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the no fake channel checking in on today's episode of Sunday supplement review I'm here to pump you up as I cover clinical labs pump enhancer I am dedicated to helping you dads and on this series I review a supplement every Sunday to help you dads decide if it is right for your fitness goals your health needs and most importantly that hard-earned money today from clinical lab supplements I have their newest formula pump enhancer in fact this hasn't been released yet if you're watching this video then it has just dropped it has just come out this just new if you're not familiar with clinical labs they have two products already out on the market galvanize and reconstruct I reviewed them I'll link them up here great products great company they do a lot of work in terms of putting their research in to the products they make they don't just make a ton of products and dump them on the market so I am extremely excited for their latest round of products that they are releasing and today we're going to be covering their pump enhancer what is the pump enhancer and why might you want to use one so all the pump products that are sold in the market today are just chock full of ingredients that improve blood flow help you get more blood to the muscle during training why would you want to use a pump enhancer if you want to get more blood flow to the muscles during training is the number one reason also if you workout at night and you don't want to do a high stimmt pre-workout you could do a pump enhancer get you that pump help you give you that motivation in the gym to get that training in but not have any problems going to bed at night also if you normally just just go to the gym and have a cup of coffee before you go to the gym and you just want to have something a little bit extra again to get you that pump give you that motivation get the blood flow into the muscles you would use a pump enhancer so what is in clinical labs pump and hand so let's just dive right in one serving is four pills four pills is one serving one container contains 30 serving so let's just write off the list here we go AG Mateen sulphate 1000 milligrams beet root extract 750 milligrams L no Valene 250 milligrams and black pepper fruit extract for absorption 10 milligrams pumped supplements typically come in two forms pills and powdered so the benefits of having a pill form are that it is easy to take right you don't have to actually mix any water and it's easier to carry you know if the Mixit bring around a tub of powder with you you can simply pack it and go and take it no problems with swallow it with just a little bit of water and you're good to go another benefit for these pill forms is that typically the pill forms are much much cheaper than the powdered forms now the powdered forms are going to kick in slightly quicker so maybe this would take 30 to 45 minutes to kick in whereas the powdered form typically kicks in in two twenty to thirty minutes again all depending on what's in your stomach also the powdered forms again they are more expensive but they do tend to put more pump ingredients because they are able to not have to wrap them up in a pill let's talk about cost obviously I never shy away from cost we actually dive headfirst into the shallow end of cost I talked to the guys over clinical app supplements and these are going to retail for $35 for 30 servings it's just over $1 per serving but you know we never pay retail if you use my code nove 24/7 you will get 10% off so your everyday price is going to be right around $1 per serving again one serving four pills 30 servings per container but clinical lab supplements like every other supplement company out there often runs promos whether it's buy one get one free buy one get one half off plus you can use that code nove 24/7 so there's always ways to save money and I would say that at the very most you should be paying for this is a dollar per serving most likely if you keep your head open and your head on a swivel you could probably get this for a lot lot less if it's something you're interested in so let's see if it works okay let's see if it can give my dad bought good pumps at the gym so here we go I got four pills here for reference that's your pill size it's actually fairly small so it's not like a horse pill you have to swallow we are going to bang out four of these pills I'm going to give it 30 minutes to kick in and I'm going to go out of the gym and get a good workout in I'll see you at the gym and just like that my workout is finally over clinical lab supplements pump enhancer delivered exactly as promised pumps now I am a perfect candidate to tell you how this worked why I am 37 going on 40 I have pale ass skin this is not this isn't my winter color this is my summer time color believe it or not okay don't adjust your screens I am that pale and I'm not on a calorie deficit I'm not on a cut I'm just on a maintenance body maintenance weight of simply dadbod so I'm just holding steady eating what I want and obviously if you're on a cut or a pure younger than I am if your workouts are harder than mine which wouldn't probably be saying much because I got those dad workouts you're probably going to see even better results even better pumps if you are interested in clinical lab supplements pump enhancer hey head over to clinical lab supplements calm use that code no Fay 24/7 I don't get a kickback whatsoever I'm trying to talk them into helping me do a giveaway from my subscribers so I'm using that code just lets them know that I sent you if you can find a better code if they're running a better offer hey use that code use that offer oftentimes I will share their seasonal sales on my Instagram account if you're not an Instagram subscriber no Fay 24/7 at Instagram boom hit hit me up hit the follow button and be aware of the sales as they come through because they do run some really crazy sales usually they're very short-lived like two or three days so you've got to be aware of them and you've got to take advantage of them when they pop up if you came this far in the if you came this far in the video I want to know in the comments below have you ever used a pump product do you like pump products or is that something that you can't be bothered with hey drop it in the comments below and if you've come this far in the video you who know what to do give it a like hit that subscribe button we'll hang that notification bell as usual thanks for watching and don't save anything for the trip back I am dedicated to helping you dad be great parents to your children and still accomplish your own personal goals I post tips and trick to save you dads time energy and money three things that are in short supply for every dad out there

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  1. I do take a pump product once in a while, I don't really think is necessary but I love having a nice pump while lifting

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