Apple Tree Canker Removal And Prevention (Best Methods)

hey everyone welcome back to the homestead we're glad you're here we got a lot to do today but we're going to show you today how to take care of a nasty disease on your fruit trees and that is canker we're going to show you how to treat it remove it and hopefully prevent it in the future stay with us so we're out here in the orchard next to the house and we'll also be taking you into the orchard on the other property to show you some different areas that the canker is attacking on our apple trees this happens to be our Dorset golden apple tree and it is attacking the trunk on this one we have a pink lady just over here that we've already treated and we'll show you what the progress is on that we will show you the step by step process and how to remove the canker and this canker is a fungal infection that can happen for many different reasons you know there's mechanical damage to the tree there's insect damage to the tree so on and so forth but nor most commonly in apple trees it's called a European canker and that's fungal there are bacterial cankers but those don't normally attack apple trees so let's show you the simple tools that we're going to use in to how to remove this canker from the tree and tools we're gonna use for this job are our pruning shears a chisel and this special pruning knife you see it's got this hook on it and it makes it a little bit easier to carve around the infected area and get that out that canker out of there now you can see at the bottom of the tree here we've laid down this piece of craft paper you want to do that because you do not want any of the shavings that infection that you're cutting off the tree to get down near the base of the tree and to sit there because it will continue to spread you want to take this as far away from your trees as possible and either burn it or put it in the trashcan make sure that your tools are exceptionally clean and disinfected while doing this process and even do it throughout the the pruning process and taking off this canker on this tree and definitely before you get to the next tree we've got some really strong alcohol here seventy percent in this envelope moist inner bottle and we just take that it's really easy to do that we found this is really the best method to do it really cool method take that and you just clean off your tools and that's it now we also have this tree pruning sealer here now there are competing thoughts on whether or not to seal the wound after you're done pruning or to let it heal in the air now you know if you put a bandaid on your skin and you keep it there the entire time the infection could stay you want to get some air to it at some point so we're going back and forth on in seeing and experimenting on out our trees whether it's good to seal it or not in this case we are going to seal this up because we hope to get all that canker out of there okay on this specific apple tree we've got two really bad areas here of canker and this portion up here is quite large this there's a smaller one down here but it's wrapping all the way around the tree we want to remove as much of that infected wood as possible and get down to clean wood now one time I had put some sealer here without pruning so we're gonna need to take that out and clean that out as well and hopefully that stopped some of the infection from spreading let's go ahead and just start to pull away all that Deadwood now you can see we we get to clean wood almost right away here but in the center we've got an issue there's a lot of dead wood in here and I see a lot of fungal activity you can see that this fungus has gone all the way down to the heartwood already which is not good it's gone past this cambium layer and gone into the center of the tree so hopefully we can save this guy you can see on the top wound here that we've got a lot of the infected wood out but there's still this brown wood this brown layer this heartwood here that we need to kind of peel back and get everything nice and clean down to that clean bright would make sure you try to leave your cuts as smooth as possible and this will help the tree in its healing process everything's jagged and rough then it is gonna take more energy from the tree more effort from the tree to really heal itself up as you can see at the bottom of the tree here we've got a really serious infection and it started to carve this away and you can already see we've got this white fungal growth here and that is a really really serious problem now when you're carving this out as with the top portion you do not want to carve completely around your tree because that's what's called girdling and that will kill the tree so make sure you leave enough wood hopefully the canker hasn't spread all the way around the trunk this trunk is quite tiny we leave enough wood so that the tree can take up its nutrients and its water as it needs to and that is done through the cambium layer which is just under the bark so be very careful and don't going and not going all the way around the tree and not girdling the tree now that we have that canker cut away from those two wounds in our trunk of our tree I'm going to take two additional steps one of those is I'm going to actually let it dry out for several hours and get some Sun and start to heal that wound on its own and then I'm going to hit it with some copper solution so that will hopefully take care of any additional fungus that does remain on those open now wounds of that tree and kill those I'm also gonna take this little blowtorch here and I am going to once I remove this paper with all of the fungus cuttings on it away I think some did fall down next to that trunk onto the ground so I'm gonna give the ground a little once-over here with a flame and hopefully eradicate any extra pieces of that bark that fell down that could have canker in it and could reinfect my tree now let's take you over to one of our other apple trees and show you a branch that has canker Anna and we will show you how to take care of that so we're out here in the other orchard next to our pink lady apple tree and as I showed you just a second ago we had some nasty canker here on one of the branches very close to the trunk this isn't a very big trunk so we want to be very careful because this canker can kill this tree really really quickly we cut this off make sure your pruning equipment is very sharp we cut this off as close as we could get it to the trunk here and now we're actually going to do an additional trim around there to try and get any canker spread away from this trunk you can see also right next to it right above this branch we think this is some more canker starting so we're gonna take care of that as well by clipping this off and then trimming that out we can always induce branching later and get our tree to have the shape that we want it at a later date that's no big deal first thing we need to care about is the tree surviving so we're gonna worry about structure later we're just gonna worry about the health of the tree right now so we're gonna continue to prune around there and get all of that canker out there the same way we did with the other one well we hope this video is informational for you and it'll help you out in your orchard we're gonna continue to work on the rest of our trees here it's gonna take quite a while because that canker spreads fairly quickly so thank you we appreciate you being here we want you here on a permanent basis like we always say so hit that subscribe button like the video share us on social media go visit us on country living experience calm once again thank you and we'll see you on the next video

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  1. did u spray copper on before u painted the wound or after?

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