so this is everything I bought on my shop so I went to ask there for this stuff and which isn't my first choice of shop not because of the brand because I really love estarán I love everything of it how and I find it have a really good selection just because our store is a little bit very P and like I just find people in that are really rude and it's always really busy with drive me and say umm so yeah I would normally get like and asked to shop online and get it delivered I usually would chase scoots like Tesco Sainsbury's just because again ours are just like a little bit nicer to shop around and if I'm gonna go food shopping which is tedious as is I want to make it as enjoyable as possible anyway I'm gonna get on and show you I thought i do use hello fresh for our main meals for most of our meals so most of this stuff isn't really dinner stuff for me and Scott some of it is for Harry so some of the things that he eats and a lot of it is like lunch things breakfast breakfast things and snacks and all that so I'm gonna start this thing because I've just sort of chucked everything that I've got for Harry snack wise here so I really like giving him pouches because he isn't a massive fruit or veg eater he is very very fussy so I find that if he has like a fruit pouch then I feel like at least he's had a little bit of something good so I really like these ones from piccolo this is the powerful purples and it's just got like a mixture of fruit and vegetable in there I also got the a Siddhas own little angels ones I know that these are like aimed at babies but my foiiowed really likes them and as I said he doesn't eat that much fruit or veg so at least he's having those and it's not as bad as having like a chocolate bar next up is a little bit because I would consider these like baby biscuits but Harry saw them in the shop and really wanted them so I think it's mainly because I bought Boudreau so I got them anyway I figured there's probably like less sugar and yes as there's no artificial flavors and colors I thought there'd be like a little bit less sugar than needs normal moated milk biscuits so we've got some rips breaks I really like these as a snack but I picked these in Harry's lunch box when he goes to his child minders they come in like these packs of like ten crackers in each or something and yeah they're really tasty this one's a little bit of a naughty snack and I wouldn't normally buy him anything like this but I had to take him along on the shopping trip and he saw the so I said that we could get them as a treat so yeah he'll be allowed a pack of those today maybe if he's good say in terms of like dinners and things I try and give Harry a lot of what we're having now he's getting a lot less fuss yeah but there are times when I know that he's not going to eat something that we've got so I thought I would try him on some of these little dish meals they looked really tasty this one is spaghetti and meatballs and we've got chicken risotto and then mould korma chicken I was they picked up at these Young's gastro crispy lemon and pepper fish billets these are actually for Harry as well he really likes fish billets like this he calls them chicken nuggets so I think he thinks he's eating chicken but obviously he's eating fish so I get him these and he really likes them I've also got a couple of these little pieces which I think just don't look very appetizing at all but I intend to add like some extra cheese extra ham and some veggies on top and he really likes those again it's just like a really easy midweek meal if he's not gonna eat what we're eating I also picked him up these little tilde rice packs he's really into rice lately and I love that they do these little kids ones and this is the vegetable and whole grain rice and we've got the mild carrot there are only really aimed at kids I think because the portion sizes are smaller which I like and some people probably wouldn't like it because they are the same price as like normal rice and you could just get normal rice but I just like that these are in those handy pouches that you can stick in the microwave and he likes to look at the packages of things so he'll see this and see it's got an elephant and a monkey on the front and think that it's fun so hopefully he's more likely to eat it I've got a couple of things for Scott and I so like I said we do get hello fresh from most of our meals but we do sometimes need something else so I've got these vegetable burgers I'm not sure what they're gonna be like they're just asked as own ones but I really like veggie burgers I don't put them in a bun like this I just would put a veggie burger on a plate with like some rice or some quinoa and some veggies or with a salad or something but yeah it's just something to go in the freezer for a day when we don't have any meal planned another thing for Harry is these crispy chicken breasts 100% chicken breast from bird's-eye they're just gonna make the batter he really likes these I just chopped them up into strips and serve them with whatever he wants to have it with also got some natural full greek-style yogurt i have read up a lot on full fat and non-fat and diet stuff and i am pretty sure that full fat yogurt is the best thing for you so that is what we eat and this is really for scott he has this after his main meal and with some nuts and fruit and honey and things like that in it to stop him from eating chocolate i've got some wild life tubes which are basically fruits but a bit cheaper