Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Rock – Jay Cutler – Ronie Coleman – Phil Heath – Entrenamiento ( Gym)


  1. Coleman >>>>> ALL

  2. hes always been like a complete idiot and moron to me with his retardet "yeeah budddyyyy"…i dont care how many times he won mr.O, hes an idiot to me. And it fits the picture that hes selling "fat-melt-lotion" for lean abs now. He should have learned how to train in an effective way without crippling yourself from Lee haney maybe…

  3. Arnold pure legend. He turned and made the dream into reality. Will always be king for eternity. ✊ respect

  4. When you see Arnold, you see a Mr. UNIVERSE who has given birth to a dream. Arnold is the most handsome and succesful man in the world. He is a legend!

  5. The Rock??? Are you fucking kidding????

  6. I love rock sir

  7. No world for Arnold 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻all are legends 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  8. i love ronnie but i love more the uncle mustache always standing behind ronnie to give a hand.

  9. Coleman is stronger than all

  10. Arnold war und ist einfach der beste!

  11. 3:29 parece pornô GAY kkkkkk

  12. What does dwayne johnson talk all the time? I did not understand

  13. yeah just steroidoman fucking junkie it's not athlète

  14. Even that I liked more the the physiques types of the arnolds era , de cant Denied that Ronnie is by far the most powerful bodybuilder everr!!! That guy trained Like a motherfucking beast!!!!!

  15. Great!

  16. jay cutler n estica o braço aí ficou com bíceps curto

  17. Ronie sir is body builder of king…..💪💪💪

  18. Alguém aí sabe o nome da música que toca na parte de arnold?

  19. Arnold é o físico mais show hoje os caras parecem barrigudos perto dele. E naquela época não tinha tanta ciência.

  20. Is it me or did Ronnie Colman just leg press 2300 Pounds? I'm speechless

  21. The Rock looks so small in this video. Does he ever training? LOL

  22. The incridible Arnold! Imagine a Arnold of the present enjoying the science, techniques, technology and food supplementation that is offered today. All conditioned upon the tremendous claw and willpower you have used in the past. In my opinion it would be a phenomenon today just as it was before in the past.

  23. Der Song von Arnie ist Human Legacy , Ivan Torrent

  24. roni colman 🔝🔝

  25. Cutler sucks, those little weights almost looks to heavy for him.😂😂😂😂😂

  26. 80% of this video = biceps workout.. 🤔

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