#AskEm- Episode 2: Eating Healthy While Budgeting, Adrenal Fatigue, Supplements & Vacation Snacks

welcome to episode 2 of ask em this is the youtube series that I've started where you guys ask a question and I have to see myself with those issues it made me very depressed and very sad and I hated it I hated the way I looked the way I felt it was just a very inner journey that I had to go through to become my own superhero and it involves becoming healthy with right foods right nutrition and really great workouts and so my goal when I became a trainer 5 years ago was how can I help the rest of you do the same how can I help you get the knowledge you need to become the best possible versions of yourself like I said I think this is just a great Avenue to do it so if you like this video please share and keep asking questions I'll do it once a week and the new video will be up every Monday question number one this is from Cecily Hayes he attacked me in a video basically people think eating healthy is expensive and it can be Cecily Hayes asked what to do for smaller budgets how do you control or how do you change the way you eat without spending a ton of money and I know that when you eat meal to meal and then you eat really consciously it can seem like a lot more money but there's ways and tips and tricks to really prevent blowing all your money on food so Costco is a lifesaver if you can go there and buy in bulk and get things like coconut oil and avocado oil or big bags of nuts and seeds there can tuna they have a bunch of meat their chicken half the sausages buy and gulp as much as possible even their vegetables if you can do frozen veggies it's way cheaper it's never gonna go bad it's a great place to start so buying in bulk number one number two is plan your meals if you don't plan you're gonna end up spending way more money whether it's at the restaurant or whether it's throughout the day trying to find a healthier option and having all these add-ons because you can't have bread so what do you have and you know wok is always extra so try to pack your meals and plan your meals if you can get a crock pot so you can have tons of leftovers leftovers are lifesaver and then the last trick for you is buy of course organic is awesome and giving grass-fed is awesome and getting free range is great but you can't always afford that all the time and so what you need to do is plan how you can so when you're able to buy free-range organic do it but if you can't don't and don't sweat it look through the Dirty Dozen list see what organic vegetables you need to buy like spinach is one spinach and kale you definitely want to buy organic but if you don't have to buy an organic junk so things like avocado and mango they don't need to be organic in order to get the great benefit that they have those are the tricks for saving some money budget feeling tips okay question number two from Megan D Lilly she asks her sister are going on vacation and they need help to stage house approve so I have this 21-day challenge starting today through my website superhero I'm Manish calm it's a nutrition and workout challenge and they are going to be on vacation while it happens so here's my tips and tricks while I travel first of all start setting your routine so as soon as you get to your hotel or as soon as you get to wherever you're staying try to find a really great place to workout or stretch or foam roll get in the routine of making 20 minutes a day to work out if you make that time happen right away it's not gonna just go by and fly by and five days later we come home and we haven't worked out in five days so even though I weigh be outside and enjoy your vacation if he's set a routine where you can go to the beach and do a little quick workout or use a playground or find a spot near hotels check out the hotel gym make sure you start right away getting into the gym while you're on vacation set a routine check it out the other thing is call ahead so if you have a possibility of getting a kitchen in your hotel that's awesome see if there's a mini-fridge if there is go grocery shopping before you go to the hotel see if you can stock up on things like boiled eggs or quick snack veggies avocados whack Amole packages those kind of things are gonna be a lifesaver especially for breakfast in the morning breakfast is the hardest so if you are traveling and your hotel has free breakfast it's usually full crap and so if you can get a kitchen or at least get some foods that will help you throughout the morning that's a really important throughout the day because the last main one is to not eat and then be ravenous at night and have a lot of sugar cravings because we like to a really good protein good fat meal good morning so that's what I do I would make sure that you have a kitchen whether that's your Airbnb you can check for a mini-fridge go grocery shopping get really easy snacks especially for breakfast and then set up a routine as soon as you get to your vacation spot or your hotel or wherever you are okay this questions from Wendy lynn zero zero is on Instagram she asked what are the two supplements or foods that you did to help you recover from adrenal fatigue adrenal fatigue is something that basically just describes if you have wacky cortisol levels cortisol is a hormone we do at least by our adrenal glands and we need it and it's a survival hormone but a lot of times because have a lot of stress in our life or a diet is bad or we have some trauma it can really throw off our cortisol levels so we either have too little throughout the day or way too high hyper cortisol hypo cortisol those are all signs of some adrenal fatigue that someone might be going through first thing it did the book the 21st century stress syndrome or the 21st