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– Greetings friends
all over the world. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have an awesome practice that’s gonna ground
you and help you feel good, anchor you in hope. Let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay my darling friends,
let’s begin standing today at the top of the mat. Right away, start to
ground through the feet. Press into all four corners. So awareness
through the whole foot. And then gather some
energy up from the earth as you stand up nice and tall. Thank you for sharing your time and your practice
with Benji and I. Peace, Benji.
(chuckles) Let’s make it a good one. So right away with
the deep breaths, here we go. Inhale to reach for the sky. Big stretch. Exhale, forward fold. Bend you knees. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Go right back up
the way you came. Big inhale, big stretch. And exhale, hands resting
gently down at your sides, Mountain Pose. Once again,
big inhale, big stretch. Reach for the sky. Exhale, bend your knees,
forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Take all the
wrinkles out of our neck. And then exhale
to bow again, fold. Back up towards the sky. We reach, we breathe. And then exhale, Mountain Pose. So take a moment
here to close your eyes and continue to
deepen your breath. Today’s practice
invites us to ground, to anchor. And as you draw the shoulder
blades together see if you can lift your heart a little more. And what if I invited you to whisper quietly to yourself, “I trust.” Because for me a
connection to trust, trusting yourself, trusting the
things outside of you that you can’t control is what
really helps me spiral back to this essence of hope. So quietly whisper
to yourself, “I trust.” And then when you’re
ready open your eyes and let’s move with that. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale, moving with the breath,
halfway lift. Long neck,
beautiful length in the spine. And then exhale to
fold it all the way down. This time, here we go,
plant the palms, step your right toes back and
then step your left toes back. Nice wide base here today. So press away from your yoga mat
for this plank and even though you have a strong base,
strong foundation, see if you can use your
breath to find a little ease, a little Sukah. Good, then inhale
to lower the knees first and then melt down to the belly. Exhale, press into the tops of
the feet on your next inhale. Rise up, Cobra. Your version so it
could be a Baby Cobra, it could be a higher Cobra
but warm up the body slowly and careful not to bring the
shoulders up to the ears. Keep it nice and spacious. Then after a couple
breaths here, soften. Forehead back down to the earth. Curl the toes under. Press back up to all
fours or a full Plank. Again, nice wide base. And then bend your knees,
and everyone, make your way up to
Downward Facing Dog. Hips reach up high. Heart melts towards
the tops of the thighs, breathing deep. Nice, then inhale in here. Exhale, stick the tongue out,
look towards your third eye. Lion’s Breath. One more time, inhale in. Exhale, Lion’s Breath,
tongue out. On your next inhale,
lift the right leg up high. As you exhale, step it all the
way up into a nice low lunge. From here, you’re
gonna pivot on the back foot. Inhale, rise up, Warrior I. Taking it right back down, exhale all the
way to your lunge. Beautiful. Inhale, right fingertips
reach towards the sky. Left heel reaches back towards
the back edge of your mat. Big open twist. And then on an exhale,
bring it back down to the earth. Good, from here
take the right toes back. Nice wide base here so
toes nice and wide in Plank. Inhale in. Exhale, just the knees lower. Great, inhale in again. Exhale, lower all
the way to the earth. Inhale, Cobra, your version. Exhale, flowing with the breath. Release. Inhale up to all fours or Plank. Trust your instincts. And then exhale
Downward Facing Dog. Lion’s breath,
here we go, inhale in. Exhale, tongue out, look up. Once more, inhale. Exhale. Inhale, lift the left
leg up high, you got this. Exhale, all the
way up to your lunge. Pivot on the back foot. Strong connection
to your center, your core as you inhale.
Rise up, Warrior I. And then exhale with
control all the way down. Great, going into that
open twist, here we go. Inhale, left fingertips
reach up high. Little detox.
