ASMR Fitness – Dietary Supplements [Whispered] [Tapping] [Ear to Ear]

I've actually got a pretty strict diet too and I've lost like 20 pounds 20 pounds just like I just don't need anymore but however let's get to the first thing which is how about that that's way better my 100% I selected protein matrix I am also not very big my little shaker bottle here I actually bought this pre-workout from a friend it is called dust by black stone lamps this stuff I used to not work out because I was makes one scoop in eight to ten ounces of water in 30 minutes prior on training days and first thing in the morning I just mix it with water next we have just a basic multivitamin there's 300 tablets so it's so which you know this guy's up there and that's it to give you a few exercises to do Oh subscribe and I think this one's gonna be 250 and then maybe we'll do something for 300 and then 500 obviously given that I get 250 but you know I'm not going anywhere so hopefully


  1. You should do an updated supplement video if you’re still lifting. Still one of my favorites.

  2. I come 2 years from the future just to say; E

  3. I would recommend a healthy diet of fast food and death at 30.

  4. My two favorite things. Asmr and lifting, there isn't enough of the two combined out there. Great job.

  5. Great video again. Congrats on 200 subs!

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