Amazing Benefits Of Physical Fitness

welcome to lifestyle in marriage to many overlook the medical benefits of physical fitness and have become sedentary let us look at the benefits of regular daily activity and why it should be incorporated into daily living regular physical activity can help arrive at or maintain healthy weight as you know one pound of body fat is equivalent to 3500 calories however one hour of using a stepper will burn only 532 calories in other words one has to exercise very vigorously to lose just one pound of body weight another way to look at it is that if I cut 500 calories from my daily diet I would lose 1 pound a week physical activity is needed to lose weight unless one adjusts diet and reduces caloric intake some of the leading causes of death around the world are heart disease stroke type 2 diabetes colon cancer and lung cancer regular physical activity has been found to reduce the risks of these serious illnesses regular physical activity can help control blood glucose levels lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels research shows that physically active people have a lower risk of colon cancer and physically active women have a lower risk of breast cancer physical strength peaks at around 8:30 and after that there is a general decline in muscle mass so it is important to protect joints bones and muscle mass as one ages research shows that performing aerobic muscle strengthening and bone strengthening exercises can slow muscle atrophy and loss of bone density that comes with age regular physic activity can lower the risk of forth in the elderly it helps with the pain of arthritis it improves quality of life strong bones joints and muscle unable want to perform daily activities and stay physically active regular physical activity improves balance especially in the elderly reducing the risk of Falls and fractures regular physical activity improves mental health in mood it can reduce symptoms of depression anxiety and panic disorders it improves body image uplifts disposition and lower stress research shows that it improves circadian rhythms allowing daytime alertness and improving deep sleep regular Fitness curbs hunger recent research shows that exercise may lower levels of the appetite stimulating hormone called Glynn and at the same time raising levels of appetite suppressing hormone called peptide YY as you can see the benefits of regular fitness are numerous it increases the chances of living a healthier life anybody new to physical fitness has to approach it gradually and consult with family physician before embarking on any exercise regimen thank you for watching I hope you found this video informative

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