Amla (Indian Gooseberry)- Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects- Amla Supplements Manufacturer


  1. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away..
    An amla a day, keeps doctor Vikram awesome!! Thank uπŸ‘

  2. captions please

  3. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. How long in take gooseberry for blemishes cure? Please answer me.

  5. Is it good to drink amla juice in the night after having dinner ? Kindly suggest πŸ™

  6. Can we take Amla Juice If we have joint pain or Arthritis.

  7. is unfortified,ordinary, dried amla fruit powder worth taking?

  8. 6 years ke bachhe ko kb de skte h amla. ..aur kis quantity me?Plz reply

  9. Is vitamin c good for hair and skin? I have hair fall problem, n I eat a lot of amlas

  10. I have acid reflux and burning stomach i cant eat spicy food can i use amla fruit and how to use it sir

  11. I'm ulcerative colitis patient can I take Amla juice?

  12. Thank you Dr. for sharing your knowldage

  13. It's helpful for hair regrowth

  14. Dear dr.. I soak 8 dried gooseberry at night in a glass of water. In the morning I sieve n drink the water. Is this the right thing to do? As I have been getting painful boils very often

  15. Hello Doctor, Can I take amla powder with honey or water in morning everyday ?? I have sneezing allergy , dull skin, and less bleeding in periods. Can I take after pranayam and yoga?? ..Is it also good for blood clotting problem even if taking medicine??…please reply..Thanks.

  16. How much teaspoon of amla powder should be taken per day

  17. I drink water with amla powder daily on an empty stomach and it will regulate my blood sugar?

  18. can amala immunity wellness tablets cause diarrhoe?

  19. Is it gud for heart attack,heart blockages or artery blockage?

  20. Can I take amla everyday round the year

  21. here we only have dry amla. SO can we use dry amla powder? and also tell us how to use it. MY mother want to use it she had cancer 3 years ago.

  22. Hi sir…im.daily taking 5amla and grinding n drink the juice for past three months but nowadays im feeling my stomach is burning and paining this because of amla juice pls help me?? For constipation problem im taking amla juice.. burning like something inside the stomach.

  23. Can we take amla powder with warm powder

  24. Wow, interesting. I will get my daughter, recently diagnosed with colon cancer on this, recommended by Chris Wark, THANK YOU

  25. Sir epididymitis cyst problem plz suggested your aurved medince plz sir ..

  26. Can use for kidney failure…?

  27. I eat amla every morning but since I have started after a week I am getting small boils on my shoulder and hands and it starts itching really badly so it becoz of amla or some thing else I am not having any disease and not even taking any medicine

  28. Sir Ulcerative Colitis patients take amla how to take alla juice

  29. sir jo IBS ke patient hai vo amla churn or honey dono ko mila ke ek sath le skte hai

  30. Can Amla powder be mixed in lemon water or banana/date/green smoothie? Thank you

  31. Dhanyavad sir…..

  32. What about the powdered amla

  33. Namaste sir,
    Is amla juice good for a women who is expecting to be pregnant. .?i drink amla juice every day…i take around 6 amlas……will it affect my pregnancy. .? is amla good for getting pregnent..? Even my husband also drinks amla juice…….is it good….? pls reply sir……pls reply sir…

  34. i have amla powder bued in amazon. can i use 1 tbsp of amla powder with water as juice?

  35. Does one gain weight by taking amla powder or liquid?

  36. I am suffering with vitligo can I eat this

  37. Sir

    Thank you so much for this video on Amla.

    Sir, i want to ask

    1. When and how much Amla powder should be taken.
    2. I don't want to lose weight but I want to do it for good digestion, good health, and hair fall.
    3. My body type is of pitta dosha. Is it good to continue 1 teaspoon of Amla powder with warm water right after having lunch?

    I am already taking Triphala churna for cleaning stomach at night. Can I take amla powder in the morning or lunch?

    Please reply.

  38. Hi doctor can i consume amalaki with fennel powder n cod liver oil

  39. Does it eliminate eye floaters ?

  40. Sir meri age 26 year hai 16 sal ki age se hi mujhe skin problems bhut hai acne , pimples aur large pores se face bilkul khrab ho gya hai , aur mere hair v sfed ho gye aur bhut jyada hair fall hota hai , ab to meri beard mai v roj white hair ane start ho gye mujhe samj ni aa reha k mai kis kis rog k medicn lu , kya alma pawder se en rogo mai fyda hoga , agr hoga to es ki timing , dose lene ka sahi tarika kya hai plz bta de sir.

  41. Great Information

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