At Home Glute Workout – Burnout Butt and Thigh Workout

hey guys I'm Kelly with Fitness blender comm and today I have a button thigh workout for you the only thing you need for this workout is an optional set of dumbbells I haven't included your warmup or your cooldown so make sure you do both of those on your own otherwise let's go ahead and get started alright guys we're gonna start off with some mat work first so make sure you've got that warm-up in otherwise we're jumping right into reverse leg lift so weight in your forearms and knees we're gonna be taking that leg and with that foot flexed pushing up towards the ceiling so you can exhale as you push out and then inhale as you lower your leg back down so make sure you keeping your core nice and tight make sure you are flexing that and squeezing that glute especially as you press up towards the ceiling inhale on the way down exhale as you press back up keep your core nice and tight pulled in make sure that you're not opening up your body so you don't want to open or roll your hips make sure your hips are facing the ground and that the glutes are doing all the work so we're in the last 15 seconds here pulsing we're gonna switch to a pointed toe and just stay right here and just enjoy the burn just take nice deep breaths and always take a quick break if you need to otherwise try to hang in there three two one okay quick 10-second break and we're gonna stretch out those muscles and repeat that on the opposite side the body so we're gonna do really quick transitions here so don't go bad if you're ever behind just a few seconds so same thing on the opposite side you're squeezing up you can make this harder by wearing ankle weights if you like keep going here's our halfway point right here switch the pulses on this next repetition so right here staying right here at the top of the range of that motion just squeeze 10 seconds left type or your pull your core in pull that belly button in towards your back three two and one okay so next up we're gonna be doing a clamshell exercise so lying on your side if you pull them close to your butt stacked stacked feet I'm going to be opening up right here so pulling up and then down so you can do this no weight at all if you like you can also press even just a little bit with your own hand if you want to provide a little bit of resistance you should feel that and the outside glute here you can also if you have bands or a weight you can hold it there as well it's a pretty small range of motion but you should feel it you're outside glute there just make sure that you're squeezing you want to really focus on the all these exercises I'm contracting the muscles so you get the most out of these exercises remember to exhale doing the hard part so inhale while you're lowing your leg exhale as you press back up alright I'm real quick go switch sides five seconds of rest left remember to pull those feet and close to your butt keep your core nice and tight and again if you want to provide a little bit of extra resistance in the form of your hand just a little bit of pressure that's a lot there's a long ways here at the top just take a second to just squeeze so slow it down don't think that faster is better you're not necessarily going for more reps here you just want to make the ones that you doing count over halfway done keep going so if at any point during this routine especially the second half the southern half that's gonna be tougher if you need to take a break go ahead and do that just shake out your muscles it's better to take a break than it is to keep kind of limping along with poor form you want to be able to push yourself three seconds left all right so next I'm gonna do those inner thighs so we're gonna straighten out stay right in the same position hold up your petunia and down pour a little support if you need it otherwise we're gonna be doing this relatively small range of motion coming up squeeze never relax if you need to if you have to if you're getting tired take a break in between reps otherwise just let it hover here keep those muscles nice and tight so they're never there never relaxing they're constantly engaged and just like last time you're exhaling doing the hard part so inhale on the way down exhale as you squeeze back up and let's go ahead and do pulses on this one too so on this next repetition we're just gonna stay here and just pulse so don't think about it take nice deep breaths think of a nice beach somewhere and through the nose out through the mouth three two and one alright so we're gonna do that same thing on the opposite side so get comfortable here five seconds left and here we go so again this is not about the number of repetitions you're doing it's how much each repetition counts so don't don't rush the motion just in fact go get nice and slow it makes you use more control and it means you can't skip through any weak ranges of motion so you're working through the entire range of motion squeeze and of course make sure you're not holding your breath all right next to our partition up we're gonna freeze for those pulses so just hang right there just nice small range of motion but you should feel it make sure you're not holding your breath five seconds left all right so we are going to be doing a fire hydrant plus an extension so it's kind of a combination move definitely gonna target the glutes here so weights our weight in the floor arms and knees so we're coming actually going to come up out and then from here flex your foot and kick out return to that fire fire hydrant position and drop so up and out so again you want to try to make sure that you're facing the ground that you're not opening up your hip so try to keep your hips facing down don't turn so stay here and just lift the leg then press out alright so keep going