Ashley Horner's Stronger-Legs Workout –

today's leg workout is going to be focused on gaining some strength we're going to be doing three sets and ten reps of the following reverse lunges with back squats moving into a superset of Bulgarian split squats and plie dumbbell squats and the last superset is cable kickbacks paired with cable lunch rows this is a strength building workout and it's really important that you try to push yourself and lift heavier weight than what you're comfortable with this leg workout should take you about 45 minutes so time's a-wastin let's get started for the first superset we will be doing reverse lunges paired with the back squats with the reverse lunges you're going to start by loading a bar just like you would for your back squat standing feet together you're going to step one leg back and lunge down all the way until your knee almost touches the floor you're going to press straight up through your front Hill bringing your back foot forward standing into an upright position I recommend that you stay on one side until all reps are completed for that side and then switching to the other side and without racking your weight I want you to move right into the back squats your feet will be a little bit wider than shoulder-width apart you're going to squat down keeping your chest up your shoulders back and your core engaged through the entire lift for your second superset we will be doing the Bulgarian split squats with a plie squats again we're doing three sets and anywhere from six to ten reps and keep in mind again I want you to try to go a little bit heavier than what you're comfortable with putting the weight on your shoulders you're going to step back elevating your foot onto the bench behind you placing your shoelaces on the top of the bench and lunging down putting all your weight into that front extended foot pushing up through your heels really making sure you're contracting your glutes and your quads with every press up after completing all the reps on your one leg then you're going to transition into the other side it's really important that you make sure your stability and your balance is in check keeping your core tight the entire time moving right into the plie dumbbell squats you're going to grab the dumbbell using both hands and your feet are going to be much wider than shoulder-width apart your toes will be pointed out and your heels and toes both stay flat on the floor the entire lift you're going to squat down grabbing the dumbbell and fully extend really squeezing your glutes and your legs just like elevator doors closing moving into our third and final superset we will be doing cable kickbacks paired with cable lunge rows for the cable kickbacks you will need at least one ankle cuff you're going to begin by standing on one leg and the opposite leg that is attached to the cable machine you're going to extend back squeezing your glutes through the lift as soon as you've completed all the reps on one side switch to the other side I really like this exercise and in fact it's one of my favorites because it really isolates your glute muscles and you get three reps into it and you're already going to feel the burn so you know it's working again make sure that you're lifting with heavier weight you for the cable lounge rows you're going to start by taking three steps away from the cable machine so there's tension in the rope stepping into a lunge position the foot forward should be the opposite one of the hand holding the cable machine you're going to go down into a lunge and as you stand up you're going to perform a cable row I know this is a leg workout and although we're doing a row you're really not gonna be able to feel the road that much in your back but it's providing tension for whenever you go down into your lunge I would recommend incorporating this training into your split at least once a week the full breakdown of this workout is provided on the page below at if you would like more information about me or have questions you can find me on my body space at Ashley Horner or you can find me on my website at oles Rose your legs work hard now let's just take it over hallelujah you


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