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what are the Tai Chi for health programs Tai Chi for health problems are modernized tai chi teams of medical in Tai Chi experts work with me to create the program based on authentic Tai Chi and we incorporate all the up-to-date medical knowledge in modern teaching techniques to make the program much easier to learn more safe and to deliver many health benefit quickly over 30 medical studies has shown the Tai Chi for health program to be just that easy to learn safe and bring help anything quickly one study done at the University of North Carolina has shown that we think eight weeks a Tai Chi participants felt better about himself have better balance has less arthritis pain and was able to do more in the daily tasks such as going shopping and doing other things you like to do you can visit the Tai Chi for Health Institute website for a list of these studies this is why the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the National Council of aging reckoning one on Mai Tai Chi for health programs the Tai Chi for arthritis for falls prevention and for health improvement as well as many other governmental bodies and arthritis foundations in many countries around the world for more information or any inquiry visit the Tai Chi for health institute subscribe to my newsletter and you can also find Tai Chi books instructional DVDs my production company feel free to email me or meet me at Facebook if I can help to make it tight attorney more enjoyable

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  1. Hello sifu

    I am looking forward to learning tai chi

    I have never been able to afford it however maybe you can teach via Skype lessons

    Only problem I see is not having someone physically there to correct posture however a solution is to have a training partner because we can't see ourselves in the third however they can

    Also not sure if you can do gradings online but maybe we can revolutionize how tai chi is taught 🙂

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