Anti pox ! Prevention of Chicken Pox with Homeopathy ! ( English)

among many urban diseases which are active during late winter to early spring chicken pox is one of the disease generally children under 15 more affected chicken pox can be prevented in many ways using homeopathic medicine as an anti pox is one of the such way hi this is dr. sangeetha's welcome to my channel in this video I am going to tell you how will you prevent chickenpox chicken pox is highly contagious infection caused by parasail adjuster virus it is characterized by an ET – on the face scalp and on the trunk tiny fluid-filled blisters that dry and become scabs four to five days later it can occur mainly in children teenagers our adolescent adults and the persons with weakened immune system the complication include bacterial infection of the skin blisters pneumonia and encephalitis how is chickenpox spread chickenpox is transmitted from person to person directly touching the blisters because or saliva of an infected person the virus can be transmitted through the air by sneezing and coughing chicken pox can be spread directly by touching contaminated items such as clothing or things from an infected person chicken pox is also known as varicella although uncomfortable most people recover within one to two weeks in science and symptoms before the appearance of rest feeling of being on oil aching muscle or body fever after the appearance of races varicella-zoster virus infect the nerves and causes wrasses to appear on the skin the sports developed in clusters and appears on the face lamp jstor track they are small ET raide in color blister can develop on the top of the spots and these are very ET the blisters cloud over and start drying out within about 48 hours it clusters develop within 10 to 12 days crust fall off now the prevention of homeopathic and de Pops in homeopathy there are some medicines like very uranium rustics gelsemium shri Nam Valentina are used to prevent chickenpox Malandrino 200 is used as an anti box in homeopathy and I am using this medicine for 13 years with success to prevent chickenpox now the dose of Milan Traynham 200 it should be taken 3 continuous day at morning at empty stomach the preparation of these doors you take a cup of water approach 100 mo they'll add one drop of this medicine and rotate ten times by a spoon and take once from from that cup orally thanks for watching and please share this video to others and don't forget to subscribe for new updates on you do


  1. Sir eta ki every month khete hobe? Naki season e akbar khete hobe?

  2. really ……… this works. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very good sir ji . . Thanks for information.

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