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  1. how old to you have be to join

  2. HONEST CUSTOMER Who Was Wronged, & They WILL Do It To YOU!!!

    I allowed them Way too much patience and they still charged me $450 through recurring charges that I did not owe after I cancelled my membership. They admitted it was their fault and then did Nothing to fix it.

    Whole story: I joined as I did field work in the oilfield (not as a rough-neck) I ran all the computers and directional drilling measurement equipment while finishing my Master's degree. The manager told me she had a special deal going for any oilfield guys and would give us a reduced rate and be able to pause our payments when we were out of the area, and we could Always cancel the contract as there were none near my home. Long story short, the manager got fired for doing shady things like the specials she ran for us, and the new managements attitude was "Sorry, but you can't expect us to be held responsible for the wrong actions of that former employee can you?" I never raised my voice or was mean, I simply explained to them that "Yes, you are responsible as you are taking my money wrongfully, so I should not be charged for something I did not agree to and do not even have access to." The moral to the story is this company feels like they can burn people and there will be no consequences, so if you've read This or Any other review that explains what a corrupt company this is, it is 100% your fault when they burn You because You NOW Know Better!

  3. We absolutely love Anytime Fitness.  Our particular Anytime Fitness gym is close to our home and a great place to workout.  The club culture is awesome as we always feel welcomed by staff and meet great people here.  It's the perfect size… not too big and not too small.  Plus it has really nice and up to date exercise equipment options you need to get and stay in shape.

  4. Don't go to Anytime Fitness. I was going Anytime Fitness but now I've moved and don't have their gym in my area. They don't have a gym in my area but they're still charging me for it. I informed them that they don't have a gym in my area any more and to cancel my member ship but they refuse to do it and keep charging my.

    There are other gyms that don't trap you with a contract, are less expensive, and have more equipment the n Anytime Fitness. Don't go to Anytime Fitness. Especially don't go to Anytime Fitness in Bowling Green, OH. Jake at Anytime Fitness in Bowling Green is particularly incompetent.

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