Amazing Body Transformation by 2 Brothers | Calisthenics & Gym

hey guys we just want to share a complete body transformation as kids we had a skinny to see just like most kids it was the year 2013 and we didn't want to be skinny anymore so we started to train in the gym the one-year fitness we gained a bit muscle but we were unsatisfied we wanted to look like these guys so we started to work to gain more muscle in 2015 we finally gained some muscles we also gained a lot of fat fat that we're not proud of too much fat actually it looks horrible when I look back now summer was coming and we needed to get rid of the fat so we went back to the gym we did a lot of cardio and we finally got laid we got lame up doing all these gym exercises and finally you're ready for summer this is me and my brother at the festivals summer was over and we actually got bored of the gym was just not challenging anymore and then we saw people doing get aesthetics so we started with Korda a trend news started in our backyard trade that night but we were actually afraid to lose our muscle mass and we ask yourself can you get muscles with calisthenics only we wanted to become a calisthenics athlete so we kept training we've started with the handstands I did my first Muslim in Australia Bondi Beach I will never forget that moment and we notice that we stay pretty lean here in the winter we had never experienced that before and of course we kept training like a beast [Applause] in the summer of 2017 we did get ascetics for one year and we realize we didn't lose any muscle at all we actually got a better seat this is 2016 for the students a 17 1 year of calisthenics from 2017 2018 we finally learned calisthenics we also got stronger we participated in battles and we even gain more muscle this was our complete body transformation 2007 to 2008 so let's answer the question again can you make muscle mass with calisthenics


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  2. How old were they when they started in 2012

  3. 3:53 it looks like thanos

  4. R. I. P their legs

  5. Roles go away with workout with bros wait that’s not the right thing for this

    Dang it

    But it is?

  6. I gained 50 lbs of muscle in my recent vid! Check it out

  7. This video is quite old but I am just putting out to the internet that I am starting journey again as I have lost touch with myself time and time again. My top weight has been 68.2 kg and I am currently 60.6 kg. I am restarting my journey and hopefully but by this time next year my life will be transformed into what my life should be like. No more excuses.

  8. Do I need to bulk first in order to get muscle? I’m a skinny guy inexperienced… I’ll appreciate any help, Thanks

  9. 1000% Nederlands, bij de eerste zin dacht ik van…. dit is Nederlands😂 fantastische video en ook motiverend💪🏼

  10. Wow amazing. im on my 2nd yr of traing. Watch also my transformation video

  11. Y'all been leading a far better life than I have…

  12. What is the of both song

  13. So motivational!

  14. Shhhreeeeedddeddd

  15. this is legit proof that it takes years to achieve a great physique not 30days

  16. So Wich one makes more muscle calisthenics or lifting weights???

  17. Am I the only one who got to work ad during this

  18. What’s that 1st song called?

  19. Amazing 💛💪

  20. Cool

  21. Respect.

  22. What's the name of the song is really good for training at the gym

  23. How do constantly stay at a low body fat

  24. All I did was 100 pushups 100 sit-ups 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run

    Every single day

  25. how about the diet?

  26. Now you have killer physique 😎💪🤘

  27. nice progress. endurance and persistence is everything. im happy for you two.

  28. Hey guys,since you started with calisthenics,did you watch after your nutriotion or something like that?

  29. 2 years of training? U guys are kidding? I looked like that after about 6 weeks of training
    What did u guys do lift empty protein bar packs?

  30. Like 6 month ago my man boobs were huge my belly was huge my legs were fat af and now ive lost fokin wieght dont got no fatty legs dont got no man boobs but i am still working on im trying to achieve 6 pack during the summer so lets hope i get that shit!!!

  31. Yo, ziek gedaan man. Spreekt mij extra aan omdat je NL bent💪

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