welcome to strength side today we're going over a full body workout that you can use if you have an anterior pelvic tilt weak or lack of midline stability whatever it is that you want to call it if you if your posture is off then this workout is going to help you become strong and efficient throughout your whole body now what I've noticed is that a lot of the anterior pelvic tilt videos on the internet a lot of my own videos that I've done on this topic only focus on the hips and that makes sense because it's anterior pelvic tilt right but what you have to understand is that and what I've come to understand is that your body is a union right things work in Chains okay so you know there's a lot more going on than just the pelvis right we got to look at the lower leg we got to look at the core the shoulder the neck the head all these things have to be taken into consideration and we can't just sit there and me you know give you glute bridges and dead bugs to do all day long right those are good exercises but we have to make the whole chain more efficient that's what we're gonna do today I hope that you guys benefit from this workout check it out try it out let's get to it this first exercise is the hollow hold you're gonna bring your knees up you're gonna reach your arms forward bring the shoulders off the ground and force that lower back down to the ground your core should be very active here now most people are going to want to start in this first variation if you are up to it start trying to challenge yourself with a little bit more advanced variation [Applause] this next exercise is the dead bug if you're not familiar with dead bugs then get familiar this is a tremendous exercise for core activation in stabilization throughout your torso but also teaches you how to coordinate that hip and shoulder movement while keeping a braced torso the main things to remember is to keep that lower back flat to the ground keep the core activated reach the arm overhead push the leg away while getting the knee and elbow totally straight you the bird dog focus on finding a very neutral spine in this position not overextending in the lower back you're going to reach out with your arm and kick back with your leg much like the dead bug we want to straighten the knee and straighten the elbow once you get the hang of the bird dog we can do a little bit harder variation we're going to stay on one side so we have to balance a little bit longer you're going to bring your elbow and your knee back together and then reach them out once again the most important part in push-ups is keeping a strong plank position the whole time so notice how my back stays flat just like in that previous bird daughter exercise we get no change in the pelvis or the back region at the end of your set up push-ups go ahead and hold in a plank position your shoulders and core gonna be very tired so once you hit the point where you think you can't hold anymore hold a little bit longer then relax bear-crawl simply get on your hands and your feet and crawl forward really want to focus on pushing the ground away and actively bringing your knee up your back should stay super flat and have some fun sit down into a deep squat position if your heels have to come off the ground that is totally fine you're going to rock yourself forward onto your hands focus on transferring the weight from your hips to your shoulders and then push yourself back into the squat position for an advanced progression rock yourself all the way forward under your shoulders and pick up your feet in the back to end up in a crow position for most of us this will be a little too challenging but if you keep working it will be there soon we're going to drop those hips down between the knees we're going to put our arms out to counterbalance us and we're to focus on keeping the spine just as straight and stable as we did in all those previous exercises keep the core very active and think of pulling yourself down into hip flexion if you feel like you're having a really hard time keeping a stable spine throughout your squat go ahead and pick something up like a weight or a shoe and hold that out in front of you that's going to counterbalance you and make it easier to stabilize through your torso throughout your squat there's no reason not to follow along with this workout and start becoming stronger today hey if you guys like the video go ahead and like it subscribe to strength side and as always we'll see you in the next one if you are having a lot of trouble fixing your anterior pelvic tilt check out fixed anterior tilt comm for my full program


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  2. On the excersices that we have to be on our back all the back is flat to the ground? When I move mine is not flat

  3. Does anyone else feel like their back is being over worked in the deadbug?

  4. Aren't most of these exercises involving the hip flexors, which are already too dominant?

  5. I did the hollow body hold just like you said (first progression) but my lower back was still hurting during it and I didnt feel it in my abs

  6. Can't hear ya!

  7. Been working on these for a week, seen massive improvements so far. Thanks a lot!

  8. best anterior pelvic tilt workout i have ever seen! (ive seen a lot!)
    thanks for sharing , it helped me a lot ! your comments during the video: great! compliments!

