Anno 1800 Disease – What You Need to Know (prevention, items, needs,diseased ships, AI parking …)

hello everyone and welcome today we're taking a look at illnesses we're talking about illness prevention and what you can do to reduce the chance we'll talk about how to handle the situation when your people and ships are sick and finally we'll end the video with various miscellaneous tips to reduce your headache when dealing with illnesses so let's get started first up is prevention start by finding a pattern where the illness occurs in your city this depends on your city layout and whether the residents have their basic needs met as an example about eighty-five percent of the outbreak that occurs happens to the people near my Harbor around this particular area and so once you have identified the outbreak area you'll focus on special townhall items and hospitals in my town hall I have a few special items equipped this first book mr. slippery sewage proposal reduces the chance of illness by sixty percent there's also a physician which affects the hospital it gives a human speed of plus fifty percent and the unit movement speed of ten percent that's the movement of the little hospital cart there's somewhat of an easy way to get this item if you're going to Eli's Harbor he sells these books the books do come and go as random but you can always rivo them but remember that re-rolling items will cost you more and more coins every time you do it so naturally just let him refresh the items itself if you're running out of money when your people first start getting sick you'll see this little illness and vicinity here and if you click all these buildings around they will also have an illness and vicinity so it's important that this there in fact that building gets treated by these carts as quickly as possible because that prevents all the illnesses from spreading within the general area you'll see it here in action right here the little hospital cart will come here then intensity of the illness will slowly go down when you hover to the hospital it tells you on the little description prompt that an illness probability is reduced when all needs are satisfied so some very important that you have the needs of these people up to the green as much as possible let's take a quick look at doctors and nurses in here when we open the hospital screen we see that there are two units of doctors and for certain situations there are volunteer nurses these volunteer nurses do open only when you have a certain happiness for your population reached so these volunteer nurses are nice to have but they're very unpredictable because you have to depend on your population happiness and according to the crazy law of the universe it's every time that you need the volunteer nurses they won't come why because your population is super unhappy because your economy has collapsed and they no longer have access to their basic needs also when illnesses occur in your city is important for you to upgrade these your roads from dirt road into paved street the faster you can get to the resident house that are sick the faster you can cure the disease now while we're talking about people make sure to look at your workforce up here it's important to have extra workforce because when your people are sick they stop working and when they stop working your economy can tumble down this starts a domino effect where people keep getting sick and then people will not have their basic needs met and so on and so forth let's talk about ships but first a primer for beginners and how you can tell your ships are disease ships that have an illness we'll have this little white and red icon here you can also tell by this bluish cloud that they have every single one of them here and if you hover to the little icon on the UI you'll see that they're infected the important thing to notice that the disease may infect nearby ships and harbor and it tells you how much time you have for it to clear up it's important that when you see a little notification that you jump to it right away it's usually your own trade ships and you can get them away from the harbor as quickly as possible there are two ways to deal with these ships first what you can do is micromanage and have every ship away by itself in the far corners of anywhere you can find free space which is fine this is a perfectly way to do it the only minor issue is that it takes a lot of micromanagement and if you're lazy like me you don't want to micromanage and if you don't want to do that you and what you can do is put your ship in one little corner from I say they actually have a little nice little corner here where no trade ships can pass and touch and it's far away from residential places if you notice here there are no people houses here just factories but they don't get infected what I do now is press control f8 on my keyboard to save this location on a keyboard shortcut so I can come back to this location and check back and forth f5 allows me to go to my harbour and then I can go back and jump back here and check to see whichever ship is no longer sick and I can move them out there is a caveat for using this type of technique in that the ships do get infected again so you have to make sure to remember to come back and check them it is absolutely crucial that you do not keep a whole fleet of ship right next to your harbor if you do this one ship will get sick and office on your whole military will also get sick I like to put them in somewhere in the middle of the ocean somewhere and don't group them up too tightly you also notice something that's frustrating that when your military ships get sick they can not shoot your enemies in regards to your trade routes getting infected just make sure you do the same thing which is to put them in your their own little corner of the map and when they're no longer sick what you can do is just press the little resume to resume the trade routes there's one interesting mechanic in this game in that if you have charter routes they don't get disease so you can take this to your advantage by making sure that all your important trade routes at least our charter routes so that your economy can't collapse and then you can use clipper ships and cargo ships for the rest of the items that you need I want to answer another question what do you do when I'm really inconsiderate a icons with their diseased ship and park sit right in front of your hardware you definitely don't want to declare war on them just for one ship I'd like to use what's called an extermination protocol in that as I engage a pirate mode on my ship I'll go ahead and drag this little royal letter here click on it to activate you'll see a little pirate banner here it'll tell you it's in pirate mode it will start shooting the ship now before you engage in pirate mode there's a one thing I want you to do and that is just as a precaution make sure you literally go into menu save game and save your game just in case because there are some moments where the AI somehow automatically knows that you attack them just do yourself a favor and save the game before you do it and also another thing because this ship right now is on pirate mo eventually some AI will come and just automatically attack you here so you have to be careful that you can potentially lose the ship now the next question is where do you buy these letters if you go to his harbour you can find the letter here that's all for this video I hope you found it helpful I hope it's save you some time and headache and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section I look forward to reading some of your comments stay tuned there will be more videos on animal 1800 and I will see you all next time thanks for watching bye bye


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