– [Presenter] This week, Will
Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio team up to help the Amazon,
Lush is shutting down stores for the climate, and Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his vegan fridge staples. All this on more on LiveKindly’s
“Weekly Vegan News.” If you’re new to our
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like and comment below. Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and
Will Smith are on a mission to save the Amazon with sneakers. Smith’s eco-friendly
water company, JUST Water, which he runs with his son Jaden– – Biggest feat that we have
for me is when we switched the cap and shoulders to
being plant-based plastic. – [Presenter] Teamed up with Allbirds, an environmentally-friendly
footwear brand. Together, JUST Water and
Allbirds released two new limited edition sneakers:
Tree Runners and Tree Toppers. All proceeds from the
shoes will be donated to DiCaprio’s Amazon Forest Fund. DiCaprio’s environmental
non-profit Earth Alliance recently set up the
Emergency Amazon Forest Fund in response to the news of
devastating fires raging across the rainforest. The Amazon supplies six
percent of the planet’s oxygen. It is home to more than one
million indigenous people and half the world’s
estimated 10 million species of animals, plants, and insects. “There is only one mother earth, “and it’s on us to protect
her,” Smith said in a statement. The Brazilian Amazon,
our largest carbon sink, has now been burning for a month. DiCaprio, who is also
an Allbirds investor, has been vocal about the
Amazon fires, even asking his 35 million Instagram
followers to ditch beef, as cattle farming is
one of the key drivers of Amazon deforestation. “These are not wildfires,
but rather fires set “by people seeking to
create cattle ranches, “intentionally ignited during
the dry season each year,” said Ane Alencar, the scientific
director of Brazilian NGO, Institute of Environmental
Research in Amazonia. They cut the trees, leave
the wood to dry, and later put fire to it so that the
ashes can fertilize the soil. Vegan Nation, a vegan Israeli
company that launched its own cryptocurrency last year,
is also making moves to help the Amazon; it
bought 15 thousand acres of rainforest on a 10-year lease. Vegan Nation will open its land to preservation groups and activists, ensuring that no animals
are intentionally harmed. It will ensure the land
is free from exploitation. Even the Brazilian
government will be unable to cut down trees there. “The Amazon Rainforest
might be located in Brazil, “but its destruction affects us all,” said Vegan Nation’s CEO and
co-founder Isaac Thomas. Climate change is a direct
result of human activity, and it’s in our hands to fight it. Coming up: Arnold Schwarzenegger shares His vegan fridge staples. (laid-back electronic music) Coming soon: apparel by LiveKindly. Sign up using the link in the description to get 10% off your first order. Trump’s new dietary guidelines
favor the meat industry. The Trump administration
is limiting the range of topics addressed by the
2020 guidelines for Americans. This could mean the
exclusion of research related to meat, health, and sustainability. The sidelining of scientific
input has raised concerns over industry influence
on the federal government, particularly because of the
Department of Agriculture’s role in dictating what can
and can’t be addressed. The 2015 dietary guidelines
for Americans highlighted that a plant-based diet is both good for health and the environment. A study funded by the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation revealed that meat
consumption may be responsible for more deaths than tobacco. Dr. Ashkan Afshin, co-author of the study and an assistant professor
of health metrics science at the University of Washington
said poor dietary habits, which is a combination of high
intake of unhealthy foods, such as red meat, processed meat, and sugar-sweetened beverages,
and a low intake of healthy foods such
as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and seeds,
overall causes more deaths than any other risk factors globally. Animal agriculture is also one of the top contributors to climate change. David Katz, director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center told the Washington Post, “veiled
organizations representing “the interests of beef, dairy
and Big Food are pretending “to use science to argue
against the actual science and “to expunge key recommendations. “Of course sustainability
should be included. “Of course we need to eat less meat.” Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty much 99% vegan now. The former champion
bodybuilder and governor of California recently
appeared on the Men’s Health “Gym and Fridge” YouTube
series to show fans what his diet and exercise
regimen looks like. Schwarzenegger’s office
refrigerator is stocked with vegetables and fruit, his go-to snack for when it’s hot is cut-up watermelons. – My favorite things to, when it gets hot, I have watermelons, cut-up watermelons. – [Presenter] The fridge also contains plant-based ground beef by Beyond Meat. For protein, the “Terminator”
star turns to smoothies made with Califia Farms almond milk, tart cherry juice and banana. When asked about his typical
diet, Schwarzenegger revealed that he is now health-conscious, and that he wasn’t always this way. He used to eat 10-15 eggs
a day and a lot of meat, he revealed in a promotional video for the “Game Changers”
documentary on vegan athletes. “Now I eat more oatmeal
and greens and vegetables “and healthy foods,” the
72-year-old told Men’s Health. – And healthy foods, stay
away more from the meats and more from animal
products and animal proteins, because there was this
misconception it’s the only way to get big and strong,
so now I backed off that, and I feel much better
by (mumbles) greens. – [Presenter] He doesn’t
dislike many foods except for cow’s milk. – I would say that I hate cow’s milk. I think almond milk is much better. – [Presenter] Schwarzenegger
is an executive producer of “The Game Changers” alongside
James Cameron, Jackie Chan and Formula One race car
driver, Lewis Hamilton. The film debunks the myth that
athletes need meat to excel. Schwarzenegger revealed
his cholesterol dropped to around 109 after
