1. I’ve had this idea for a while- switching camera angles. For example setting the camera to where the crumble is in-front of the viewer not below. Idk how well it would work though

  2. فديو رائع كلش حلو

  3. Are insta repost's allowed? BTW nice backing soda cups and reformed gymchalks are best 💞

  4. I love your videos……💕💕✨✨💕💕
    Crunchy…. satisfying and full relaxing videos….💕💕💕✨✨✨💕💕💕💕

  5. Your recycled hamburger patties struck me as funny.

  6. ❤👍❤👍

  7. Omg sis those gym chalk was amazing may God bless uu😘😘

  8. Finally u r here Fantastic blue and pink crunch is awesome in this video there is no rubbing I like ur rubbing of chalks by hands

  9. Was waiting 4 ur videos anxiously. Super satisfying videos. I watch them all again and again.

  10. this is what I needed when I relax 🥰🙌🏾 // glad your back we missed youuuu😚

  11. I was missing your videos. Glad you are back!

  12. First! I love all your videos! Thank you! Plain white blocks are my favorite! So crunchy! Makes my mouth water every time! So relaxing! Keep it up girl! Thanks again!

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