And Now, Yoga | Sadhguru Spot – 23 June 2019

If you believe, if you get some money, or wealth,
your life is settled. Not yet time for yoga. All these things make some convenience happen
in our life, but doesn’t really transform us in any way. If you understand this one thing – …and now yoga. yoga, pursuit of spiritual process will
not work as a sedative for the population, but will act as an invigorating force. Superscript: And Now, Yoga
Sadhguru Spot – 23 June 2019 Question: I am an only child, like many others in China. I have difficulty handling things in my life by myself
because my family takes care of so many things. How to take charge of my life? Sadhguru: So, whether you have one or 10,
the human child is not born like other creatures, the moment you drop them, they run around
and find their food and run away. any other creature let’s say Tiger is born
ninety percent he’s ready made, only 10% the mother or father has to teach them a little bit. Only ten percent. Ninety percent – It’s all in built for him. Everything he needs to know about his life
is there within him. With a human child, Ninety percent
you have to teach and groom. Otherwise it won’t happen. If you don’t do the right things a child
can come up like an animal. So this is not because of one child or 10 children,
it is the nature of people. That how people are attached to their children,
their idea of well-being is to pour them with gifts. Well, if you really want your children to be well, you must give them strength in body,
in mind, in emotion, in energy. If you give them lot of strength and stability,
wherever they go, they will be well. If you just give them money,
when they lose it, they’re lost. They just don’t lose their money. If somebody loses their money, people think they’ve
lost their life and they want to kill themselves. Isn’t it? Whole lot of times, not just in one place, everywhere. Because the think, the moment they lose their money,
they have lost their life. No, if you’ve lost money, time for yoga.
(A few laugh, applause) This is why Patanjali started the Yoga Sutras which is a
tremendous document on life with half a sentence. If you still believe that, by getting married or unmarried,
your life will become fulfilled. Not yet time for yoga. If you believe, if you get some money, or wealth,
your life is settled. Not yet time for yoga. If you believe, if you build a new home or
buy a new car, life will be fulfilled, not yet time for yoga. If you know all these things make some
convenience happen in our life, but doesn’t really transform us in any way. If you understand this one thing – …and now yoga. (Applause) So, time has come for China, …and now yoga. Time has come. Only thing is you have to make the authorities
realize it’s now, and now yoga. we can make political commentaries
about China about this about that. But, all said and done, this is the only society which
has moved a billion people from utter abject poverty, to reasonable levels of well being in a matter of
two generations, in fifty years time. (Applause) Nowhere, nowhere has it ever happened. Right now India is sitting on such a threshold, what China did with great force,
India could do it democratically. We’re sitting on the threshold, but still there are
distance to walk, we still need to walk the distance. So we can give commentaries about
this and that and many things. About freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of yoga,
freedom of pursuing my own goals and stuff. But you must understand your present
well-being has happened because as a consequence of forceful
determination by somebody. Keeping a whole generation in abject
conditions of poverty is a worst crime than forcefully doing a few things. So, for China, the time for Yoga has come. Not the twisting, turning yoga
that’s becoming popular, there. Tch, real yoga! Yoga means to obliterate the
boundaries of your individuality. Right now, you must understand this, a nation like China has grown because of
a strong sense of – this is what we will do, determined approach towards the nation. Now that those goals are achieved, slowly relaxing that,
must happen. I think they’re doing it. But still, to benefit this generation,
it may not be fast enough. So it needs to happen. Not by protest. Not by doing this, and that, but bringing better understanding in the minds
of those who administer the nation, that this will not work like opium of the past. Because you must understand this. The religions of the past were described
as the opium, because they were. They were putting people to sleep. So yoga, pursuit of spiritual process will
not work as a sedative for the population, but will act as an invigorating force. This understanding must be brought
to those who administer that nation. That is the way to take it forward, not by protests, not by threatening their some sense of
stability they have created for the nation, by threatening that you are not going to get anywhere. So about you, being the only child. Because your parents were prevented from having two
they gave you two children’s food to you. That’s happening worldwide. Most children if you look at them, it looks like
they ate two or three children’s food. (Audience laugh) Tch, look at our children, scrawny and nicely growing up. Because we make them burn every ounce they eat
they must burn in their stomach. This is happening across the world. Children who come from affluent societies, obviously their mothers wanted to have 3-4-5 children,
but they had only one or two. So all that five children’s food. (few laugh)
they want to feed all of them into one – investment. (few laugh) So on all levels, from food, to toys, to wealth,
to everything else, this is happening. Another reason is this is the first generation or the second generation,
which is seeing both the parents going off to work, not just working around the house,
going away to work somewhere else. So how to keep the child engaged, throw some gadgets at them, keep them
busy with some video game, it doesn’t matter. They’re shooting everybody in the world. But give them many things so that before they
open their mouth and complain throw more things and more things and more things. Because parents are feeling guilty, that I’m not spending enough time with my child,
this is become a universal problem. The only way to handle their guilt is every day
when they’re coming back from office, pick up one gift and throw it in the child’s hand. So child doesn’t complain and goes on. This is not the way to do things,
we need to find solutions for this, we need to find ways that children at least
will grow up in a community, you can love them for 30 days in a year as much
as you want the rest of the time, they’re in a place where they will be treated as sensible creatures
not as pampered nonsense. (Applause) I would like to see a lot of Chinese children in Samskriti.
(Applause) Quote: “The most important work on the planet is
to raise human consciousness.
Isha Samskriti is an endeavor
to allow children to flower into their ultimate possibility
of consciousness and capability.”