in there again you can make this more difficult with weights ankle weights if you like so really pretend that you are kicking out and away from something of that foot about five seconds left alright quick break so we have one more round we're gonna repeat that on the opposite side of the body and then we'll move on to the second half of this routine which should be even more challenging so here we go so side up kick out back down and remember you're working on control here it's all about controlling your motion so make sure you're not there's no momentum and there's no flailing in this everything is intentional slow and smooth keep it going there's our halfway point 15 seconds left my muscles are shaking I just – the upper body routine before this one 10 seconds left so Amy's sore all over tomorrow five seconds let it get count with three two one okay so take a very quick water break don't go too far and we'll jump right back into the second half of this routine you alright guys even if you don't have dumbbells you can still get a great workout just doing these exercises with your own bodyweight so don't feel intimidated if you don't have them I'm gonna be using sixteen pounds per hand I'm gonna be doing 50 seconds on and ten seconds rest so here we go starting off the squats so stick your butt out behind you lower and then squeeze back up so there's one repetition so 50 seconds of it so go as long as you can with this heavy weight as you can before you take a break don't let your forms upper keep your weight and your heels your back nice and flat your eyes up at the wall in front of you make sure you're not rounding your shoulders then make sure you're not holding your breath so exhale on the way up so any on the way down exhale as you press back up inhale exhale doing that hard part of the exercise so keep it going five seconds left switch to a reverse lunges so I'm using 12 pounds putting in for this nice quick transition here alright weights up your shoulders here we go back alternating from side to side dropping down right between those two feet keep your core pulled in nice and tight so make sure your torso is remain upright you don't be leaning over yourself keep going fifteen seconds left all right next time next up we me doing an assistant pistol alternating back and forth I'm using 12 pounds just one weight this time we hold it right here at my chest and be alternating back and forth so lean back so I'm really just doing a staggered squat so that one of my legs is working a lot harder than the others so it's a way of isolating a leg without doing a full pistol squat so from the side make sure you keep your belly pulled in again back nice and flat halfway point there keep going 15 seconds left ten seconds three two and one okay next up we've got deadlifts sun viewing 28 pounds putting in so the goal is that by the end of the interval your toe is good so lift as heavily as you need to to do that so weights right in front of thighs sink down slowly squeeze back up so make sure you're keeping your back nice and flat pull in your core make sure your shoulders aren't rounding those weights are heavy so they're gonna want to pull you forward don't let them there's a halfway point squeeze at the top of that motion so right here squeeze your glutes should feel good ten seconds left keep going three two and one okay so next up switch it up a little bit so we're gonna be doing a sumo squat so it's gonna change the dynamic go squat we're gonna add jumps so sticking down nice and wide I'm explode upwards so your feet are nice and spread wide focusing on anything soft if you want the little impact version just grab a weight and just squat right here nice wide stance back out but behind behind you but now back behind you there we go otherwise if you can you don't have any neighbors to make mad jobs for as long as you can 20 seconds left fifteen remember being soft keep that stance wide three two one okay so next up we're going back to a curtsy lunge knee using eight pounds per hand here gonna be targeting our outside thighs as well so oh I can catch my breath there we go curtsy lunge out and two this time so this is why I love this kind of strength training cuz it feels like cardio so doing two things at once here challenging my cardio endurance but I'm also building the muscle 20 seconds left center yourself ten seconds nice and tall keep that core strong all right so next I'm gonna be doing dumbbell swings so just one number then use 20 pounds I'm gonna swing it like it's a kettlebell so down between the legs and pop it back up so your arms are doing no work they're just driving that weight forward this is where you're using momentum so one place it's okay to use moment on the side keep going here's our halfway point keep your back nice and flat and pop forward to drive that way up keep going ten seconds left three two all right so next up we're gonna be doing a bridge this is our last interval sixteen pounds just one way and here we go so holding your weight on your hips squeezing up through the glutes I don't know we're back down so if you wanna make it harnessed just don't rest your turn the ground just hover before you squeeze back up and here on the way down exhale as you squeeze up squeeze all your weight in your heels all right so freeze at the top right here start catching your breath and we're gonna slowly lower towards the mat so take your time take nice deep breath and when you're finally on the mat oh my gosh just enjoy that leftover burn okay guys so this is a very sweaty but sort and sweet routine so if you're not moving on to another workout make sure that you do a cool down and stretch drink a lot of water when this is done and good job guys this workout is complete


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