Asheville chiropractor discusses natural supplements for Joint Health

here's another question that is commonly asked in the clinic what are the best supplements for joint health and I have a couple different ways to explain it first let's talk about wear and tear most commonly a joint is consisting of Highland cartilage and a cartilage is between two surfaces that go back and forth like this glucosamine sulfate is a very common supplement for this it helps repair that Highland cartilage between two surfaces there's also connective tissue around that joint which people will use msn MSM helps with the elastic component so when I'm bending my my wrist as it's got the balance right here MSM plays that they roll in that to give you more freedom of playing a joint and finally an inflammation support this is really important as people get older because as they get a small bit of inflammation around the joint we want to keep that as low as possible to stop the deep stiffness and some arthritic conditions that can go along with joint inflammation one supplement that I don't mind people using but I often don't recommend use chondroitin the reason I typically don't use chondroitin is because some people can be very stomach sensitive to it as well as men can have some difficulty with their prostate if they've had prostate issues of the past I hope this helps and we'll talk soon

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