Are You Marching Towards Optimal Health?

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Income Disclosure Statement for statistics on actual
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Plan which differs from the International Compensation Plan. Yours in health, the OPTAVIA team. All right, guys, well
we’re gonna get started with our presentation tonight. My name is Craig Blanchette and I will be your host tonight. The topic for tonight is “Are You Marching “Towards Optimal Health?” A little play on words there. We have the month of March and we’re marching towards health. To give you a little bit
about, a little background, a little bit of my
story, I’ve been working with OPTAVIA for about ten years. Interestingly enough, only
about six months of that was where I was focused on weight loss. The rest of this time has been focusing on life transformation, life of transformation. In this picture you see
here, I actually was born with a birth defect and so I actually have really short legs. You probably couldn’t tell
because I probably look as tall as anybody else
does on video camera, but one of the things that
I, it’s important to me is not only to have a healthy
body that can do things but in addition to that have a lifestyle that allows me to what I
call have more “yes days.” And what I would consider a “yes day” is a day when you get a call for adventure and not only do you
have the body to say yes to that adventure but
you have the lifestyle, the finances, the whole
thing where you can say yes when adventure comes calling. And so, I’ll be your host
tonight and I’m excited to share with you a little bit. We have a poll here for
those that are joining us and we want to know what
answer best describes you. Are you a Coach? Are you a Client or are
you a guest tonight? So, go ahead and vote in the poll here. I’m gonna vote as well. And there we go. And we will move on with our, the rest of it. So, today we’re gonna be talking about, a little bit about the Habits of Health Transformational System
and this is where the data, really the process of
how OPTAVIA does far more than simply help your
waistline get smaller for a temporary period of time. We don’t want to have
temporary results here. We want to have lifelong transformation. Part of that usually begins
with a physical transformation but if it stops there
you’re missing so much of what OPTAVIA has to offer. And so, we use a transformation system and that includes a LifeBook
which is essentially, what I look at the LifeBook as, it’s a detector of vacancies. It’s you go through this LifeBook. It takes about a year to complete it. And what you’re doing
is you’re going through, looking at your life and you’re
finding the missing pieces that are keeping you from the
life that you want to live. And so, as you work through this LifeBook there’ll be pieces that
are installed and are there but there’ll be pieces that are missing. And the LifeBook will showcase those kinds of things so that they don’t have to
continue missing in the future. You fill in those gaps. We also have our amazing app. And this app is a microHabit
installation tool. A lot of people have said
this app is different. Look, it works different than
other apps that I’ve used. This is not a calorie-tracking app. This is not an app that
tracks your exercise. There’s other apps for those kind of micro, mechanical details. This app is designed
to work in conjunction with the LifeBook and
the Habits of Health book to be able to actually
install these microHabits that lead to MacroHabits that allow you to accomplish goals in your life. And of course the Habits
of Health book there, that is a reference
guide that we refer to. A lot of information in
there and so we have that as our volume of information
that we refer to. So, that is the Transformational System. And one of the things that
I like most about that is that it’s a system that’s
been well thought through so we don’t produce one-off. We don’t want one-off results. We want consistent,
repeatable, dependable results where no matter who joins this program, they plug in, they move
along and they can have a transformation in their life. Let’s see, oh, look at this. We have a little graphic. This is a little bit about the App and this app has actually
worked really well. I know I’ve used it. I continue to use it to install
these particular habits. Our agenda tonight is
we’re gonna be covering the mindset that you,
that’s necessary to march towards optimal health. The skillset and mindset is
really having a clear vision of what optimal health and
wellbeing looks like for you. If you are not clear on what you want, you can’t be compelled to do the things necessary to build, to
actually experience it. We’re also gonna, mindset’s one thing. We also need some skillsets. There’s the some things you
know and there’s some things you don’t know, and there’s
this building of these skills. And then when you have your
mindset and your skillset in place, if you don’t take
action nothing changes. So, action is also necessary,
specific actions actually to take you, to take,
