[Applause] like I'm torn apart like a might be now all these scars like wow Wow yeah they tell me keep on running keep on growing and punching I know I got it go but I'm holding on to something in my mind I know that I gotta keep on shoving even when I'm low yeah I gotta keep it coming and I'm gon hope he's been wrong never could look away never took it slow he's never learning from their mistakes got a 40 yes you wanna count gonna get it now shatter loud tell me you're proud always had your doubts it's too late it's too late I'm fucking done with you so far away far away from what you want I've been doing my thing let him hang leave me alone it's a trap trying to get me on the phone but I'll never go back it's been too long with the words in the song and I'm gone and I'm gone and I'm gone never coming back again yeah I'm never coming back you're like a might be you believe in all these scars on everything you touch getting coping the cut you cut stuck up give it up wasn't enough the cuffs left plugged in enough I gotta go told you I gotta go running away from your drama always put on a show and I'm gonna leave now believe everything that my friends say giving me dad am i heading over there now like a plead out I'm never gonna let you back in believe me we're done now that's all that you sold out all your friends my next call mouth Indian still on about everything to do with cloud oh I know I know you're always right and I'm wrong I'm sick of listening to this same old song I'll be look close just in it for the gain I ain't here to play these games switch on another name are it's all good I'm all right I'm so fine a cut ties with your lies a new life look away you don't wanna see me okay I got through the pain it's just stuck on be insane like a might be nothing to believe in all these Wow whoa like I might be you


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