Amazing Summer ABS Workout! Best Exercise for A Toned Core!

we're going to start out by coming into a plank to kind of just get the core warmed up so I want you to come down and we're going to go right into the plank because of the isometric movement a lot of times we hold our breath but breathe in and out ok so now we're going to do is we're going to rock forward and we're going to rock back we're warming up before cutting beige is the lower ab okay great job so now we're going to do you're going to pick up your weights you can use anything from three to eight pounds I'm going to be using five so we're going to do is we are going to come down and we are going to begin our roll up so grab your weight like this and you're going to come back roll all the way down and then you're going to roll up you want to exhale on the way up so we're going to come down I love this move because it engages the poor your shoulders your arm now you're going to take this weight you're going to grow all the way back and you're going to put it right on your sternum right on your chest I'm your neck your neck exhale on the way up three I'm gonna come up you're going to grab your right and we're going to go right into Russian quick you great job now we're going to come back down roll down on your mat and you're going to put your hands behind your head again so we're going to do a basic abdominal crunch but we're going to add in a few pulses so we're going to come up one two three hold down you great job okay so we're going to stay down on our mat and we're going to bring our legs up and we're going to go you you good job now from here we're going to go ahead and do one of my favorite moves of all time so you're going to go ahead and we're going to keep our feet together keep your legs up like this and we're going to swing from side to side like you're making half a circle you try to get lower with your feet bring your legs down a little bit lower and roll back down onto your elbows this is a great move fruit for I love it you're going to bring your legs up like this we're going to go kick out one at I'm going to point your toe and really kick you I the core is burning right now it's on fire nice and tone still for summer now I want you to cross them over a little bit more kick right back engaging a little bit more Oh bleep yes agree and one so now we're going to come up from here come straight into our Pilates pump we're going to come here tiny little pulses and do not forget to breathe in this move three-two-one okay so now we're going to come down and are going to come into our side plank finish off our ab workout straight up onto your side and I want to bring your arm up just like this and I want you to breathe in this move and I just want you to hold right here this is really going to engage your obliques lift up an entire don't bring your arm down do not move and pull right here we're going to switch sides make sure that your elbow and your shoulder are lined up when you come up bring your arm up breathe into this move and lift up an inch higher good you we're almost done and come down great job everyone I hope you loved that corporate route so we're going to come down right here and we're just going to press up take a nice little stretch and breathe into this don't forget to stretch and drink lots of water and I will see you guys soon


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