Arnold Schwarzenegger Gym Training In 2019 – Still Working Out Strong At 71 Years Old

before after what a difference it makes what he is thinking about that I love this is just like a fitness pata but we do pull-ups sit-ups somewhat biking rowing and how we do it I'm telling you with the amount of English needs to lead we need to just work that for two hours a day to be even and then we're gonna start the real work out I love it you but it's magic you


  1. I hope he will stay very long with us❤️

  2. Always seemed like a nice guy, not a phony like so many other celebs, or am I wrong?

  3. I think Bodybuilders go through more pain ageing then anyone… To see your years of dedication and hard work just fade away no matter what you do.. Its so depressing.

  4. Arnold will be buried with Big guns still

  5. You don't even have to say his last name. When you say "Arnold" everyone knows who you are talking about.

  6. King Arnold and Prince ronnie

  7. Arnold still looks great 👍 and he has a awesome hairpiece as well ⚡️

  8. Porque ele ficou tao magro quando envelheceu

  9. This is a guy that has been at the top and has nothing more to prove to anyone, yet he keeps working to better himself and take the time to show that he loves living and beening healthy. You have to respect that!

  10. Naja

  11. He was the best there ever was.

  12. Let me dream a little but I think Arnie would be able to build out a similar body like he had back in the day. He just would need to focus on it again and make bodybuilding the center of his life again. Who knows, maybe he would win another Mr Olympia 😉 God, I would love to see that!

  13. No actor 2019 can beat Arnold 1979

  14. Du hättest immer im Training sein sollen, dann würdest du immer noch Top aussehen, und nicht deinen schwanz in jede hässliche alte rein stecken. LG der Kasperl

  15. King of steroids

  16. How you don’t like him?

  17. I'd kill for those 71-year-old peaks on those biceps.

  18. Life is just a dream.

  19. – "There is no magic pill"… Sure Arnold. All Natural….

  20. Arnold always looked rather slim when he wasn’t pumped, then everything would double in size with a pump. Education of a Bodybuilder changed my life really. He taught me discipline and diet and I thank him for that. Father time is a bloody wanker.

  21. God bless you , Mr. Arnold ! <3

  22. Дай Бог здоровья.

  23. The Goat …

  24. I like ARNOLD
    who do you like?

  25. I don't know why but seeing Arnie age is so depressing 😕 I love him so much. Such a genuine guy!

  26. Арнольд- эталон Силы!!! Здоровья тебе!

  27. Legend never dies

  28. Now they just trying to look like the hulk and saying all they do is train, eat and drink protein shake 🧐

  29. The word Legend is a word that is totally misused today for people who are absolute Not. Arnie however is someone who has inspired me from the age of 7, I am now 54…. Nothings changed. This is what I call a Legend… Unlike his acting….. No that's definitely not lol 😂

  30. With love from Russia

  31. What’s your excuse?

  32. Don`t shave anymore arnold.

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