to keep you on the path toward optimal health and wellbeing. Because nobody wants, raise your hand, and hopefully nobody’s gonna
raise their hand right now. Raise the hand if you would
like temporary success. Right, I’ve talked to
many people and I say, “Well, you’ve lost
weight lots in the past. “You’ve become healthier in the past “and then you lost your health again.” And I ask people sometimes,
“How soon after you lose “your weight do you want to gain it back?” And nobody says, “Right away.” They always say, “No, I
want to keep my weight off.” Good, well, you’ve come
to the right place. Let’s get that weight off and
stop worrying about weight. Let’s focus on living
our life to the fullest and being available for those adventures, building more “yes days” in our life. So, did you know that March
is National Nutrition Month? I don’t know if you knew that but it is. This is the campaign celebrated each year during the month of March and it focuses on the importance of making
informed food choices and developing sound eating
and physical activity habits. So, you might not realize that but that’s what March is all about. We’re gonna talk a
little bit about mindset. And so, when you think about mindset, what does optimal health and
wellbeing look like to you? If you don’t have a clear
picture, it’s important that you get clarity, really important. There’s an idea, and
Dr. A talks about this. He talks about a compelling reason. When you’re compelled to do something, it’s as if you can’t not do it. I know that’s a double
negative, but it’s like you’re compelled to do it. You have a compulsion,
like you must do it. A lot of times we think
of compulsions as things that are related to bad
habits or maybe vices. But what if you had a
compulsion towards wanting to live in a specific body
so bad that you are just, you just could not do it? Well, the thing that needs
to happen before that is you need to get really
clear on what that is. As you become clear, you
will develop this compulsion that it’s just gonna happen. And so, really important that. So, we’re gonna take another poll here. What is your biggest barrier to achieving your health goals? Let’s bring up that poll. All right, we’re all gonna vote here. Make sure we’ll give about 20 seconds for everybody here to vote. This is gonna be fun. Make sure if you’re
away from your computer you run back and you vote
because we got a poll and we want to hear
from all of you tonight. All right, why don’t we
go ahead and bring up the results for that poll? Excellent, so here’s the result. Real interesting, for those of you, some of you are listening
actually on podcast so you don’t see these polls. So, we’re gonna go over it. Your options, all of our options were, first of all the question. What is your biggest barrier to achieving your health goals? And the options were accountability, confidence, time
commitment or being clear. And the thing that actually, the answer that won the day is accountability. 38% people said that their biggest barrier is accountability. And I wonder, so thanks
for bringing that poll up. I wonder when we think about that reality of actually being clear
and I wonder how we think about the reality of accountability. And I know I’ve talked,
one of my mentors, Terri, Terri Miller, and I’m sure many of you have heard her name. She said, “There’s a difference
between being accountable to “and being accountable for.” And I thought about this a lot. When someone comes to you and says, “Will you hold me accountable?” I often tell people no and
that may seem kind of weird when you think about that. I don’t want to hold somebody accountable like I’m forcing them to do something. On the other hand, what I want is say, “If you want to be accountable to me, “let’s talk about what
that actually looks like.” And so, choosing to be
accountable to something looks different than someone
holding you accountable. Right, and so when someone wants to, when they say that to me,
I says, “Well, yes maybe. “What does that look like?” And then we come up with
an agreement between us where they will be the ones
that are leading the show and they will check in with me. And what I do is I say, “Well,
if I don’t hear from you “a couple days, how
about I respond and say “where’d you go? “Do you still want this? “Is this important to you?” And so, the idea of having accountability is super important and that
was actually the number one in our poll results today. So, it is awesome. You’re not gonna believe this, guys. We are gonna, you’re gonna
meet one of my favorite people on planet Earth and she
is someone that I’ve been working with personally
for two plus years. We’ll just say that. And her name is Caseyna. And Caseyna is an Independent
Certified OPTAVIA Coach. And we’ve been working
on her journey together. And I have not been
holding her accountable, but she has chosen to be accountable to me and we’ve been working on that. So, welcome, Caseyna, to our
show, our presentation tonight. Tell me a little bit
about these pictures here. So, this is a picture and I
think I know that your journey is not all focused and consumed with just the physical, but tell us a little bit about this photo. I see you here in a green and white dress and it looks like you’re