ditching animal products. – It was the lowest that it ever was in my entire life, at almost 69. – [Presenter] Lush is closing its doors to protest the climate crisis. The cruelty-free cosmetics
company is joining forces with 16-year-old vegan
environmentalist Greta Thunberg to rally for change. On September 20th in the U.S.
and September 27th in Canada, Lush North America will
close down its 250 shops. It will also shut its headquarters,
manufacturing facilities and eCommerce to join a climate strike led by Thunberg in New York City. – I’m urging all of you to take part in the global climate strikes
on September 20th and 27th. (audience applauds) – [Presenter] Thunberg
founded #FridaysForFuture. The movement began in August 2018, after the then 15-year-old sat in front of the Swedish Parliament every
school day for three weeks. The teen was protesting
against the inaction of the government on the climate crisis. – We listen to the current
best available United science, it’s just something
that everyone should do. – [Presenter] Her actions
sparked a global movement, and Thunberg now protests
alongside students around the world every Friday. Lush is encouraging its more
than five thousand employees and millions of followers
to take to the streets to join the campaign. The shutdown is hugely
significant for the company, the brand explained. It is in the quarter leading
up to its busiest time of year. However, the president and
CEO of Lush North America, Mark Wolverton, wanted to ensure
employee voices are heard. Coming up: Cambridge University lowered its carbon emissions by
cutting beef from the menu. Filmmaker James Cameron had choice words for the public about climate change. In an interview with
Variety, Cameron said, “people need to wake the (beep) up. “We’re going the wrong
direction as fast as possible. “I like to say we’re
like Thelma and Louise,” he continued, “we’re driving
straight toward the canyon “at 90 miles per hour
with the radio cranked up “and the top down.” – People think, oh well, if it’s warmer I just won’t wear my jumper,
you know, and if the ice melts, those penguins are sure
damn cute, and I’d hate to see them die out, but
it’s not going to affect me. I think you’re missing the big picture. – [Presenter] The “Game
Changers” producer believes there are many ways people can help to turn that speeding car around. Changing their diet to plant-based is at the top of the list. It’s the lifestyle change the
Camerons have focused most of their efforts on encouraging. “We felt that food was one
of the least well-served, “least understood, and one of
the biggest, most important “ways that we could affect
change,” he explained. Four countries have united to form the Vegan World Alliance, AKA the VWA. The group aims to promote
vegan values on a global scale. The VWA consists of four activist groups: the Dutch Association for Veganism, the Vegan Society of
Aotearoa in New Zealand, the Vegan Society of
Canada and Vegan Australia. One of the first initiatives is a standard for food labeled suitable for vegans. According to the VWA, many countries have no legal definition
of what vegan food is. A uniform certification would be used by all alliance members and would provide concrete rules for
manufacturers to adhere to. The VWA envisions a world
where animals are valued as individuals; it believes
that animals should not be used for food, clothing, entertainment, or in other areas where
their bodies are commodified. The newly formed VWA will first focus on building the framework necessary to bring its vision to life. Other efforts include
sharing research, resources and outreach programs,
running joint campaigns and facilitating cooperation
between vegan organizations. Cambridge University cut
its greenhouse gas emissions by 33% after ditching red meat. The leading UK-based institution announced the menu update in 2016 as part of its sustainable food policy. Beef and lamb were replaced
with plant-based food instead. The University’s catering
team, which caters for 14 locations across Cambridge’s campus and more than 1,500 events a
year, released a report showing that the move helped
Cambridge cut carbon emissions by 33%, despite an increase in the amount of food being purchased. Their report, called “Our
Sustainable Food Journey,” said the University reduced its
carbon emissions by 10.5%. It also showed a 33%
reduction in carbon emissions per kilogram of food
purchased, and a 28% reduction in the amount of land
use per kilogram of food. University chefs received
plant-based cooking classes following the change. The vegan and vegetarian
options are advertised in a way that encourages
students to purchase them instead of the remaining meat options. Head of the University
catering service, Nick White, said the switch has been
absolutely the right thing to do. He explained, “sustainability
is extremely important “to our students and staff,
and we wanted to ensure “that we were not only
responding to their needs “but pushing what was considered possible “in a catering environment.” Taco Bell launched vegetarian
menu boards nationwide, featuring new menu items
and vegan-friendly options. The Mexican-inspired fast
food chain initially tried the new meat-free menu at
a store in Dallas, Texas. Its success led to the nationwide
launch earlier this month. Taco Bell’s new veggie menus
features new meat-free items such as the black bean Crunchwrap Supreme and black bean Quesarito. – Really good flavor, you can
really taste the black beans. The rice gives it just
a little more texture. – [Presenter] It will also
feature long-term favorites, including the seven-layer burrito and the bean soft taco supreme. The classic bean burrito
has been a menu staple for over 50 years and is Taco
Bell’s second-best-selling item. There are 13 AVA-certified menu items and 36 certified vegetarian ingredients. 26 of those ingredients are vegan. The fast food chain
added “make it meatless” to its apps and website to help customers make ingredient substitutions. It also has a how-to-eat-vegan guide to make custom-ordering easier. The chain sells 350 million
veggie items per year, and says that about seven percent of
all orders are vegetarian. That’s it for today. What do you think of Arnold
Schwarzenegger’s diet change? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next week for LiveKindly’s “Weekly Vegan News.”