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  5. The obesity problem is due to poisonous and addictive food additives not pampering parents.

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  7. having a nation living in ignorance..squandering their precious lives by pursuing foolish choices is also a huge tragedy!

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  11. under British rule India suffered abject poverty and now it has turned it around? tht is something I was wondering abt. I am glad to hear it. the united states because of the British mindset also is falling into abject poverty. so sad.

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  15. I am glad that Sadhguru touches upon the subject of Chinese growth with honesty. Force was necessary, ugly things happened and people were brought to harm and destruction in the name of progress, it's true. It's also true that China is flowering now into economic health and independence, and the people are well fed and have access not only to good healthcare but to good health in general.
    Now Yoga is a very good video, I may share it with people who are unhappy with their successful lives, because there are many unhappy people of great success.

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  21. To the lady who asked the question about her family doing things for her and her need to take charge of her life:

    Having a family and having the family doing things for you is a good thing. But all good things have to be done in moderation. So here is what you should do.

    Make a list of all things that your family members do for you. On a specific day of every week (or a specific date every month), do one thing that another family member does for you, all by yourself. And do one thing for that same family member that he/she usually does for himself/ herself.

    This way, over time, you will learn to not only take care of your tasks but the tasks of others. And viola, you will be in charge of your life. If someone for some reason stops doing something for you, you just step in and do it yourself.

    There are of course some things that you can only do for yourself and not for others. You can’t eat or exercise for somebody else, but you can always cook for someone else or exercise with someone else. I hope you get what I mean.

    The thing is, family and friends are important. As much as you should enjoy and appreciate what they do for you, learn to reciprocate and enjoy doing things for them.

    May you find much happiness in your actions. Keep smiling. 😀

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  30. Sadhguru illustrates very clearly in most all of his videos that he believes the truth that the most dysfunctional & mentally ill peoples on earth are white people of European descent. They are always being displayed in his videos during the narrative portions of the most grevious dysfunctions associated with the human condition…while people of color are displayed during the positive portions. Being of Indus origin…who can blame him? Whether he does it with intent or subconsciously matters not…just that it needs to be done.

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    I am living in divine bliss half of the time but at the price of true suffering. The bliss doesn't feel as strong as the fear, and it feels very lopsided and unworthwhile. I always oscillate back into fear. Its SO beyond tiring and eternal. Please help?!!

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  38. "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage".

    Lao Tzu

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  43. Change must happen "not by protest but by bringing understanding to those who administer the nation"? No, change happens from the bottom up, not top down. People in power don't want change — they want to keep things the same so they can keep their power. Telling the Chinese people to wait for the Chinese government to give more freedoms to them is ridiculous. No, the people must rise up, and demand change. Each person must wake up and realize that their country is their responsibility.

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    Society wants you to give things because they are attached to things and things are what applies the grease to the systematic wheels of the world now. Yet depression and anxiety fills this world. How many generations of humans are we at- and still….

    The term is “generational forgetting”
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