at some kind of a festivity and there’s something going on there. Tell us a little bit
about these two photos. Yes, thank you, Craig. And yes, I was in a friend’s wedding and when I looked at that,
when I first saw that picture it was really terrifying
because I didn’t think I looked quite like that. But you know, if you’ve ever
been in a friend’s wedding before, you often don’t get an option to choose what you wear. You’re asked to wear a certain thing and for me, I was so used to hiding in, hiding my body in my clothing, and that just wasn’t an
option for this event. This was right before I started
my journey with OPTAVIA. And so, looking at it now, I
can see the pain that I was in and how uncomfortable I
was and how sad it was to see myself in pictures like this. Sometimes it’s amazing
when we look at ourself in a mirror or when we
look through our own eyes down at our own body, we get used to that. And it’s not until you see yourself from somebody else’s point
of view, like in a photo, you go, “Uh-oh, that’s
a little bit different. “That’s a little bit uncomfortable.” And isn’t it interesting,
how many of us have been, I haven’t ever been in a
wedding where I wore a dress. So, it’s not me, but
how many of the ladies that are joining us tonight
have been in a wedding and the bride, or you know,
she picked out the dress and maybe that dress wasn’t so flattering on your figure but you wore it, right? So, that’s kind of what you’re thinking. Now you have on the set, so
you’re down about 40 pounds which is fantastic. I know you’re still dialing things in. You’re still working towards
going from good to great because clearly you look fantastic. Tell us a little about this
other photo here where you have the word hottest Caseyna here. You have transform. You’ve got these things. Tell us about this little vision board that you shared with us. Yeah, absolutely, and so that started with a conversation that you and I had about getting really clear
because for the last year or so I’ve just been really
comfortable and complacent in getting to a certain
point on my journey, but not quite reaching my actual goal. And so, as we had these conversations, I was able to come up with what does the future Caseyna look like? And if I feel like I’m hot
now, I’m comfortable now in the body that I’ve created so far, then what does that
future Caseyna look like? Well, and we came up together with, or maybe it was my idea, hottest Caseyna. So, being the best version of Caseyna, and that of course is not just
a physical transformation, but it really, truly is
an inward transformation that has gotten me this
far and is continuing throughout my journey. Yeah, I see a couple things here. I see some shoes and they’re
not just a nice high heel shoe but it says fabulous on top of them. That’s fantastic, right? And then dream fearlessly. Well, dreaming fearlessly
has little to do with weight. It has to do with much other things. And you have a picture of
some travel, pack your bags. There’s a ooh-la-la dress. Tell me a little bit
about the dress there. Yeah, so, I started this vision board to start compiling things
that have been swimming around in my head but
again just getting really, as we’re marching forward in our health, getting really, really clear
and getting that vision put out there so that
you can see what it is that you’re trying to create. Otherwise, it was just
a fairytale in my head. So, it wasn’t any sort of
reality that I could pin down, but, so I have a goal dress. And it’s not just on my vision board. It’s on my lock screen on my phone so that every time I pick
up my phone I’m reminded. And so, anything that comes in front of me that tempts me to go off
of my plan or to deviate, it just isn’t an option
because I have that reminder right there next to me and I look at it as we all do hundreds of times a day. And the other things that
have come as a catalyst for my health journey,
how I’ve gotten healthy and gotten to this place,
it’s allowed me to do things in life that I really
wasn’t able to do before. Yeah, it’s interesting
when you think about that. And for those of you that are home, if you have a pen and a
paper, you might just grab it. Or if you’re listening to this later, you just grab a simple
piece of paper and a pen. And what I want you to do is at the top of that piece of paper, well, first of all right down the center make a, just go ahead and take and do a line right
down the center, all right. And then what I want you
to do is actually have on one side it says qualify. And the other side says doesn’t qualify. And when you’re thinking
and you’re super clear and you have things that come along, maybe they’re food options. Maybe they’re dessert options. Maybe they’re activities
or non-activities. Then when you are super clear, like Caseyna was talking about, what you can say is
there’s not a lot of drama. Things just either qualify
or they don’t qualify based upon your clarity. Think about this. Think about you’re super clear, that you’re, there’s a
bathing suit in your future. Or maybe there’s a
marathon in your future. Or maybe there’s a
