1. So fakee

  2. just amazing

  3. Real bootie, real abs, fake boobs (but I forgive you, Sister; they can come out the way they went in), real strength, fitness, and beauty.
    Palm-out pull-ups? Do you swim a lot. Even sail? If so, contact me, please. I am looking for a single female crew on a minimalist, multihull circumnavigation.

  4. Video starts
    Me: okay, guess I can run another one out.


  6. So where are the nudes?

  7. I dont like chiks with cut,s..

  8. Going to gym would be soon easy if there are girls like that there..

  9. Chick needs a scrunchie. Hair seems to be really bothering her

  10. watching this after watching my 600 pound life

  11. Wow, so pretty , so sexy

  12. Anything more ripped than this is just nasty.

  13. This is proof that God exists 😍

  14. this is not motivation…
    this is porb

  15. C’est plus du sport , c’est du porno soft

  16. She is looking soooo sexy that's all I know ❤❤❤❤❤

  17. can anybody tell me the name of this music? This is the same one from chris heria. you guys should definitely check out his channel

  18. She does back and triceps and legs on the same day??? Wtf

  19. that is Chris heria music stolen 😣😣😣

  20. How can I focus when the vedio starts this way??

  21. I couldn't afford her

  22. ㅗㅜㅑ

  23. Epitome of a beautiful woman.

  24. If anyone is wandering what the name of the song in the video it's ship wrek & zookeepers (ark)

  25. more egomaniac bullshit 😂👊🏻🤣👎🏻

  26. She has incredibly low body fat. Wow.

  27. U would be a billion times hotter without the fake boobs

  28. That ass

  29. In don’t know how looks is something you can change. You can be happy and fit. Why do you have to have six pack abs with model looks to be motivational?

    Total bullshit.

  30. LMAO

  31. I go gym everyday never saw any girl in such outfit. This video is giving impression that gym going girls are working out like this. Wrong video – I see many girls working out very hard but they all wear very decent gear

    Please use this for a soft core movie ,

  32. Wow, she farts protein I bet

  33. She really needed two more leg lifts

  34. Pinche vieja mamona ni que fueras a viajar a la luna lo que haces no es nada del otro mundo

  35. My guess is that she's dating her agent, lawyer or doctor. Either that or she's gay. Shame either way…shes really beautiful

  36. shes just a skinny chick with fake tits.. nothing special to be honest

  37. So… workout porn is now masquerading a as motivational video??? Pass.

  38. Damn! Now I'm really motivated. Unfortunately for a different kind of workout. 😂

  39. Hopefully I could get a workout girl like this.

  40. 😘😘🤑🤑👋💦

  41. She should wear more clothes at the gym

  42. And not a single sweat towel in sight… so gross😷

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