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  94. Where are you getting your weird pronunciation of Thunberg? She's Swedish, not French. It's "Thoon'-berg," not what your saying.

  95. All of this depends on the truth that life is most important. However, the people we have been trying to help are not being told about the truth of the importance of life and why it is a real thing. I have tried to help you all with this cause again, but you all seem to miss the point that they don't honestly value life in the first place with any level of understanding. They do it intrinsically when they drive on the correct side of the road, not because they understand the logic of it all. If you don't tell people "Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life" and explain it, then by the time they pay attention all life here will be lost and that will be your fault for gambling all life on an opinion you cannot substantiate

  96. We share 96% of the same DNA as chimps and they eat a 98% plant based diet and 2% insects or stealing a egg etc. So maybe the ideal diet for us is not that far off from that? A few bugs never killed anyone(except bugs) i guess.

    All of us who branched apart but are from the Human/primate tree branch in evolution have a similar digestive system. Chimps have the longest intestines and eats a lot of raw starch while Gorillas have the shortest and eat mostly softer leaves(Gorillas are about 97% plant based, 3% bugs).
    We are in the middle and our staples have for as long as we know been cooked starches(potatos,rice etc). Which is what the newest theories about our brain growth revolve around since meat has been debunked as the cause by nutritional science around what feeds the brain(its not protein and fat in meats,its glucose from starch which our brain uses 20% of), along with it being a highly flawed theory since we need to be already pretty smart to make hunting gear.

    Anyway, if we want any type of meat in our diet, our ratio against plant food should for sure be similar to our relatives based on health statistics and evolution etc.

  97. I dont believe will smith because he was happy that Jaden started to eat meat again in an interview. Hes an actor too dont forget

  98. H e added a whole egg still in its shell to his smoothie and said he does that all the time but your video missed that bit out and he also had a bowl full of eggs in the fridge , he also said his staff often bring steak up to his office because they want to be big and strong like him . I kind of feel a bit cheated by this part of your video .

  99. Fuck vegans

  100. Arnold Schwarzenegger still eats fish, steak and eggs, he is not 99% vegan stop lying.

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