Andy Grammer Visits Patients with Musicians On Call at Children’s Health Dallas

Hey, I’m Andy Grammer and I am here with Musicians
On Call at Children’s Health Dallas {Andy vocaliszing} You
know it’s really sweet to go door-to-door and actually go sit in with children that
are, you know, going through it, you get to kinda like breathe a little bit of life into
the room hopefully that’s what we try to do. What up, good to meet you I’m Andy nice to
see you, what’s your name? Brailey. Brailey, what do we want right now, we want
chill we want high energy what do you need? High energy. High energy? {Andy sings Good To Be Alive } So Musicians
On Call is celebrating 20 years this is one of my biggest deepest passions in life is
singing directly to someone who could use a little, a little bit of love or hope or
just inspiration and I don’t think there’s any better way to do it then through melody
and singing it directly at them looking them in the eyes. You can actually see and feel
a change when it happens and its so important and it is one of my favourite things in the
world to be a part of. Fantastic I’m like literally sweating. {laughter} Life is like the gym and when you
go to the gym sometimes it’s hard but your growing from it. That, that a lot of people like if you went
to the gym and you had no idea what you were doing there It’d be very confusing and It
would just hurt. (laughing) and people would be lifting weights
and having no concepts that they were getting stronger and something in them was growing
and they were- it’s like people choose to go to the gym so if you are going through
something please recognize it’s the gym and you’re growing somehow {Andy singing}

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