relationship in your future. Maybe there’s something you want to build. Or maybe there’s a
vacation that’s gonna cost a certain amount of money that you’re gonna have to develop. Whatever it is, and then
you come up to a decision and the decision either,
does this thing qualify or does it not qualify? Think about the clarity when
you’re going on vacation and you’re driving down to Disney Land and you’re so clear
about where you’re going. You’re going to Disney Land. And you get to a cross, a T in the road, and you’re like, “Well, that
way goes to Disney Land. “That way goes somewhere else.” This road qualifies, that road doesn’t. Boom, you turn and you go. It’s just simple. It’s not like, oh, I’m
really torn between the road that doesn’t take me where I want to go and the road that does. Or you get to a point
where you get to work and you’re on the 5 & 1
and you’re in fat burn and you’re killing it. And then, donut shows up at work. And you go, “Oh, donut doesn’t qualify “versus this thing that does qualify.” And so, it’s just as simple
and if you’re not able to think about it that
clearly, as it qualifies or doesn’t qualify,
maybe you need to spend a little bit of time getting clear. And I’m telling you what. Caseyna and I have
talked about this a lot. It is far easier, not that
we’re looking for just easy, but it is far easier to be 100% on plan than it is 99%. Stuff comes along and you’re
like, “Doesn’t qualify.” But if you’re 99%, or if you go on a vent and you say, “Well, I’m
just gonna see how it goes.” It’s gonna be probably a
learning experience, right? And so anyway, so those are
some things to think about that there’s just a really,
try to get out of the drama and all of the, “Oh, I’m this
or that about this donut. “This donut loves me”,
or whatever it might be. And it’s just maybe you’re
saving up for a trip. Does this purchase that
I want to make qualify and will it move me closer to my goal? Or will it move me farther away? Dr. A calls this a really
simple three words. Are you ready for them? I know you know them. I know you’ve heard them. Stop, Challenge, Choose. It’s three, three simple things. Stop, Challenge, Choose.
allows you to stop and you ask yourself, “Does this qualify? “Does this not qualify?” And if it qualifies the answer is yes. If it doesn’t qualify and
you’re clear the answer is no. No for now at least. So, super, super, super fun here. Now, let’s get back to the presentation. All right, so, next up we have skillsets. We’re gonna talk a little
bit about skillsets and I know Caseyna and I
are gonna talk a little bit, but a skillset basically
is overcoming barriers that hinder your success. And we talked about
that, about being clear. Does this qualify? Does this not qualify? And since all things are possible, you have the ability over
time with specific focus, guidance and practice to
become the dominant force in your life. I wonder, Caseyna, when
you think about that, that statement there, you have the capacity over time. You don’t have to learn it tomorrow. And if you give yourself
time and you focus on the right things with
a little bit of guidance, you can become the dominant force now. How are you becoming the
dominant force in your life? By focusing on what I’m trying to create and not focusing on the
things that have in the past been a distraction. I mean, using the LifeBook is huge because it’s really the mindset
that has to change so that, because we always say and we always hear, “I know what to do, I just don’t do it.” And if that’s true, then
the reality is we have, something has to change. And so, I know you started talking to me about journaling a long time
ago and I really wasn’t a fan, but the LifeBook has really been a game changer for me with that. And just building on
those habits over time and again with the theme of marching, marching is a, you have
to take, it’s not a race. You have to take steps. You did marching, right, you
did marching band, right? So, you have some
experience with this, yeah. Tell us about that. So, you know, you’re in a group and you have to march together. And you’re not, you have to
take the same measured steps and you have to make
sure that you’re in line with the rest of the people
that you’re marching with. And so, that is what the habits are. It’s a consistency. It’s not chasing after one thing and then getting distracted and running after something else. That’s what gets us
distracted from our goals. But if we march together
in that Community component and you’re taking those
steps and you’re all working, moving forward towards that same purpose, that same vision together. Perfect, exactly it. One of the things that’s interesting, I know you probably think
of these marching bands where everybody turns left
and one person turns right. And you’ve seen that and
that’s kind of a mess. Think about this word
because I love the idea of marching together in a marching band and that you are all
walking at the same speed. You’re all taking steps together. That’s community. One of the, I heard this long ago and hopefully this will mean,
