At Home Fat Burning Workout + Full Day of Healthy Eating

come on in guys it's 7:30 a.m. and I've just woken up and apparently some of my army Marty sorry it's so sunny I'd find him with its quirks my sister's still asleep I'm gonna go for a run actually no I'm gonna go do a hit session on the beach I'm gonna go plastered which means you don't eat beforehand and this really helps with fat burning helps hormones I do back up with a really sore throat so I'm gonna go have some vitamin C on my wing detox tablet and then head up to the beach and do this workout and I'll bring my BCS over as well let's go you you I'm sweaty I left at 7:30 and I did like a hit workout but it was sort of hard to do properly because I wanted to film it so I filmed a bit of that do the Peabody weight exercises then I brought my camera back here and my sister was slowly waking up so I said let go let's go for a little bit of a jog so I sort of just like a fast and walk slow jog and we did a few Sprint's up the hill so all the very intense so I've been up for like two hours but just doing some low intensity chill-out workouts so I'm going to finish my BCA's which I shook up before just my primer BCA's and then I'll probably make some breakfast we take it down to the beach I like how'd you go oh that's what I'm just really tired I'm really sore yeah that's the heart keep persevering yeah personally so working out in the morning is really good for fat-burning especially plastic some people they do find it hard to get motivated on find the energy so it's really important that you have a nice balanced dinner beforehand so my dinner last night was pretty spot-on for a morning workout sessions morning and I feel fine and full of energy and I didn't even sleep that long so it was definitely through that's giving me the energy right now both BCA's no breakfast for my protein shake I'm just going to use my protein out top of fitness whey protein it's just vanilla I really like to clean it's just whey protein vanilla flavor stevia and selected all the information of it will be in the description box below so I'm just going to add one scoop of that and because it is quite sweet and milky you don't need add milk with it you can add water so I just added 8 grams of black tea it's 12:30 and I'm back from the beach we just went for like a paddleboard and just played in the water and I'm going to make some lunch I'm gonna make a tuna salad with a thick avocado dressing and massage everything in avocado I'm going to do that I'm going to use the Nana's frozen avocado so I'm going to use 100 grams of this also ever mind that I don't have a microwave at home so I normally just let it defrost overnight but because I'm using it right now I am going to use a microwave don't judge me alright that's pretty much defrosted I'm going to mash it up my favorite salad dressings are normally high fat salad dressings because I feel like that's are anything that kills me up so I like to do smashed avocado or goat cheese flax seed oils I'm going to add the salt and pepper now I feel like I like to add it to the dressing so just some pink Himalayan salt black pepper now I'm going to add just some plain baby food this is my favorite type of green my rule with greens is the deep of the green color the better it is for you but it also is good to have diversity because not all green vegetables carry the same properties and macronutrients so it's good to mix it up a little bit massaging your salad in dressing before you eat it is actually really beneficial for digestion because it starts the breakdown process so if you find that you're a person who gets easily bloated or gassy or feel sick after salads I recommend massaging your food beforehand especially greens nice and mixed all together going to add a little bit of cucumber 60 grams of cucumber oh and it was 100 grams of baby spinach if I didn't already say so then to that I'm just going to add some tuna I normally either add olive oil tuna or spring water and this is a blend it says spring water and olive oil so I'm going to add some of that so I'm actually going to add some like him as well Trina and Pam grow so well together I'm going to do 50 grams of the leg hemp that is going to be very much and like always I like to have something sweet after my big meals with my big salty meals so I'm going to make a chocolate milkshake only I have a hot chocolate drink but I'm going to have a chocolate milkshake and still chocolate outside let's start off with our cacao obviously this is raw cacao okay so 12 grams of cow and I'm going to do a couple of drops of my stevia if you don't like stupid you can always try as I'll at all I haven't done enough research on it to have an opinion but I've heard that people um who like stevia also like xylitol has a similar breakdown in your body so I'm going to try and add some goat yogurt and see if that tastes nice it could be a complete fail but I think if I add enough sweetener and I add enough study I could work 40 grams of that then I'm just gonna have to win this I'm going to say roughly roughly 200 mils of almond milk I don't like to add the whole thing of almond milk you don't really need to especially if you're putting yogurt in there so let's add the rest with ice water and because we're so festive we're going to put some ice cubes that's good yeah I recommend that just make sure you add enough stevia to taste which in my case is a lot so like I've been saying I like to fill my plate with a lot of green so I've got a huge bunch of salad here and then I've got some goats cheese some natural hummus and two chicken kebabs I might have some more if I'm still hungry but that is my dinner for now and I've been super hungry lately so I'm just going to have some dessert which is a whole green apple I think I did like 2/6 strawberries and I'm going to add some goats yogurt on top as well alright guys that is going to conclude the video so it's been a week since I've been home from that holiday that you just watched and I'm no longer intuitively eating even just editing this footage I was like well I was eating so much food and this is when I was having all my hormonal problems and my body was just not feeling great so since being home I got my hormones balanced again I will go through this more in my next vlog but my hormones are balanced again my skin is going really good my hairs going well and since being away I've actually lost two and a half kilos and not that I really care about weight loss and I don't care about the scale it just shows that my eating habits now are really working for me and I'm feeling fit and healthy again because when I was on holidays I was just constantly hungry and I wasn't sleeping very well and I was just feeling off but from now on I will be back to my carb cycling and I'm super excited because my body is just getting results really quick again so sometimes it is good to just shock your body take a break from your normal eating habits take a break from your normal working out habits eat intuitively listen to your body if you feel like 20 bananas go any 20 bananas but at the end of the day I know what works for me and I always get back onto that eating lifestyle because I feel so much better I cannot wait to bring you guys more vlogs I'm going to film tomorrow and you'll see how I'm eating and how I'm reaching my goals and I will do a body update for you in my next video so stay tuned for that don't forget to subscribe I upload new videos every single week and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it because it really supports my channel and I really appreciate that so I will see you in my next video bye


