I'm gonna preface this video by saying that I realized that every person who's ever used this website has made a video on this exact same topic with this exact same title but you can't ride the carousel get off the pony even if you have to scrape together money that could be spent on food or bills to afford one in California gyms can be fun sometimes just being around other sweaty bodies can motivate you to make your own body perspire and sometimes they have activities and equipment that you don't have access to at home unfortunately of course they also have humans let's talk about people at the gym that I hate first of all I hate condescending people in weight rooms who look down on everyone else if it's because they don't know what they're doing or they're lifting a really light amount of weight or something you need to cool it because they're trying and that's awesome you probably didn't come out of the womb being able to benchpress your mother and I guarantee the first couple shirts he wore had full sleeves so just come back down to earth with the rest of us okay number two is dudes who try to hit on ladies when they're trying to do their thing and don't take hints now I'm not talking about someone who's being friendly or even interested in someone and trying to present that in a non-creepy way if you just finished a class with someone and you want to go up to them and say hey do you come to this class off and I thought you did a really good job or oh your shirt reminds me of a band that I love or something it's not really fine this is a nice place to have community and speak to people however the majority of the time that is not the situation and the majority of the time it's literally a guy coming up to me and saying hey why do you think there aren't more girls up here is because we intimidate them with our muscles and I'm over here on my machine like nope just trying to not be a frail old lady when I lift my arms above my head number three people who don't ever wipe anything off after they sweat all over it but almost more importantly number four are people who are hyper wipers you're in a very public place full of very sweaty people doing very disgusting things it's gonna get you dirty take a shower afterwards we're all gonna be okay this works for a lot of people and I think that's great but I cannot stand when there's a really peppy workout class leader who wants to go around to each person individually and and rile them up or touch them in some way I can't handle that stuff please don't touch me like if I'm in your Zumba class chances are something already went very very wrong to land me there and I don't need to be pushed any further I get really annoyed by the person at the front desk who's like ma'am your cards not going through and I'm like what is this an attack and they're like no you just have to pay to use this facility and finally the most annoying people at the gym are the people who you see every single time you're there because you're already there quite a lot and that means that they're there all the time and they're just rub it in your face so yeah there's a little old-fashioned ramp for you today I don't know why I'm just feeling it in my bones I guess I'm gonna go to the gym now literally you think I'm joking but I'm not so leave me a comment let me know people who annoy you if you've ever been to a gym and I'll see you guys next Thursday


  1. It's the asshats slamming the 45lb dumbells that drives me Insane. The sound is pretty annoying and the only reason these meatheads do it is to draw attention to themselves. Some try to use the whole "safety" thing as cover but I call B.S.

  2. She looks like a chubby Riley Reid

  3. What about gym thots wasting space doing their meme workouts?

  4. You seem like a shallow person.

  5. Girls giggling loudly over nothing for an hour when Im trying to workout.

  6. You hate people who go to the gym daily

  7. Speaking of carousels, I bet you're still riding it hard?

  8. I don't like the condescending people either. Some days I am still sore or just not feeling it, and I want to still workout but with half the weight. I'm getting more done that way than by staying at home even if it doesn't look "cool."

  9. The cock carousel?

  10. I get annoyed when people who look like they’ve never stepped in a gym make videos about people they hate at the gym.. nice angle in your video lol

  11. The worst is all the talking and all the people who are glued to their phones at the gym. People want result, stop starring at the fucking phone at the gym. Leave that shit in the locker room or something.

  12. The people who say that fat people need to exercise more and then look at you like you're an alien when you're actually in the gym.

  13. You don't have to pretend to go to the gym by wearing sneakers and lounge clothes. It's okay.

  14. 4 videos from Hayley this year? A blessing, a blessing from the Lord!

  15. Women go to the gym to meet men, you know i'm right.

  16. ur so hot y u going 2 da gym gurl dayum

  17. Dat Quest Nutrition shirt 😝

  18. Before clicking I wondered, is this about people at the gym who are annoying, or how to annoy people at the gym? I assumed the former, and hoped for the latter.

  19. The dudes who sound like they're orgasming when they lift weights. So uncomfortable

  20. I'm so glad you're making videos regularly, again 🙂

  21. lately i've been going to a Gym just for women and i have to say i feel less pressure. not sure if it's because there's no man judging in there or because this gym is just more little and comfortable than a big ass gym, but i have to say that nothing about it annoys me and that makes my workout more genuine and fun (as much as working out can be considered fun lol) 🙂

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