Amy Klobuchar's Big Idea: Improving Mental Health Care And Addiction Treatment | NBC Nightly News

and what's your big idea my big idea is that we need to really do something about treating mental health and fighting addiction when amy klobuchar runs for office she wins big elected to the US Senate three times by margins of 20 points or more she is both Minnesota nice and a former prosecutor that's what I've done my whole life it was the first day of this year's Des Moines Farmers Market when we caught up with clover char at the downtown coffee shop Java Joe's Addiction and Mental Health for her are issues that hit home my dad struggled with alcoholism his whole life he went to treatment and in his words he was pursued by grace and that was his faith and that was the treatment that was the community his friends his family surrounding him and saying he's got a change and he did Klobuchar wants a hundred billion dollars over ten years in part for more beds in treatment centers and early intervention for mental health disorders she'll founder a plan with taxes on and lawsuits against opioid manufacturers we have the resources in this country we do and we just have to take them from the pockets of the people that have been profiting on the addiction and help the people to get off of these drugs fighting addiction treating mental health that's Amy Klobuchar big idea Harry Smith NBC News Des Moines NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


  1. She and ALL democrats support ANTIFA AND NAMBLA.

  2. what about the people who cant afford all other healthcare though? she is such a fraud, she can't even grow enough courage and independents from her big money doners to fight for medicare for all.

  3. Amy klobuchar your a fruad, lair, a fake… Amy, you're never be president!!!!

  4. thank you Amy!!! Big problem in my family also

  5. She needs it she's nuts …who is this looser?

  6. Great topic, thank you #AmyKlobuchar

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