century syndrome it's a great book about adrenal fatigue a great Amazon by if you have a good understanding of adrenal fatigue and lifestyle habits and you kind of know what to eat what not to eat my favorite weeks to do are rhodiola route and Ashland a guru too those are two routes I have in the morning and I have around 1:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon when I'm kind of hitting my crash those have been really great adaptogens to help me recover from adrenal fatigue your diet has to be perfect so if you're using a lot of carbs or you're having a lot of sugar and processed foods and we're going through that roller coaster you have to change that which is what my 21-day superhero challenge is all about is getting the source of carbs gone and using fat as fuel you want to use fat for energy throughout the day and that's gonna regulate that blood sugar and help you control those cortisol levels and then the last thing is I cut coffee and it was a huge deal for me I'm pretty much Laura live from Gilmore Girls I love coffee that much I've had it every single day since I was ten years old and I knew that it was just something I had to do to help myself because I couldn't live without it I would have it every morning and then I'd have it every afternoon 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon and without it I just wanted to die and so it was a really great way for me to reset my body and for me not to depend on coffee coffee can spike cortisol and it can make levels false and worse and it was just a vicious cycle and so it was really important for me to get rid of it at least for two months I use decaf and I use T's instead so I wasn't completely decaf or I wasn't completely caffeine free but it was a big deal and it took me about a month to really adjust to it now I have one cup of coffee a day and I can feel the difference I don't feel like you know before I could have five cups of coffee and never feel different so it's been really great to feel that kind of adjustment and I don't have to use coffee to get out of bed and that that's really big for me I can always tell my energy levels and how my adrenals are doing with how I feel when I wake up do I feel excited about the day or do I want to stay in bed all day and that's kind of how I dictate how a pepper increment during the fatigue but those are two really great adaptogen herbs that you can use maca root is another one cut the caffeine as much as possible don't overtrain and control your blood sugar by joining my challenge okay my last question is from Lin's luck cork should tag me on Instagram so the challenge it's run when a challenge is cutting out grains cutting out extra sugars cutting out back bats cutting out alcohol and all these foods that you can eat there's a lot of them but there's still some that you can eat and they're challenged approve but maybe not the healthiest and so she is asking me about this household debate they're having about avocado oil chips those chips are amazing I am quite the fan of the Poplarville chips and they are also in my house the problem with things like healthy chips is they still in its essence our potato and so we have three macros carbs proteins fats so your goals of macros what macros do you want and we will talk about the Sunday – of the challenge but athletes and my more active people and people that don't wanna lose weight they're around 30 at the most 40% carbohydrate that's when they're adding more potatoes they're adding more plantain chips maybe maybe a couple things of what's another good carb source baby food throughout the day those kind of carbohydrate sources are fine for them because they're active and they're burning burning a ton of fuel throughout the day they're trying to build muscle that don't know lose weight but the majority of people are around this kind of goal of I want to lose some fat I want to gain some muscle and so that puts them around 20% carbohydrates give or take depending on who you are it's a little bit different for every person so for the most part you're around 20% carbohydrate if you're adding a lot of avocado oil chips and it's increasing your carbohydrates we're not gonna be in that range where we're gonna see a lot of benefit so you can decide what your pie chart is is it really low carb or you could toast this which I don't really suggest for a lot of you guys that's like 10 percent carb are you mid-range which is 20% carbohydrate or even athlete and you don't care about we you just want to build muscle that's a little bit higher 30 or 40 percent carb and then you can decide how many potato chips you want I love the avocado wheel chips because avocado oil is the best kind of oil it's really great for high heat element it's so much better than canola oil vegetable oil all those crappy processed oils those are full of omega sixes and they really affect our health they affect our pain management in our heart health and our brain health and all that so getting rid of the bad oils is awesome but do know that just because it's avocado oil doesn't mean we can have a whole bag okay this concludes my ass mmm episode 2 if you guys have the questions please tag me so I can see it in your pictures on Instagram Facebook or on Twitter and I'm looking forward to these to continue these this is a really fun way for me to get the right kind of information to you guys and help you guys out as much as possible you guys are awesome I hope you have an incredible week and I will see you soon


  1. what about Coconut oil chips?? Have you tried them?

  2. Does rhodiola rosea have any affect on birth control?

  3. ….what happens if the outlet is used? 😂
    Loving the new YouTube series by the way. 😊

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