Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) attempt #1

so today we're going to do the army physical fitness test also known as the APFT so there are three core elements to the army physical fitness test one you're going to do two minutes of push-ups – we're going to do two minutes and sit-ups and the two-mile run but there are actual specific qualifications as to how you do it to make sure that you can actually pass the test so put the sit up portion of this test some things you might need to know that might disqualify you you want to always have your hands interlocked behind your back at all times you want to start in a position with your head off flat on the ground when you come up you want to come up to your knees as you come back down you want to make sure the back of your shoulder blades hit the ground if you need to rest at any point during this test must rest at the top of the wrap add your knees whole and do as many as you can within two minutes for the push-up portion of the test a few things you might want to know that to disqualify you are want to keep all four your limbs on the ground at all times lifting up your leg or your arm at any time was an automatic disqualification if you want to rest you can get into the downward dog position and hold when I keep your back straight and performing push-ups come down almost touching the ground come back up keep your back as straight as possible again but stopping lifting any part of your body off the ground or putting your knees on the ground to rest it's an automatic disqualification push-ups sit-ups two-mile run I failed on the sit-ups daily patch the push-ups and the two-mile run was just it's way more mental than anything I do 20 minutes two-mile run


  1. I can do only 1 pushup in 3minta…plz guide me what should I do

  2. i can do 55 pushups, 55 sit ups, and 2 miles in about 17 min. Im trying to find a way to increase my endurance so i can run better, any advice?

  3. so annoying how there's always different amounts required by every source I asked, this say 42 push ups at least, a sergeant said 18, Google says 35, and a friend said 50, another friend said 60

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