  1. Sezzy, this workout is killing me ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Loved this vlog so much

  3. let's have a Q&A! Sarah, what do you do with your life aside from working out insanely and planning your every gram of food? you're you a uni graduate, what's your degree? what are you hobbies? just eat and work out? we hardly know you as a person..

  4. I dont know how you workout like that and only eat what you do…. I would not be able to just have a protein shake after that intense workout…. maybe you get used to it I dont know

  5. Do you do all three sets for one movement before going to the next exercise or just repeat the whole workout 2-3 times?

  6. I am sorry I don't speak English
    Can someone tell me what does ruflly 200ml of milk means
    Does it mean at least 200 or at most 200

  7. team watching this in 2017 lol, when sezzy no longer has dairy products or whey powder…

  8. First, your videos are amazing and you're so pretty and so fun to watch! second, do you already have a video explaining more about how fasted workouts affect hormones? I know I could probably ask google but I'm really interested in getting it in your words because I really like what you have to say about fitness and nutrition in general ๐Ÿ˜

  9. You can eat young lady. But, I see if you eat right and workout, you can get those abs. You also are giving me a lot of helpful ideas, thank you!

  10. where did you get that white dress from!!! it's so gorgeous i love it

  11. So obsessed with your videos… Watched almost all your videos … Love you girl

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  13. what food scale do you recommend me?

  14. can you start putting the workouts in the down bar? you're an amazing motivation

  15. i was actually turned onto xylitol before i heard of stevia because of jamie eason from….. its good for your teeth and I like to use it instead of fluoride for my toothpaste. but i kind of just switch back and forth. i don't use enough to feel a certain way about each one.

  16. So I have been amazed at how much knowledge you know. can you recommend any books for us who inspire a holistic healthy and balanced lifestyle? thanks!

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  18. it seems like the reason why you feel so hungry after every meal is because you are not eating enough carbs. The meals are healthy, but you are missing many carbs. I think you are in great shape, but I just pointed out what I observed from this video alone.

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  30. hello sarah can i use yoghurt made from cows milk. thats what i can get here in nigeria. any tips

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  39. Thats not much food at all! Love your videos but be carefull with saying you eat a lot while you dont! ๐Ÿ™‚ actually My only thought was "she eat so little" while I was watching, so What you Said in the end scared me a bit! Take care <3

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  41. Love this!!! I've been training for almost a year and struggled to find a diet and workout plan that worked best for me so my weight fluctuated a lot. This is really helpful!

  42. What is the point in drinking almond milk? I understand it can be a milk replacement if you don't fancy animal derived products or if you don't produce lactase. I just don't get why'd somebody pay 2-3 times more about a substance that has basically the same nutritional value as milk :/

  43. Very nice workout and we'll let you use the microwave this time, but one time only. ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. Don't ruin your good diet with burned animal proteins like the chicken kebabs. They are carcinogenic. Cooking method is important.

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  47. This is so motivational, I realised that I need to loose weight and I have stocked up on greens and vitamins and fresh healthy fruit, starting from tomorrow I am going to make a daily workout plan and stick to that. Just wanna say thanks really ๐Ÿ™‚

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