  9. Skip to 1:20 to skip the talking

  10. How many times per day please?

  11. guys, these are advanced exercises. i dont recommend it for beginners

  12. Actually I lied… it was a bit of a struggle.

  13. I can finally do three sets without a struggle. Thanks again. Getting some huge gains on my shoulder flexibility too using your stretches combined with intermittent flexing for 10 second intervals. Also, memorized the super set.

  14. Love the videos. This one especially is really good. Music is too loud though and it sucks really bad. Also, it would be nice if the videos were full length workouts with timing ques.

  15. rest period between sets?

  16. Great video!!!!! but please spare us that silly music. It's all over you tube and I feel like I'm getting dumber only by being exposed to it.

  17. To anyone debating on doing this I did this work out one time yesterday I’ve been training the last year I woke up this morning could see my entire six pack like I’ve never seen it before this pretty much fix me in one work out so I imagine if you stay on it and have a serious problem this all definitely work

  18. How long does this take

  19. Should i tuck my hips under while doing pushups?

  20. Great info thanks!

  21. Great information Thank you!

  22. Would it be possible for you to do a full routine video of this workout where you go through the entire routine on camera, uncut, so that the viewers can do the whole thing with you from start to finish?

  23. can you make an app with exercises

  24. Can you do one on thoracic mobility and shoulder mobility?

  25. I am playyed cod as i was young from mw to black ops two and now im trying to get my bones into a human looking position again :D!

  26. I will try these, but i cant feel my back muscles, even tho i go to the gym, i did many back exercises with equipment and ive been doing that for the past year, but my back is still super weak, because when i do the exercises i just cant feel my back muscles and my arms are the ones who do the job when its the back which should do the job, and when i need to do pullups its torture, i can only do 3-4 and that only brcause of the arm strenght and when my arms get tired out, that's it, and i try to activate the back muscles to work but i cant feel them 🙁

  27. Great video!!
    Im going to use alot of these to help my core.
    I had a question about your squat though.
    I noticed that your knees, went past your feet. I was told by several instructors and trainers that knees past the feet is poor ROM and a proper squat should have your knees above your feet, never passing your toes.
    Im at work so i could listen to it out loud, so im not sure if you mentioned if you did that for a reason or not.

  28. Is this a good routine for building muscles?

  29. why must there always be a gay instructor?

  30. Hey my name's Matt, and 2 and a half years ago I woke up and my back pain was so bad I wanted to vomit and cry, in short I have never been able to sleep without pain, I have seen osteopaths, physios you name it I have seen them.

    Only recently I started to do my own research and it turns out my protruding butt isn't a great arse it's APT. I guess after years of having a deep arch in my back it finally went, or something did.

    I saw a sports therapist and they have told me I have muscle atropy in my glutes and they have recently given me exercises to do. I'm hoping them and the exercises you've been suggesting will one day help me get some sleep and spend just one day without pain.

    Sometimes it can be so frustrating to remember how life was like before shit happened and how it is now, but I'm going to work on it, and really try now I know what could be causing the pain I'm in.

  31. Great video and helpful information! Thanks a lot!
    But the shitty EDM-music is honestly painful to tolerate 🙁
    Anyway, thanks for your tips 🙂 So still thums up 😉

  32. Do we really have to do specific reps each exercise? What if some are easy and others too hard? Isn't it more correct to do them for a specific set of time?

  33. I noticed that your squat exercise is very low. Buttwink?

  34. What about the people saying you should never do leg raising exercises with apt because of strengthening the hip flexors even more, thus causing more tilt.

  35. Sorry if this has already been asked, but how long do you recommend resting between sets?

  36. HEY bud ur Vids are good. liked them…

  37. Hey Man! I am just wondering how often i should do this workout, like evreyday routine ?

  38. ❤ thnk u

  39. Will this help sway back posture ?

  40. should i do this once per week or would every day help better?

  41. Thanks for the exercise

  42. but doesn't the squat build your rectoris femoris which are already too tight with people that have apt? Isn't that counter productive?

  43. That loud music is ear rape when wearing headphones

  44. your left arm is shorter than your right arm when you do the dead bug ex, you should look into it. the left arm doesn't reach the ground as the right arm

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