At Home: Ground-to-Shoulders, Burpees


  1. I donr mean to be rude but why do u not take normal people to demo the exercise instead of old or overweight individual. Something i never caught on.

  2. Suppose this is the outcome when theres no media team in your company.

  3. Please bring back the old CrossFit videos 😩

  4. I don’t think it would be categorized as a burpee or even a scaled version when it’s done like that, maybe another exercise but definitely not a burpee

  5. Bravo!  Keep up the good effort.

  6. Thanks for posting this. It gives people that are just starting out some encouragement that it's not too late to start working out. Got to start somewhere. And REAL, and LASTING changes are made incrementally. One step at a time. Right on!

  7. Is that . . . a bag of cat litter?

  8. Phle bhess jesa weight bhdao fir usko kam karo… kya achievement kiya isme

  9. I understand CF is moving the focus from the games CF athletes to getting more people off of the couch, but I think these videos are just silly. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Maybe the powers that be could go into CF boxes and look at the real CF demographic and showcase that. I would like to see if people are encouraged by these at home videos enough to get moving.

  10. Instructions not clear threw the bag too hard over my shoulder and killed my dog

  11. Awesome👏👏👏

  12. 😶

  13. Love it

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