An unlikely combo: Paramedicine and Oral Health students share their knowledge

The whole how field is a team, right?
So when you work at a clinic you’re not just going to be with your dental
practitioners, you’re going to be with everyone from the heath field. We’ve had a
paramedic coming in today to give to the lesson, the workshop, and that’s really cool to get opinions and information not just from the dental field itself. We’ll see a lot of patients, typically in the hygeine end when we’re doing a lot of cleans, a lot of older patients that’ll be on blood pressure medications and are known to have high blood pressure.
We’ll take it for them, ’cause if it is too high, we don’t want to do any dental treatment on the day As paramedics, you probably see every kind of patient, so it will relate to pretty much a lot of different disciplines. In all emergencies you have to know how to assess it,
you know, you have to know what you’re looking for. And even if it is not an emergency, when you see someone having a cavity or something, ‘You need to get that checked,’ you know, can give them that talk.

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