Amblyopia exercises lazy eye – Exercices pour amblyopie oeil paresseux – Ejercicio para ojo parezoso

use with electronic glasses


  1. Amazing!! Started doing it with my left lazy eye….already helps after a few days!

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  3. First of all thank you !
    i am 40 , my left eye is lazy since childhood. i used red-blue glasses playing tetris but nothing changed (( your treat can help me ?

  4. focus on red ball or in the middle ??? please help me !

  5. Do I have to wear glasses during the exercise?

  6. This helps amblyopic eye?

  7. I don’t know if I’m right… I’ve found it more effective if I do it with my iPad or phone. And put the screen close to my lazy eye and cover my good eye. I feel the muscle stretches better. But I saw your comment is to put the screen in a certain distance.

  8. I'm 17 and my left eye is very weak, I can barely see words when covering my good eye, will this help it get better?

  9. What if my ambylopic eye has clear vision but the other eye is slightly blurred? Which eye to cover?

  10. I am from India how can I get this glass?

  11. Wow…..let me tell you hlw it really worked for me after 5 days

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