ARMS WORKOUT – 1 Inch Gains in 1 Hour!

it's time for our beginning one inch one hour is it possible but I think you're right we're gonna need some this is definitely a pre-workout it's like the viagra for the arms these arms are gonna be hard but consult your doctor of your arms they pump for over six hours let's do it no one likes to measure their arms in their classes but let's take this video we're gonna have to because we're showing the pre pump size let's see oh there we go just under 19 I'm gonna say 17 I'm gonna get bigger feet here let me give a little warm-up and the biceps and triceps we're you do a compound movement where you underhand pull-ups here and we're not gonna get the full motion full range of motion we're just gonna try to come straight on the biceps so instead of really concentrating on pulling with your back we're gonna do is really focus on pulling with your arms and stopping just about where the upper and lower arm is about 90 degree angle there and get a nice squeezing the biceps for ya and jump right into close grip push-ups bull and I squeeze the triceps he looks at my clock out real squeeze the triceps have we be doing some super setting as you can tell you really get that flushing method we're doing two opposing muscle groups here triceps biceps push-pull and really forcing his much blood in there it's possible he's all about the sizing that's really when you're going for that our club especially with the goal of one inch arm of hump you can't forget the triceps cuz they compose two-thirds of the arm so even though the biceps it's a lot more visual you can't forget the neck we're the big guys I should say under than isolations one of the best ways for a pump is isolating the muscle group in this case doing triceps it's going to be going with the extension of the elbow here Rho cubed so you can extend and then slightly pull apart really good squeeze of course we got super set it continuing that flushing method is much blood in there as possible one good way of doing that the Super Six well yeah the our master named it for a reason because it definitely blacks your arms and means your arms with about twice the size to already feel free pumped I think we ringing it out hit with that one inch no problem if you have an experience the bicep tricep pump we'd wait for the now's the time you gotta give this shot okay it's a spiritual experience through buses oh yeah feeling pump time to get a superset but with only triceps from one tricep exercise to the next we're gonna be doing the French press to see the spread French presses right into cross finished it's so nice stretching that long head of the tricep right into that good full extension with the bench dips here that stretch can extend and you don't have to walk out on these oh yeah good thing is like people make the mistake doing the cross bench dips and feel like they have to go yeah I'm really far the farther down the better which that's not the case especially this one because I can put unnecessary strain on that shoulder boy so what you want to do is just come down you step up a 90 degree angle or about a 90 degree angle between the upper lower arm and then give that full extension and squeeze the top because that full extension is gonna be attracting the tricep it'll be the most beneficial part of the motion of this exercise and of course we're doing the opposite with the French presses we're contouring on the stretch part and then not going to pull extension or walk a line so it's really good pairing these two yeah no it's starting to do good one it's hard to even flat when you flex it you're feeling like damn even though if I could do it is too much too much pause there is such thing as too much pause it's all about riding that liner facted busting out biceps and we're gonna be doing the barbell curls one of the best isolation exercise for the biceps in our opinion we're going to switch things up a little bit we really starting with a wide grip hitting five repetitions go to a medium grip five more repetitions and don't go into a close grip must not the rest five more repetitions fifteen reps total and this can tell them this workout it's high-volume short rest times really just pumping that much blood to the muscles as possible not really worrying about heavy weights and like that mainly just getting that as much activation the muscles and again getting that blood flow I think these are final two exercises so we've got a mini camel because afterwards it's a moment of truth [Applause] so I started I'm gonna say it was about seven I think I said seventeen a half but I think it's about seventeen three quarters you know if there's one simple way you want to inflate your ego just do a bicep and tricep pump because there's no better feeling but you know here's the sad part now over about the next hour I'm just gonna continue to deflate come on post a who's gonna walk around flexing like this stay and then when all else fails just throw on an arm blaster the push-up bra the biceps let's see mission accomplished whoa we still got it well dudes are still buff especially Nevin on fuck yeah


  1. Duuuuudes! Took a little break as we're trying to wrap up another project and also some life stuff but we're BACK. Enjoy the beard because after this begins the ROAD TO RECOVERY series. Goodbye beard, hello road to becoming a Buff Dude again. SEE YOU THEN! YATS FFUB.

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  6. 07:45 – 08:10 Looks like George in Rampage

  7. Athlean X says the pull ups don't count since you don't hang at the end of every rep. He says it leads to potential muscle imbalances which lead to injury over time. What is your professional take on this fascinating topic?

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  12. Today my mum asked if I was gay after I watched this and went downstairs..

  13. very funny video! Bustin' those biceps. Towards the end of the video it felt like ASMR, with headphones on, hearing you guys breath in the camera.

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  17. I saw an article in a bodybuilding magazine that had a 6 hour workout for a guaranteed to add 1 inch to your arms.

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    and I just replied "cause it's effing buff dudes".

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