An LA inspired one-stop destination for all things health and wellbeing in Manchester | FoodWell

FoodWell is a mindful restaurant and bar we mix that with a health led deli as well as a yoga studio that turns into a private dining space. It’s super authentic so we
brew all our own kombucha, we have a low waste policy, everything is sustainable within the venue. The menu is an eclectic mix, it all revolves around clean eating and our ethos which
is ‘mind, body and soul’ For mind its more
ayurvedic principles, veganism. Soul, is more of your
indulgent food but done well with an emphasis on quality
of produce and sustainability. The body is more
about physical change, goal led, high carb, low carb,
recovery that sort of thing. So it’s a real different menu that
we have put into practice. The deli is quite different, everything’s completely fresh everything is made in house from our own doughs, we even grow our own microherbs
that we put into the products. We have a brand that we
are launching called ‘Plannt’ which is headed up by Matt Nutter who was formerly of the Allotment and is a really decorated vegan chef.

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