terms of mobility and strength and core strength and balance that I get from my other workouts I played college I'm sorry I played college lacrosse I also played on the world level for lacrosse and I did a lot of strength training a lot of training as an athlete and what I encountered in the yoga classes were something that I wasn't getting from my other traditional workouts but if I had been doing these types of exercises and tweaking them and modifying them to be a bit more Fitness centric then I would have been able to prevent a lot of injuries that I experienced and also just perform at a higher level so I do man flow yoga now because I want people to I want people to have access to a fitness centric yoga program that really works on on active range of motion so active mobility that helps to develop more strength than a traditional yoga program that helps to that helps to improve muscle activation that focuses on slow controlled movement which leads to better body control and better better sorry slower movement leads to better body control and more strength as opposed to moving quickly without really a lot of attention to to your to your technique so manfully Yoga is very technique focused the workouts have a specific fitness goal in mind and I can't say that for other types of yoga and we also add a lot of body weight exercises and things that you won't see the typical yoga so all right cool well guys thanks for watching today I hope you found this useful and again head to that blog that I just mentioned man polio calm slash blog to learn more about how mindful yoga can serve as an at-home workout program to improve your physical fitness and your old world overall well-being and if it is still the week of October 17th sign up for the man for yoga members area it's one dollar starter trial and enrollment will be closing at the end of this week so make sure you sign up before then and that's it see you guys in the next video actually one more thing tomorrow so if this didn't apply to you at all tomorrow I'm gonna be talking about how manful Yoga can help to deepen your yoga practice if you're watching this now and you're a yogi and you like doing yoga I'll talk about the people who in our community who are who are like you guys who are Yogi's consider themself Yogi's um but they like Manville yoga because it delves deeper into the physical practice of yoga so how we work more on the technique how we help you get better at yoga postures and improve your asana practice so we'll be talking about that's mark so if you see that live notification pop up you watch it and if you can't watch it live then just head to the mantel yoga blog tomorrow and you'll be able to see a post on that and that's it see you guys the next video

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