they're like swiss hara doesn't squeeze yogurt so i don't know what your guys called about how he doesn't squeeze yogurts in house like one of these a day I've got some butter I'm actually thinking about switching my butter to dairy-free butter so let me know your favorite dairy free butter because I kind of fancy trying one we've got some more yogurts here our family at lover yogurt I just picked these up because they've got Monsters Inc on them so yeah that Asda zone – it got to raspberry and – strawberry like little petit fili I thought there are quite a good size for the price I think there are about 89 pH so we've got – lots of those I've got a pack of innocent smoothies again like I said Harry doesn't eat a lot of fruit or veg so I try and pack it in any way I can I know that these can be a bit sugar packed so I don't let him have one of these everyday this is like a bit of a special treat I randomly picked up some of these I don't know if they are even real checking off oh no it doesn't 100% chicken I don't really know if anyone's gonna eat these in my family I just thought that they look like they would be a good smack perhaps for us or for Harry anyway I'm not really sure I don't even know what they taste like let me know if they're good I've got some great some green grapes and some red gray got some milk here oh I also picked up a oat milk because I'm really into open milk at the moment but my other half will only have normal milk hence why we have normal milk and oat milk oh I'm really quite excited about these I picked these up in the frozen section they are three yellowfin tuna steaks and they were only three pounds so I go free quite a lot of tuna steaks I really really like it but I would only ever really buy them fresh I've never tried them frozen so I'm gonna give this a go it was a lot cheaper than I would normally pay I normally get them in weight trays and I think it's five pounds for two Phillips so three pounds for three Phillips is an amazing price so I'll let you know how they go we've got these Grey's protein bites the cocoa and vanilla squares these are one of them nicest bars I've ever tried they are so good I think that they are a lot better than eating a chocolate bar or something that's really full of fat say I would give these a go if you are on a bit of a health kick because we find them really good for when you need something sweet along those same lines I've got some naked bars these are Apple Danish I haven't tried this flavor but I thought I would buy these ones as they were on offer we've also got these Nature Valley nut butter almond sandwich biscuit type things which I think are a little bit naughty but I really like them and I might actually have one with a cup of tea in a minute so I picked up a bunch of these like snack pots which are a little bit like greys snacks but they were really cheap I think they were like $59 and he's always on the lookout for his next snack so I got him like a yoghurt through a nut mix we've got a variant almond mix chocolate orange mix yeah I think this you kind of get the picture biak what a ton of those so that they would be good for him but some beans hairy's really into beans I wish that they did cans or pots or something that were half this size because we only use like half or like a third of these at a time and I just feel like I'd waste so many beans some porridge oh it's here I go through these projects like there's no tomorrow I love that they're all so good Scott and I think this man looks relatively similar to Scott maybe not the muscles but the face yeah I go free porridge oats like this new camera and these are my absolute favorite I don't know why they spell porridge wrong because porridge isn't spelt like that they call it porridge yeah I really like these oats I like the really chunky thick sort of chewy ones yum yum yum I have my oats with peanut butter and that this Meridien coconut peanut butter is my absolute favorite and I go for you probably we'll go through this in a fortnight if not a we also bought some honey this is just basic rouse honey I bought this for Scott's yogurt I got some like household items this duck extra power faming bleach for as a toilet I've got some ibuprofen we've got some bubble bath here this is the simple baby moisturizing bath never used it it was on offer I thought I'd give it a go I've got these face wipes I know face wipes are horrendously bad for you but I do find that if I'm very very tired then I need to use a face wipe and then I will cleanse rather than doing the whole double cleanse and see yeah these are just for like those times we've got some kitchen foil and we've got some Tampax that I think we really need to talk about those oh and the last thing we've got as well as a little pile a forester on the floor is this Regina Blitz original kitchen roll tonight everything that I got on my grocery shop I hope you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you did let me know if you're like into these sort of videos I never really used to get grocery hoes but for some reason I find myself sucked into watching them so I thought I would film mine in case you were interested and if you wanted to know how much we spent today as though we spent a whopping a total of 89 pounds and 1110 so don't forget to like this video if you did like it and don't forget to subscribe either I would love to have more of you over here and I will see you next time bye


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