Exhale, bring it down. Sorry if I said exhale
twice there. I’m not sure. Plant the palms, step the
left toes back, just breathe. Just breathe. Nice wide base in this Plank. This is the last one,
you got it. And then lower the knees down. Belly to the earth, have fun.
(sighs) And then when
you’re ready Cobra, inhale. Exhale. Awesome, from here you’re
gonna press up to all fours. Great, if you need a
little break in the wrists, you can rotate the wrists
one way and then the other. And then when
you’re ready once again, set yourself up
with a nice strong base. And we’re gonna inhale,
just send the right leg out. Just the right leg. Exhale, hug into the midline. And then in your
next breath in, inhale, reach the left fingertips out. And on the exhale
hug to the midline. Left thumb is up,
left pinky down. All of your right toes are
pointing down towards the earth. Good, inhale in. Exhale, reel it in,
knee to nose. Little core activation,
beautiful. Inhale, extend. Exhale, try to really
target the core here. Reaching it all in,
squeezing, lifting. And then inhale, extend. Exhale, round it through. Lifting up with your
center and then take it out. And then slowly release
and switch to the other side. Inhale, extend the left leg out. Exhale, connect to your core. Hug through the midline. Inhale, send the right arm out. Exhale, just set it. Good, then when
you’re ready, check in. Right thumb towards the sky, right pinky down
towards the earth. All of your left
toes spiraling down. Lift from your left
inner thigh, a little higher. Target that glute. And then here we go, inhale in. Exhale, reel it in
towards the center. Round your back. Inhale to extend,
spread the fingertips. Ooh, exhale, chin to chest. Inhale nice and slow,
careful not to rush it. Exhale, reel it in. Inhale to extend. And exhale to release. You did awesome. Bring the big toes together,
knees wide. Send your hips back. Rest your sweet little heart
on the ground and take a moment here to just relax. Breathe, close your eyes. And just relax. I wiped my mat down with a
little lavender prior to this so I’m taking it all in now. And if you ever wanna give
that a try in a future practice, it’s a good idea. Just a nice
little gesture of love. And if you don’t have
that or access to that, don’t you worry.
Think it’s not that great. Alright, take
one more breath here. And then when you’re ready,
slowly begin to rise back up. Back to that Tabletop Position. Press away from the yoga mat. And here we go,
this time inhale, keep the right knee
bent as you lift the right toes
up towards the sky. So right glute is turned on here
and in fact we’re gonna do some baby pulses here just to
check in with that muscle. So baby pulses,
you can take your right foot up towards the sky, right toes. Just baby pulses. Feel free to peek
at me if you need to. Now, I’m using that connection
that I established earlier in the vinyasa to keep
my midline hugging in. So I’m not dumping out
through the abdominal wall. And same with the neck. Nice and long. Cool, then pause here. Keep the right knee lifted,
hug the low ribs in. Connect to your core. You’re gonna inhale, send
the left fingertips forward. Then take them all the
way around to the side. And then all the way back and
you’re gonna grab the top of your right foot or
the arch of your foot. And then we’re gonna
press away from the yoga mat, press firmly
into your left foot. Breathe deep and you might be
able to slide your foot around to the outer edge or
hold on to you big toe. So whatever feels best here. We’re pressing away. We’re using that yielding to
create more space and then in time, you can kick your right
foot out just like in Dancer or Standing Bow Pose. And lift the right
knee a little higher. Inhale in. Exhale to slowly
release with control. Nice! And then switch
it to the other side. Hair toss.
Okay, here we go. Lifting the left leg up. Trust me, I think it’s so nice
to just slow it down and take a second to turn those muscles on. And, you know, I’ve seen several
people throughout my just reading and exploration
talk about hope as a muscle. You know you have to kind
of connect to what makes that experience valuable
and I think a lot of it is staying active and engaged. Let’s do baby pulses here. And then
cultivating a sense of trust. Trust in your own instincts. After you’ve done some baby
pulses you might start to feel a deeper breath here as
you work a little harder. You’re doing great.
