Are My Symptoms Related to COVID-19? | UC San Diego Health

Okay so if you feel like you’re developing a
shortness of breath and you feel like you’re having difficulty breathing and
you have a cough, definitely want to seek out a health care professional at that
point now remember you’re not just going to test you for covid-19, they’re
probably going to test you also for other viruses and they made perform a
test we call an RPNA first and find out you do have another virus there are lots
of viruses that circulate year-round one of the mistakes people commonly make is
to immediately go to an emergency room and seek testing because they’ve begun
to develop symptoms and the reason why we consistently advise that people call
first is because sometimes waiting in the ED with a bunch of other sick
people can unfortunately expose you to other things, while we do our best here at
UC San Diego health to prevent that it’s a possibility with any crowded situation
so calling first maybe your physician can see you at the office at the end of
the day and have a minimum exposure

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