Arrow – All workout scenes (Season 1)

the city's police and DA can't stop it or well Laurel thinks she's the only one willing to bring him to justice she's wrong my name is Oliver Queen – my family I'm the brother and son and just returned home after being lost at sea five years ago they don't know I came back with a mission to bring justice to our city and they never can the men and women I've targeted are dangerous corrupt a virulent cancer Negi the rear hand giggles come on okay variable acceleration fighters working the same pace you put you up for your opponent off this game ah that was nice where'd you learn that his name is Yao Fei you give you those scars one of them and the others you know one of these days you're gonna be straight with me about what really happened on that island absolutely but not today Oliver your mom's nearly killed I think you can take the day off of training the mother wasn't the target I don't know the next Olympics are at but you might want to think about signing yourself up so you want to talk about last night okay last time you and I spoke you're on your way to stop Helena Bertinelli from her one-woman war against the Mafia how that work out for you Nick Salvati Frank Bertinelli's right hand was found with his neck snapped along with a few of his thugs was that her you I was with Helena what somebody jumped us we have a choice the people are gonna be killed she's lost Agel whether she knows it or not I can save her stop her from doing anything wrong that's just it you can't save her okay some people don't change can I can help her maybe you think you're more persuasive than you are well maybe she thinks she's fine the way she is on her mission of righteous fury whatever it is either way all of this it is badly either way I got a try nice picking up the pace you say the same thing about you cross three names off your father's list this week alone yeah some of these guys just getting up now probably to do his panties visit seem to vigilantes reputation it began to precede them oh another round No oh that's where the power comes from such as your arms even through the size of bowling balls lauralee good thing to fire didn't spread to down here it's one of the benefits of concrete and steel construction well all the guys working up top you might want to think about a side interest for your arrow cave just put one in South Holloway you might want to take it easy if you plan on take us all off their listener this is me taking it easy the trick is to keep your weight evenly distributed the trick was to avoid getting into fights for ohm or a runner why the sudden desire to work out what else is there to do we can try to think of another way off the island there is no other way if there was I would have found it we can't just sit here and wait for fires to come and kill us Klein to indict their client on charges stemming from the recent fire Michaels buildings John Nichol is one of the wealthiest real estate developers in Starling city he's also one of the dirtiest and that building that burned down last night wiring what's not up to code maybe you didn't know that I guess he also didn't know about the seven people who frozen to death and his other buildings over the past three years yeah he's a real man of the people not for long da ignores this this this this this feel better I'll feel better once we end Deadshot we have to end this guy before he makes any more widows otherwise we will Diggle will stop them I promise you


  1. Honestly so annoyed of the new seasons? Felicity is so annoying and nobody gives a shit about Oliver’s stupid ass son, just bring back the dark episodes where Oliver is by himself on his own mission

  2. what really pisses me off is that why do they skip the nutrition part of training in the movies… which is in fact more important than the training itself…
    we see our heroes drinking coffees and eating burgers, smoking cigarettes and chugging down alcohol and still… look like a greek god

  3. Season 1 was the best season in my opinion

  4. The feminist cast totally ruined the show

  5. 2019 still one of my favorite

  6. OMG

  7. We need more of this and less of felicity’s feelings

  8. Good training bro!

  9. 5:27 me after watching this video

  10. Loved it when Stephen (Oliver) was like narrating the first few episodes like it was so cool return this pls cw

  11. I missed it when they’re show his intense training in the show shit gets you motivated as hell.

  12. Reason these scenes died…he stopped training and lost all the muscles

  13. Who is He after now The show is gonna end next season?

  14. I want the old squad back Oliver Roy diggle felicity uh those were the days

  15. Thankyou, Stephen Amell and everyone at Arrow!
    This show changed me

  16. aşşşşşşşkkkkkkıııııııımmmmmssssııııııınnnnn <3

  17. Am i in the Felicity's dream?

  18. I like him when he killed the villains. He turned into something else, something more. A Big Ol Wuss…lol.

  19. Kind of motivation I need rn.
    A girl texts me and asks me if we can date. By the night she’s in a relationship with my friend.

  20. You are the best

  21. Meanwhile nearly every person watching this is probably lying on their bed eating popcorn and chip 😂😂😂

  22. Soft core gay porn

  23. 0:28 If I do that in my home my mom will kill me before I fight anyone LMAO

  24. Man everything has changed since season 1 till now season 7 brings a lot of these memories back

  25. 0:16 olivers dick

  26. There goes my heterosexuality

  27. I suddenly want to work out

  28. Anyone feel like going to the gym?

  29. There is no justice in your city Ollie there never will be it's a corrupt cancer that needs to be exterminated and destroyed

  30. And Oliver gave up,most of that working out in season 7.

  31. 1:13 they working at Mongolian barbeque?

  32. Is this actually Stephens YouTube channel?

  33. Dc heroes do a lot of hardwork….

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