Stick with it, okay? And then find stillness. Left glutes are engaged, glute
is engaged now and you’re gonna reach the right
fingertips forward. And then take it to the side. And then all the way around. You’re just gonna grab the inner
arch first and then from there you can grow
where you take the hand. Keep your gaze
straight down to start. Hug into the midline. That’s gonna help
you with your balance. Hugging low ribs in and
drawing your navel in and up, Uddiyana Bandha. And then in time
kicking that foot up and out. Lifting the knee.
Breathing deep. Creating lots of space
throughout the spine including the neck. Breathing, breathing, breathing.
Holding on to that midline. The minute you let go the
midline you’re gonna feel it. And then slow and with control,
we’ll release. Walk the knees up
towards the wrists. And then swing the
legs toward one side. And come to a seat. Fire Log Pose. Something I rarely teach because
it’s kinda tough and tricky and you gotta be
careful with the knees. So in order to
share this with you I wanna ask you to be really obsessive about your
feet from here on out. So just pay
attention to your feet. Bring some energy. You can spread your toes. Get weird, just bring
some brightness to your feet. So you’re bringing the
left foot out to start. And the right foot your gonna,
again, super bright. Obsessive awareness
on the feet here. You’re gonna use your hands to lift your leg
and bring it across. So in Fire Log Pose,
traditionally, right? (chuckles) The knee and the ankle
they’re connected in both spots. As you see, my anatomy,
that’s a little bit tough for me so I gotta breathe here. And don’t push it because you
know you haven’t done a lot of warming up of the hips so
you want to just be mindful. It’s nice sometimes to
shove a pillow or a block here. And if this isn’t
working out for you, another option would
be to take Gomukhasan Legs for a deep hip stretch. Or if this isn’t working out
for you then we’ll just do a variation of Gomukhasan with
the right foot on the ground. Okay, after you’ve
experimented with this, take a big cycle
of breath in and out. Shake it off. Keep the feet bright and
aware as you release and switch. Notice how this
side is different. Just get curious. That’s really, more than the
deep hip stretch we’re wanting you to just get
a little curious. Get used to spending time on your mat more and
more and more everyday. A little goes a long way. And it’s the daily practice,
the repetition that really makes the biggest impact
in my opinion. So check it out on this side. Try Fire Log here. Again, keep the
feet really bright. That’s fun but you want
to try and go Gomukhasan, Cow Legs, you’ll come here. And if none of that’s really fun
we’re gonna just work to bring the right heel close to the body
and the left foot on the ground and if it doesn’t
quite make it, that’s okay. Remember I’ve been
practicing for a long time. Every body’s different. Feel it out. And whatever variation of Fire
Log Pose you’re doing today, just take one more cycle of
breath to close your eyes. And as you breathe
in feel the cool air and as you breathe out
feel the warmth. Good work.
Keep the feet bright. Energize as you release. You’re gonna come all
the way on to your back. Send the legs out long. Let your body weight
just relax completely and fully into the earth. Take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day. And as you exhale, close your
eyes and once again quietly whisper, “I trust.” And feel that. Imagine the earth
rising up to meet your back. Having your back here. Anchoring in what feels good. Anchoring in hope. Grounding in that trust. There’s a great song, it’s a
Carter Family song called, “Anchored In
Love Devine” and I love it. If you don’t know it,
you should check it out. I’d sing it for you now
but I think you should relax. Let your breath be
soft and easy here. Then slowly we’ll
bring the hands together. Thumbs all the way
up to the forehead here. One of the beautiful things
about this channel is when you’re practicing you can know
and feel that you’re not alone because there are people,
thousands and thousands of people all over the
world practicing with you at this exact (snaps) moment. So just a sweet moment to
connect to that and give thanks. I’m honored to be a part of it. Thank you for being
a part of it as well. We’ll close by taking a
deep breath in and saying, Namaste. (gentle music)


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