Arm Day with Trick2g


  1. does the PT even know he has legs?

  2. Trick I'm glad to see you in the gym, but your trainer has no fucking clue what he's talking about if he's making you do low weight high rep hypertrophy exercises when you're starting to lift. I didn't see one single compound movement (the things that make naturals bigger and stronger) this entire video. Your trainer, who I'm 70% sure is not natural, is showing you exercises HE does because you actually can build size from doing those exercises IF you pin roids

  3. Your trainer looks like a wimp lol. Guy prolly benches like 495 😂 what a joke

  4. This monkey never does legs, only arms it seems

  5. wtf, if u ever want some actual progression send me a pm

  6. You can train all you want, but if you dont eat enough you wont gain

  7. Aim to find a program that hits your muscles atleast 2x a week for maximum frequency.

    Also nice job keeping your form good as a beginner

  8. Hey Tick2g!

    I think what you're doing is really beneficial and important for the gaming community as it motivates others to train, I wish others could follow your exampel!

    However, I do believe it is important to note that as most people who get into working out want to build a better physique (gain larger muscle mass) and the way of training you are performing is not the fastest route for a beginner, it is adapted more for an intermediate/advanced lifter.

    A study by Schoenfeld and colleagues ( says that " Training each muscle at least 2x/week results in significantly greater muscle growth than training each muscle just once per week as you do in a bro-split." (bro-split meaning taking one muscle group at a time). However, it is important to note that the study also says that this strategy of training is not viable for long, it should be later replaced by a upper-/lowerbody workout as splitting the body in to two parts will allow you to add more volume as the muscles will have gotten use to the volume from the full body workout. Finally after more progression what is generally recommended would be a push-/,pull- and legday or a variant of somesort as this yet again will allow you to but extra volume into your workouts as the body is now split up into three groups. This last stage is very much like what you are training now, but again, is better for an intermediate/advanced lifter.

    I hope this is somewhat coherant as English is not my primary language, other than that I also hope this did not come across as pretentious or rude, I simply tried to help!

    Regards – David

  9. Make sure you sleep enough bro

  10. never thought i would see trick wearing BITCH MITTENS

  11. You don't train shoulder?

  12. lose arm day and stick with full body or upper lower..

  13. Every day you go to the gym is already a victory in itself. The more time you spend working out and the more you educate yourself on weightlifting, programming and nutrition you'll start seeing changes and that in itself motivates you even more. If something doesn't work for you just do something else, the more you get that mind muscle connection going in time, those older exercises will work for you also.

    Also if you hate doing core, get stronger at pull ups so you can do hanging core work which is usually more interesting that situps and shit.

  14. He right look at his trainer he's doing it right, all you little kids not even go to the gym omegaLUL

  15. Hey man i wanna see some heavy lifts baby like how you carry those heavy fucking players cmon trick step it up!!!

  16. Dude start to squat and deadlift you are small af you kill your Potential With "arm days" do some research !!!! Dont do these fking bro splits you are small af so the 3 Main Lifts and you are good

  17. i hope u r doing daily pics and u ll create 1year transformation 😀

  18. Gloves 😂😂😂

  19. Next Mr.Olympia winner!! Show us roidrage

  20. If ur new to training you should do whole body workouts 3 times a week not the bro science program ?

  21. Stop training muscle x1 week start x2 after this 3 and do squat bench press and deadlift

  22. Alright! Keep it up man!

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