will sink in with you guys. If you look at the word community, and you break it into two words, you get common unity, community. And so, what are we marching in common unity? Well, my answer to that is that everybody listening right now to my
voice, if I were to ask you the question, “Are you as
healthy as you want to be?” I bet you not one of us would say yes. We probably have some things together. We’re probably healthier than we’ve been, but we are not as
healthy as we want to be. But what unifies us together
is just by listening to this podcast or this
live webinar tonight, you’re doing something about it. That’s what binds us together. We’re not as healthy as we want to be, but we’re doing something together and that provides common unity. So, specific strategies
to overcome your barriers, you first of all need to make a decision. You need to get clear and decide. You decide that tomorrow’s gonna look different than yesterday. Boom, it’s just going to happen. Then you make mindful
decisions that progress your overall health and wellbeing. So, then you think
about, “What am I doing? “Is this getting me
closer, that qualification “or non-qualification?” And then you surround
yourself with other people in the marching band. Surround yourself with
supportive community. That happens like joining
the Wednesday webinars and then keep your WHY and keep clear in the forefront of your mind. Here’s another couple of things
here we’re thinking about is as you’re going through the stages, you’re gonna go from not
knowing what you don’t know to knowing what you don’t know to knowing what you
know and then to moving to you just do it and it’s second nature. And so, this is a
process and we talk about the Four Stages of Learning
in the Habits of Health. And action steps here,
Stop, Challenge, Choose. We talked about that. Stay consistent with your LifeBook, even if you’re only. One thing and this is kind of funny and hopefully you’ll appreciate this. Sometimes people say, “I
just don’t have time.” And I said, “Do you go to
the bathroom every day?” And they said, “Well, yes, I’m human.” Well, what if you were to, while you’re downloading, upload? And it’s like, and I, you wouldn’t believe how many of my Clients literally read their Habits of Health while
they’re doing their business in the morning. Maybe you do a couple of
business sessions per day, more Habits of Health
time, more LifeBook time. Literally, I had people going through this and while they’re sitting
there doing their business in the morning, they read a few pages. And guess what, they
are changing their lives and it doesn’t take any new time. I know, that’s what
you’ve learned to expect when I do these webinars,
some kind of crazy talk. Connect back with your Coach
and share what you’ve applied in the Stop, Challenge, Choose. So, how did you enjoy this Community Time? We’re gonna take another poll I believe and here it is. What did you think of our time tonight for this Community Time? I’m gonna give myself a nice C+. I don’t know, I’m gonna
give Caseyna an A+. How about that? All right, so, if you’re
not at your computer come back to your computer and go ahead and vote in that poll. And lastly here, what I want
to do is I want to talk about ways that you can go through the LifeBook and you can actually
access these recordings in our library. You can go to our YouTube playlist. We have our Habits of Health podcast and of course you can subscribe to our OPTAVIA 30 Texts. So, those are three different
ways that you can do it. If you go to YouTube,
just type in “OPTAVIA” or “Habits of Health
Zoom” and you’ll be able to find the entire library there. When you go to your
podcast player of choice, search for “Habits of Health.” You will find that, too. Go ahead and subscribe to both of those. You will love it. And I want you all to join us next week because we are gonna be
featuring Element 06, Your Path to a Healthy Weight. And Susan LaBelle is gonna be hosing it. So, thank you all for joining us tonight. We had a great time
together and we’ll see you next time on one of our
Habits of Health webinars. This audio may have contained the personal testimonials
of some Independent OPTAVIA Coaches or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in
these messages are based on the unique experiences
of the participants ad we cannot guarantee
like or similar outcomes. While you may be inspired
by these accounts, please note that any stories of success have not been verified
and you’re individual path to optimal health will vary. As always, it is our
recommendation that you consult with a healthcare provider before starting a weight-loss program. In addition, this audio
may have contained income or earnings representations of some Independent OPTAVIA Coaches. OPTAVIA makes no guarantee
of financial success. Success with OPTAVIA
results from successful sales efforts which requires hard work, diligence, skill, persistence,
competence and Leadership. Please see the OPTAVIA
Income Disclosure Statement for statistics on actual
earnings of Coaches under the U.S. Compensation
Plan which differs from the International Compensation Plan. Yours in health, the OPTAVIA team.

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